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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Monday, 10 September 2018

FREE 40 Day Wellbeing Diet!

Women are truly gutsy!

So often they continue on in the face on immense difficulties. They just give, and give, and give, without caring very well for themselves.

With poor mental health being reported as being epidemic in proportion, the reality is we are probably struggling…and so is our sister, mother, or friend…There is so much I could write on this topic but today a fire is burning in my heart to not just comment…rather do something!

To be His hands, feet and voice, His love, His encouragement!

To turn an abstract idea of practicing self-care and wellbeing into plan for us to come together and do! 

Are you up for it?

In this post I’ve provided below a list of 10 TASKS for us to do each day for a total of 40 days. I’m calling it a ‘40 Day Wellbeing Diet’…Will you join me and others?

In the words of Lauren Daigle song's ‘Look up child’, we hear an echo of the current climate; “Where are You now, when darkness seems to win? Where are You now when the world is crumbling? I hear You say I hear You say, Look up child, Look up child! Where are You now, when all I feel is doubt? Where are You now, when I can't figure it out? I hear You say I hear You say, Look up child, Look up child!”

I know there are many of us who are looking up and calling out, but how many of us still feel ALONE?

How many of us REALLY KNOW how to practice good self-care?

Change starts with a decision of commitment!

I absolutely believe, you will not finish this 'diet' unchanged and I have two assurances to state this, science and faith.

Research is showing that personal wellbeing improves for individuals simply through practicing being grateful alone, significantly after one month. Academics are claiming the three pillars of gratefulness, empathy and mindfulness are the keys to good mental health. I personally have delivered programs in schools and seen improvement based on these keys...but what happens when we include God in the mix?

You see, I have a steadfast faith in God. The One True God of creation who is faithful to His Word that says all who seek Him will find Him and His peace.

Below is my ‘Wellbeing Diet’ which I would love for you to seriously commit to for 40 days. 

I’ve chosen 40 days as this is a biblically significant period of time for preparation of a new beginning (see The Flood, Jesus in the wilderness, 40 days Moses was on the mountain receiving The Law, 40 days given to Nineveh to change and so on).

It’s a holistic daily program to follow of 10 daily tasks. Use it like a daily check list for your wellbeing. If you do begin please email me at so you can join our group to receive encouragement along the way!

You can start this diet at any time as this will be ongoing, even if you find this post years down the track from now, still send me an email and you will receive support to follow this ‘FREE 40 day Wellbeing diet’ as I am absolutely confident it will help you! I also believe if you trial the 40 days, you will be encouraged to make these practices long term!!

The program and support is 100% free…no charge whatsoever as I am not a scammer, just a Christian woman looking to support other Christian women!

Also, if you want to follow this diet with your own church group please feel free…So here it is:

(Please feel free to change the the order of some things to suit yourself)

FREE 40 Day Wellbeing Diet:

1. Morning Mindfulness 1:

When you wake up, pray to Jesus! This prayer can be anything you like. Treat it as communication. Try starting it with, “Good Morning!” This is the time to ask Him to help you with the day ahead.

2. Morning Self-Care Nutrition:

Have breakfast, and take your prescribed medication and/or natural vitamins. I recently bought myself a pill dispenser so I don’t forget to take my vitamin and herbs, and it’s really helped.

3. Morning Mindfulness 2:

Listen to a Christian song, once, twice, or as many times as you like. You may like to get up early and listen to it while making breakfast, or while driving to work. The idea is to relax and focus (meditate) upon the words. Let the words soak into you. If you need song suggestions, just email and I can send you a link.

4. Daily Empathy:

Each day intentionally show kindness to three other people. This is not to be accidental, let those encounters be ‘extras’. The people can be anyone you choose; a family member, or friend online, anyone. Intentionally reach out and communicate some encouragement to the person. It can be in person, messaging, text, over the phone, whatever works. If they don’t respond simply leave it be and try someone else.

With this task, try to not take anything personally, and don’t make these conversations about yourself! This is a chance for you to give to someone else while expecting nothing back. This is practicing true empathy.

5. Daily Self-Care & Gratitude:

At some stage of each day, find a moment to treat yourself. Preferably while completely alone if possible. This 'treat time' is a daily task and therefore should not be postponed for other days, or accumulated. It can be quick or lengthy, that’s up to you and your schedule for the day. 

It could be eating a treat from the bakery, or painting your nails, going for a walk, taking a bath…anything that makes you feel special. And while you’re doing whatever you choose, do it while remembering every good gift, even the ones we give ourselves, come from God who loves us! Remember it’s okay to enjoy good gifts from God and be thankful.

6. Daily Encouragement, Healing & Growth:

You will continue to face challenges in every stage of life and therefore need encouragement. For your own encouragement, healing and growth, you need to know what God is saying to you. I would encourage you to download an app called ‘The Word For Today’, it has short daily messages based on the Bible that offer great encouragement and wisdom. They take only 60 seconds to read or listen to. You could read or listen to this before going to sleep each night. The app icon looks like this: 

If you can't access this devotional I would be happy to chat further about free devotionals via email.

7. Daily Love & Peace:

Before going to sleep each night, make sure you’ve told each person under your roof, at least once, that you love them and taken a moment to show it. It may be a five second hug, reading to your child, or being romantic with your all counts. If you’ve had an argument that day with someone, family or not, try your utmost to resolve it that same day, so you have peace with that person. Remember if we want peace within, we need to have it with others. We need peace first with God, ourselves, and also others.

8. Evening Mindfulness:

Each evening before sleep find some time (even five minutes) to think of three specific things you are grateful for. You may like to jot them down in a book, or just think about them. Either option is fine, just make sure you find a quiet spot alone to do this, and while jotting down or thinking whisper to Jesus how thankful and grateful you are that you have these things! 

This is not meant to be a time to think about what you lack and to pray for those things, perhaps try to do that in the morning. Rather trust He will provide for your needs in good time and simply be thankful for what you do have! Thank Him for the roof over your head, the food you’ve eaten, and your loved ones. If you need a list of things to be grateful for to help with this I’d be more than happy to send you one, or you could search for ideas online. Please note there’s no right or wrong way to practice being grateful. I personally don’t journal but love to paint while thinking about things I’m grateful to Jesus for, and often talk to him as I do.

9. Evening Prayer:

Before you go to sleep pray. Remember prayer is simply talking and communicating. Specifically take time in the evening to pray about forgiveness. This means forgiving others and seeking forgiveness yourself. Forgiveness is a huge blockage to good mental health. This is the time where you can let go of all your hurts and worries and hand them over to Jesus. If there is someone you are struggling to forgive, ask Him to soften your heart and help you with this. Remember He commands us to forgive so we can be forgiven, but forgiveness still is different to reconciliation. Forgiving someone sets us free, it doesn’t mean we allow ourselves to be hurt, abused or where we let ourselves be unsafe.

10. Daily Rest:

Over the next 40 days ensure you get adequate rest. If you struggle with sleep, include the hours you lie still with your eyes closed in this. Research suggests women need more than 8 hours rest at night. So make sure you get enough. If you struggle with negative thoughts, try to focus your mind on the positives of the day you’ve had, or on the message you read, or the song you listened to. You could focus on something calming like painting, or walking on the beach, and so forth until you drift off. But switch off any screens/phones and rest! 

So there you have it the 10 Task List for the 40 days Wellbeing Diet!

You may be thinking “WOW 10 tasks is a lot!”

But some only take minutes to complete and what this diet really requires is the following:

  • Determination. Ask yourself when is enough, enough? When will your own mental wellbeing be a priority to you? 

  • Sacrifice. Yes, you will probably have to reorganise your time to make room for this new diet in your life. You may have to limit yourself in regards to how much time you spend watching television, or using social media to allow for these new practices, but it will truly be worth it. 

  • Commitment: To see any real internal change you will need to commit to the diet for 40 days. I am absolutely convinced however if you do, you will not only see an internal change within yourself you will want to continue. You will need to be 100% committed as when you begin don’t be surprised if things beyond your control happen that bring stress, as we have an enemy who wants to keep us trapped in poor mental health and ineffective for Jesus. 

In the words of Mother Theresa let’s “Do ordinary things with extraordinary love!” and be the change that needs to happen in our lives. I'm confident when you begin to take good care of yourself you will be healthier for others. Much love, Melanie.

Looking forward to hearing from you.