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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Australia day 2013 post...

Aussie Toast...With Vegemite of course!

Another Australia Day has just been and gone...and of course with the entire goings on and when you're a social person, there's no escaping thinking about Aussie stuff...An Aussie fair go, Tall Poppy Syndrome, the beloved under-dog and our refugee crisis...I've been pondering about these Aussie things and for those of you who aren't are some quick explanations...

A Fair Go: What I'm referring to here is a fundamental Aussie ideal that here in Australia, we try to hold onto (or think we do)... It's a practical example of what 'not judging a book by its cover' may produce.  It's not a hand out (charity), rather a hand-up.  It's giving someone an equal opportunity alongside someone else, who may seem more appropriately suitable.  It's giving someone a chance to speak up, rather than being silenced.  It's delayed judgement.  Even a second chance.  "Fair go!" can sometimes be heard in protest, when someone's un-fairly treated or even still, in jest.

'Tall poppy syndrome (TPS) is a pejorative term primarily used in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and other Anglosphere nations to describe a social phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are resented, attacked, cut down, or criticised because their talents or achievements elevate them above or distinguish them from their peers.' (

People here where I live in Australia love to see the 'under-dog' win.  I remember as a girl how beloved the 'Rocky' (American boxing movies starring Sly Stallone) were to my Dad and older brother, due to the massive come-back Rocky would make at the end each time.  During the footy final if our team isn't playing, we cheer for the under-dog team and hope that somehow they may win.  We love for people to get a fair go, to not be cheated or scammed, especially our family and friends.  Yet alongside this high moral thread, is also an underlying double standard.  You see, although people don't want to be ripped off, there are those who will still try to get away with it themselves...and I think it's because sometimes they view themselves as the under-dog.  I'm not trying to judge here, as people make mistakes and although I know it's not good, it is a reality in our society.  But there are people who genuinely want a fair go for others and who don't cheat and who extend fair goes to others...which is awesome!

But if as a society we foster the 'fair go' culture, why do we have the 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' and such an issue with the refugees arriving on boats?

Well before I begin, I must state that this is not an academic thesis, and is more of a though provoking piece, rather than something offering solutions :)

Well here are a couple of ideas for you to think about...

Some Aussies are angered and confused over the TPS.  You see, it doesn't seem to make any sense given our 'fair go' culture.

But here's an idea.  Maybe some of our TPS problem is due to a lack of humility shown by Tall Poppies? Just stay with me for a little bit see the older generation of Australians understood humility, something that can be, more often than not, substantially lacking among younger generations of Australians.  Don't get me wrong, I think there may be genuine examples of Tall Poppies who are cut down due to un-deserved jealously or plain contempt.  But maybe not all are genuine cases? If you listen to some wise Australians, you may hear remarks of how selfish, disrespectful and narcissistic some younger people are.  So the next time you hear someone quip "fair-go!" or complain that they're suffering from TPS, stop and consider the issue of humility...maybe we need to remind them that life's not all about them (in a gentle way, of course) and that there are real consequences for their decisions.

Next the current boat-people, refugee issue.  If, as Australians we foster the fair-go culture, why do we so often hear complaints about accepting refugees, and the nonsense that our country is full?  Yes I understand that assylum seekers, arriving via boat smugglers is illegal.  However there is still a lot of hostility towards these people.

Well, here's an idea, maybe it's got to do with a skewed perception.  You see some people think we're the under-dogs who are living in the 'Lucky Country'.  This may seem weird, but again, just stay with me a little longer. 

In reality, Australia is definitely not the under-dog anymore...but you see, we love the under-dog, we cheer and stand alongside the under-dog and I think we still romantically view ourselves as the rugged, untamed, under-dog.  I mean, if you know an Aussie, you'll understand when I say that we'd hate for people to view us as rich, stuck-up we don't want to picture ourselves like this.  However in reality we've been voted the second best country in the world!  Now picture an under-dog who's finally made it to the you think that they'd really want to share their bone?  Of course not!  I think this under-dog perception allows fear to also creep in.  Some Aussies don't want to share our 'Luck Country' even with other under-dogs!

Yes we once were convicts and our cities were built from scratch not so long ago.  Yes, older generations had to endure war and the depression...we have been under-dogs...but this is no longer what we are and we don't have to live in fear of losing our country!  We need to remember that once we were under-dogs who needed a hand-up, and give the real under-dogs of today the same 'fair-go' that we demand...

Some food for thought! Melanie...

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Open Door...

So it's finally be totally confirmed for me what God's open door is...

Every other door has been shut, and even to say, shut very tightly, wouldn't be exaggerating :)

As you may know from a previous post of mine, I've been praying for God's will in my life to come about ~ and specifically as my life has recently come to a significant new point, I'd been praying for every door that He didn't want me to go through to be shut, and the only one He wanted me to go through to be open...
Well God is good and faithfully brings about His will when we ask Him! Not so long ago the thought of returning to full-time study, to finish attaining my degree came into my mind.  More so, the Biblical premise of finishing what you is a Bachelor of Theology (although I want to change it to a Bachelor of Ministry). 

I suppose some of you may be thinking "well duh!" of course that'd be God's will for you...but I wasn't so sure, and to tell you the truth, finishing the degree is the hardest option, and I didn't know if I was up to it, or if He even wanted me to finish it :)
I thought about whether it was vanity pursuing me to finish.  I though about the tough slog involved in studying alone via distance. I thought about the strain it could place upon my family, and even thought, if I finish what's at the other end?  I kept praying while going for job interviews, and then even pondered working and studying part-time (even though I knew this wouldn't be practical for me).
But as I said every door except study, has been shut extremely tightly!  Do you remember when I wrote 'favour' and talked about a fantastic interview that I'd just had?  I rang today to follow up on it...and before I rang I knew it was going to be another shut door...but, I was still a little shocked, when the door was almost slammed shut! I wondered at first whether the woman knew exactly who I I even purposefully said things just to make sure she knew who I was...but oh yes, she did know, and yes the door was SHUT!
However my call to return to study has been confirmed by my blessed church family, and the door to study has been swung wide open!  And this is a door that Jesus has opened and no-one can shut.

Melanie :)


Blogging...why I like to blog...

Blogging for me is a wonderful mix of therapeutic writing and enjoyable social interaction.  Journaling just doesn't seem to work for me.  I think it's because journaling is solely introspective and for me, tends to be an analysis of the past or here and now, rather than looking forward.  Sometimes I enjoy writing about something other, than what is happening in my life right here and now, and blogging gives me a platform for expressing what is lying deep within.  I feel less limited with blogging and definitely appreciate the social contact and conversations it can spark.
I have found that my newish page 'Life of an ordinary Aussie woman' has enabled me to not only interact with new people, but also people I already know on a different level.  Blogging can allow the writer to speak to people in a somewhat different voice, to when they're in person and discuss topics that may not usually come up.  This for me is exciting, as I'm the type of person who can get bored with the sometimes usual conversations..."hasn't the weather been hot?"... (sigh out loud)...  I like a bit more depth and 'meat', so to speak.
Thinking of blogging too?  If you enjoy writing, why not give it a go?  My advice is, just be prepared to put yourself 'out there' in internet land; wear a 'thick skin'; and be social but, also be careful of whom you 'friend' (you can be social without befriending everyone)!! Write from your heart, from your perspective, without getting too personal (use common sense and stay is a public forum).



I Choose Christ...

I don't know how you feel about people who don't know Christ...As for me, I long inside for them to turn to Him.

Why? Because I've experienced His goodness and do so daily...

A friend once told me that I am evangelical, and I know she's right, but I also know that 'evangelical' or sharing the Gospel is just the beginning of what I desire for people...

To hear of a conversion is awesome...I love to hear people's testimonies...but what I then want to see is a daily choosing of Christ in that person's life...

What does that mean?  And what does this look like?
 Well for me, it's a daily choice and will continue to be so...I know that I must discipline myself to daily choose Christ, rather than giving into my preferred unhealthier choices.
Here are some ways that I personally Choose Christ daily...
  •             I choose to pray
  •             I choose to read my Bible
  •             I choose to care for my family
  •             I choose to reach out to others in His love
  •             I choose to attend church regularly
  •             I choose to serve my church and wider community voluntary
  •             I choose to be unashamedly Christian

Now this simple list may not seem significant to you, but it is significant for me and my relationship with Jesus.  When someone chooses Christ as their Lord and saviour (which means making Him number one priority in their life) the choice does not stop there.  It must be from then on, an active daily choice.  This daily choosing of Christ is not a is how your relationship grows with Him. 

All relationships need work and attention in order for them to thrive...but the best thing about Jesus is that He's perfect (don't forget that) and He never disappoints.  A relationship with Him is the best relationship you'll ever experience!!

If you're in a relationship with Christ and feel that the relationship isn't deepening pray and ask Him to show you what the next step for you needs to be...too many people slip away or perhaps think that the very first choice is the only thing they needed to do. There is so much more God wants to show you, so choose Christ daily.

In love, Melanie.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


I have a choice...

Choice where I live is readily available in all shapes and sizes...

Internet providers, supermarket giants, cars to drive, work, study, hobbies, clothing, friends and so on.  We are raised in an affluent country, and even when choices may seem limited, that may only be because we have four or less choices, rather than say ten or a lack of money at the time. As a generalisation would you agree? Well, that's my perspective...

But when you broach the topic of choice in a wider sense of the word, you can come up against some tricky perspectives. 

What do I mean?

Well for example, I believe that I can choose to be joyful and grateful in all this is a view that can be challenging for some people :)

Encouraging some people can be really difficult!  And I'm not saying that I try to push this choice onto people, sometimes people just need time when they're going through trying times...but, I still assert that even in the most difficult of situations, as adults, we have a choice as to how we will view things.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that there aren't some things people go through, that aren't awful and wrong.  That's stupid. Of course there are terrible things that people have to endure, due to no fault of their own! But we do have a choice as to how we will view these things that happen, and whether or not we will allow healing from them.

"But you don't situation is different...people just don't care about me...I didn't choose this..." I think we can all relate to talk like this.  We all know people who say things like this, and if we're honest we know that we too, have said things like this ourselves (even if just non-verbally).

Sometimes I hear people complaining about God and blaming Him because of their plight.  Sometimes, people who usually don't acknowledge God can be heard saying..."Why did God let this happen?" or "Where was God when this happened?" Yet there are some who say, "I know God did not choose this for me", "That person made their own choice to hurt me." Or "In the midst of all this trouble, God was right there comforting those afflicted..." Such different perspectives...

Both perceptions are real responses to life events, but more importantly they both also are choices. The first is unhealthy and prohibits healing. The second however, is real and life changing.  Life changing because it's the first step towards healing and forgiveness; furthermore it impacts positively, both the individual and the people around them. 

A wonderful person once said to me that after an awful life event, someone told her that she had a choice to be a victim or a victor...hmmm, I know this is a challenging choice, but it really is a real, and available choice...

As a Christian, I go through my life with Christ as my friend...I am not wrapped in a bubble where nothing bad ever happens to me, or where I am not challenged!  In my life bad things do happen and I have a choice as to how I will react.  Is it easy? No. 

But it is a choice...

Melanie :)

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Ever have a time in your life when you know, beyond a shadow a doubt, that you were protected by God?  The experience I mean, is one where you cannot explain all the events or feelings or intuition you felt.  To explain what happened to another person may even be daunting, sounding too dramatic or fantastical...But most importantly the experience is real ~ so real to you, that even though it may be hard to understand, be unexplainable or know it was real and that you were protected, regardless of what others may believe...

Personally I don't know how atheists deal with this type of experience; because I believe even they would have had an experience like this.  Why? Because God is good and doesn't show partiality ~ also it's scriptural that He makes the sun shine on both the godly and un-godly...

Now do experiences like this occur often in people's lives? I don't know?  But what I do believe is that they do occur, and that they happen to everyone.  I'm not saying that anyone is constantly protected from all of life's challenges or catastrophes.  And I'm not trying to answer why it is, that sometimes we know we were definitely protected from something, and then other times we wonder why we had to endure something else...

The reason I'm writing about protection, is because just this week I had a wonderful protection experience.  Someone tried to invade my privacy via Facebook.  This may sound trivial to you, but let me assure you, it wasn't and isn't trivial to me.  An invasion or attempt made to invade privacy, is an awful thing. It's manipulative, sickening and wrong!  Though I still don't know who it really was, and have my suspicions, I have decided to let it go because of God's awesome protection.

The instant the first thing happened, God stepped in! I had an awful uneasy feeling from the very beginning, and I believe that He was warning me.  Even though I was curious to try and dig further I knew I shouldn't...I just knew...and then when a message came through to my inbox, I definitely had confirmation that this was unsafe.

I felt sickened and was distressed that someone was trying to invade my life.  After I just received the message and was feeling very stressed...who rocked up to my house unexpectedly?  My best friend, whose advice I trust and value.  She confirmed God's warning in a physical voice, and was a great comfort to me.  I blocked this profile from any further access to my Facebook page.  After this happened and I was spending time trying to hear God, and He gave me this passage...

            'The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and save me for His heavenly Kingdom...' 2 Tim 4:18, NRSV

This was a stressful, unwarranted, evil attack, that had I not listened, could have been a lot worse...but I know I was protected.  Praise God and peace be with you!



Friday, 11 January 2013


Ever wonder why you find favour with some people and not with others?

I've thought about this lately while job hunting :)

I tell you, it's soooo hard to keep focused and positive when you hit a brick wall...
For example, just earlier today I received an email, from a prospective employer, that I had emailed my resume to and it stated the following...

            'Thank you for your recent application for the position at.............. We have had an exceptional response of more suitably qualified applicants and as such you have been unsuccessful. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.'

Now I don't know about you...but what do you think stands out the most to the person receiving such a message as this?
Yes, of course...the middle sentence!

We have had an exceptional response of more suitably qualified applicants and as such you have been unsuccessful.

I mean hello??? This is an appalling letter!  Did the sender re-read it themself, or ask someone else their opinion on it? I think surely not...

I actually have had a laugh about it, because it's really quite stuck-up and I know that this job was a good shut door for me!

Now on the flip side of this email, and the other no replies that have happened...I've met some very up-lifting and positive employers recently.  Just yesterday I had an interview with someone who had obviously taken the time to carefully read my resume, and we got along fantastic!   It was so refreshing for my confidence to have this interview :)

Sometimes I have felt just like a piece of meat that's displayed in a butcher's window for sale...maybe that sounds dramatic...but when I put myself out there to prospective employers, sometimes I feel exposed and on sale!   Not to forget vulnerable; there is a lot of personal information on a resume!

What is keeping me sane is that I trust God...I mean that I know the truth, that He is faithful and good and keeps His see I've been praying that He shuts the doors that he does not want me to go through, and opens the one that leads to His will...
Why pray such a prayer?  Why not rely on my own common sense, you may wonder?

Well I confess I'm just not that good in knowing what's the next right step on big decisions and new ventures...and I'm ok about that too :) Sometimes I think I know His will clearly and other times I'm still seeking and trying to listen. I think that's ok too...I mean I want to remain humble and in relationship with Jesus, not in love with myself...

So back to favour with people, I'm trying not to focus too much upon the why, but just view this period as open and shut doors :) I know I need God's protection right now during this vulnerable time and He's providing this as the good Father that He is!

Will have to keep waiting as yet to clearly see the next stage of the path ahead :)


Monday, 7 January 2013

A Christian's response to being hurt...

When You've Been Hurt... P.R.A.Y

Pray for His strength ~
Don't think you have to bear it alone

Resolve to forgive ~
Forgiveness starts with a decision

Ask  Him to bless ~
Both the offender & their family

Yield to Him ~ 
His way & not the worlds

Melanie :) 

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Words of praise...


I was thinking today about how wonderful, uplifting and beneficial praise is; yet how uncommon or even unused it can be...

As for the reason why we can lack it in our speech? I can only instead, I'd rather challenge and encourage us to take another look at praise.

As I really enjoy acrostic poetry, I had a play around with the word praise and this is what I've come up with; see what you think :)

P  (powerful)
R  (right)
A  (affirming)
I   (inspiring)
S   (selfless)

E  (expectant)

Ok, to get a clear idea of what I'm trying to express above; I'd like you to try something.  First, try picturing yourself with your loved one ~ partner, child, mother etc...and imagine that from out of your mouth comes forth a beautiful rainbow.  The rainbow covers them in love and showering down from within are words of praise.  What does their face look like?
Don't let the old saying...'words and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me' fool you.   Words are powerful!  Therefore, PRAISE IS POWERFUL!!

Do you remember someone from your life whose words have made a mark? Of course you do, we all do.  Words are powerful, so I believe that each day we should try to use our words positively. Why not try every day to encourage and lift-up the people you are in contact with?  I'm not advising false flattery, rather when something happens during the day, or comes to mind, instead of letting the moment pass, seize it and use it for good.

Next point, PRAISE IS RIGHT!!  We all want justice, yes?  Well it makes sense that we should work for it within our own lives, and praise is the right thing to give someone when they deserve it.  Imagine how many lives could be affected, if we all started to acknowledge and praise people when we should, rather than harbouring jealously.

PRAISE IS AFFIRMING!!  This point may be to some just a given, however did you know that affirmation (affirming words) is actually a love language in its own right?  To some people, words of affirmation are their main love language and without this type of language they may not feel as loved.  If you'd like to know more about love languages go to this's fantastic!

PRAISE IS INSPIRING!!  Because words give life to people, they have a real consequential affect.  Our words of praise will inspire those who hear them, both the person whom they're directed at, and other listeners.  Have you nagged your partner to praise the kids more?  Well why not just speak them yourself, regardless of your partners efforts and see the affect it creates in your home? 

PRAISE IS SELFLESS!! We all can be narcissistic ~ but what I love about genuine praise is it is so beautifully selfless :D

PRAISE CREATES EXPECTANCY!! How wonderful is it when a young child looks at you, eagerly awaiting your approval?  When we are praise givers, people will turn to us for encouragement and turn to us for praise ~ what a wonderful gift to others this can be.  It is a wonderful part of a solid foundation for real loving relationships.

The following blog/website has a great list of praise words for adults to speak to kids!

Now before I end, I'd like to take words of praise one step further...what about praise to/for God?  Today, (where I live) praise for God, even among Christians, can be viewed as out-dated or something we just do privately...but I'd like to challenge this!  Firstly, praising God is something that God through the Holy Bible advises us to do.  Imagine how different our towns would be, if rather than hearing blasphemy, we heard a word of praise to God!  I challenge you to give it a go!  Next time something great happens and inside you think, 'Oh wow, that was cool' voice it out loud in praise to God.

Will people nearby freak out?  LOL...maybe?? Let's hope it impacts them in such a way, that they're encouraged to do the same...what an awesome positive influence you could be!!  BECAUSE praise is...Powerful, the Right thing to do, Affirming, Inspiring, Selfless and creates Expectancy!!!


In love, Melanie.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Winds of cool change

Oh how I love a cool change...

The refreshing cool winds have finally come through Moama tonight, after a scorcher of a day topping 42 Degrees Celsius!  We spent the afternoon down at our local swimming pool, lathered in sunscreen floating on pool noodles :)  It was all we could do to keep sane and get some temporary relief...but I must say it was great quality family time.  But oh wow, when I stepped outside after my brother had announce the arrival of the change, I was blown away by the instant cooling, refreshing, uplifting wonderful wind.  There was nothing temporary about this and it changed my whole mood.

It got me thinking...

A cool change can be likened to when we finally have peace with someone or an issue.  Like the fantastic, reviving cool winds that we long for, real peace when received is refreshing, uplifting and freeing.

How hot and bothered we can get over issues. Some minor, yet others deeply wounding.  But if we take the time to work through them (which I do know can be a long, hot, and stinking journey) and seek real peace, the reward when it arrives is amazing!

A part of this peace journey is forgiveness!

I read this, this morning from The Word for Today, written by Bob & Debbie Gass.

'Hurting your enemy puts you below them; taking revenge makes you even with them; forgiving them sets you above them.'

Perhaps you will never be reconciled with the person or fully get over the event ~ that's ok! Forgiveness is different to reconciliation. This is an important distinction because it makes way for peace, even if the person is deceased, or dangerous to reconcile with!  We can still choose to forgive and choose to no longer be a victim. 

Forgiveness brings peace because it's Godly.  But forgiveness STARTS with a decision...don't wait till you feel like forgiving, for God advises us that we must forgive!  Even though IT IS HARD...believe me I know...forgiveness does begin with a decision!  If you think that you are unable to forgive someone, take it to God!  Get real about your pain and upon the Lord for His refreshing cool wind to blow upon you and heal your wounds!  Tell Him that you understand He wants you to forgive, and that you need His empowerment to so it!  Tell Him that you desire to obey Him above your emotions and wait.  When you feel ready tell God that you forgive the person...repent of any thing that may be stopping you having peace with the issue and then move forward with Christ.  If over time you feel resentment or un-forgiveness resurfacing,  confess it to Jesus and forgive again...I have had to do this many, many times with deep wounds!  But oh forgiveness really does heal you, free you and empower you to move forward with Christ! 

Oh how I love a cool change...

Melanie :)




Sometimes I'm afraid I will implode under the weight of my life's pressures.

I've recently learned that when my life is stressful, my obsessive tendencies which I'd rather not have, come flooding through full force.  For many years I did not make this connection, until a friend helped me to realise that this was 'my way' of coping.

Coping? Yes, it was hard to fathom at the beginning, but after the realisation sank in, I was comforted.  It was comforting to know that something I secretly viewed as a handicap was actually my protective coping mechanism. This small realisation helped me to let go of some shame and guilt.

How do you cope during stressful times?

It leads me to wonder about the source of I can not speak for many people, but I only write as an ordinary Aussie woman.

It is SO hot here; right now where I live...we're actually in the middle of a heat wave.  The heat alone is enough to cause anyone high stress, but when you add things like work or family, I'm sure that there must be many people around right now who feel tired and stressed.  The heat wave however is not a regular occurrence and more often than not, in the world in which I live, I see beautiful Aussie women under extreme pressure.

One main cause, I believe is ourselves.  More specifically, the unrealistic pressure we Aussie chicks can put upon ourselves, in the vain hope of having a successful life.  Now this is not because Aussie women are untalented or uneducated.  I propose that it's actually due to the opposite being true.  I know many Aussie women, and they can astound me with their abilities and love.  But the problem lies more so in our concept of what a successful life actually is.  I won't try to unpack what an actual 'successful life' is here, as it differs for many women, but rather look at the related causes I see.

I remember the pressure I felt in Secondary school to become something.  I remember receiving a great academic education. I also remember feeling vulnerable, confused and lost.  I remember comparing myself to other girls and wondering where I fitted in to this thing called life.  I lacked direction, mentoring and a relationship with Christ!  

Fast forward quite a few years, and I still see beautiful, vivacious, amazing women, that I'm blessed to know all around me.  I see their lives full of what I think are amazing accomplishments. Yet often, these amazing women are stressed out by the pressure they place upon themselves in trying to be everything to their family.

The talented ALL ROUNDER, is still highly celebrated in our Aussie society today (at least where I live). And add to this, the craving we have for praise and what do you get? many women do you know who are trying to be it all?  Master chef, artist, domestic queen, nutritionist, academic, always available friend, the best partner, world's best mum/daughter, immaculately groomed, sexy yet caring...please!

Why has diversity become unpopular? 

God didn't create cardboard cut out women! He didn't make us to be everything.  So today I recommend letting off some pressure, celebrating who you are. Breath deeply, PRAY, let God be God and play to your strengths.  I'm not saying don't strive. Yes, it's good to stretch ourselves...but just be kind to yourself and choose your timing carefully.  And if you don't succeed should you care? I don't think I'm sure you're amazing at something else :)





I suppose to even call my blog 'Life of an ordinary Aussie woman' is an oxymoron because really, who ever is ordinary?  Who do you know, whose life is uncomplicated or simple?  I don't think I know anyone who has a simple unadulterated life...but then again I am just an Aussie chick who hasn't travelled much.  Maybe there are some people out there who live an ideal lifestyle...I just don't know any of them :)


The real reference I'm making about being ordinary, is that in many ways I'm just like any other Aussie chick.  The woman next door, the Mum at school, the woman who served you, the woman you honked at in traffic, and so on.  I have a past, a present and future, a family, friends and baggage.  And like all the other wonderful Aussie chicks out there - I too am a complex, multi-faceted wonderful woman!


So my blogs will be personal, passionate and meaningful...even if only to me.  They will be mostly totally since I am the sole author and writing personally how could I avoid this?


So ordinary, average, small town....I could go on and on, giving you a whole list of adjectives to describe myself....but this I won't do, as it will only give you an inaccurate picture, tainted by your own perceptions.