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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Saturday, 5 January 2013



Sometimes I'm afraid I will implode under the weight of my life's pressures.

I've recently learned that when my life is stressful, my obsessive tendencies which I'd rather not have, come flooding through full force.  For many years I did not make this connection, until a friend helped me to realise that this was 'my way' of coping.

Coping? Yes, it was hard to fathom at the beginning, but after the realisation sank in, I was comforted.  It was comforting to know that something I secretly viewed as a handicap was actually my protective coping mechanism. This small realisation helped me to let go of some shame and guilt.

How do you cope during stressful times?

It leads me to wonder about the source of I can not speak for many people, but I only write as an ordinary Aussie woman.

It is SO hot here; right now where I live...we're actually in the middle of a heat wave.  The heat alone is enough to cause anyone high stress, but when you add things like work or family, I'm sure that there must be many people around right now who feel tired and stressed.  The heat wave however is not a regular occurrence and more often than not, in the world in which I live, I see beautiful Aussie women under extreme pressure.

One main cause, I believe is ourselves.  More specifically, the unrealistic pressure we Aussie chicks can put upon ourselves, in the vain hope of having a successful life.  Now this is not because Aussie women are untalented or uneducated.  I propose that it's actually due to the opposite being true.  I know many Aussie women, and they can astound me with their abilities and love.  But the problem lies more so in our concept of what a successful life actually is.  I won't try to unpack what an actual 'successful life' is here, as it differs for many women, but rather look at the related causes I see.

I remember the pressure I felt in Secondary school to become something.  I remember receiving a great academic education. I also remember feeling vulnerable, confused and lost.  I remember comparing myself to other girls and wondering where I fitted in to this thing called life.  I lacked direction, mentoring and a relationship with Christ!  

Fast forward quite a few years, and I still see beautiful, vivacious, amazing women, that I'm blessed to know all around me.  I see their lives full of what I think are amazing accomplishments. Yet often, these amazing women are stressed out by the pressure they place upon themselves in trying to be everything to their family.

The talented ALL ROUNDER, is still highly celebrated in our Aussie society today (at least where I live). And add to this, the craving we have for praise and what do you get? many women do you know who are trying to be it all?  Master chef, artist, domestic queen, nutritionist, academic, always available friend, the best partner, world's best mum/daughter, immaculately groomed, sexy yet caring...please!

Why has diversity become unpopular? 

God didn't create cardboard cut out women! He didn't make us to be everything.  So today I recommend letting off some pressure, celebrating who you are. Breath deeply, PRAY, let God be God and play to your strengths.  I'm not saying don't strive. Yes, it's good to stretch ourselves...but just be kind to yourself and choose your timing carefully.  And if you don't succeed should you care? I don't think I'm sure you're amazing at something else :)