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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Bruce Jenner had plastic surgery…But so did I!

There once was a woman broken; she was so broken she couldn’t hide it anymore…everybody knew her lot in life!

Everyone knew who she was; just like the women we know who go from one relationship to the next…who get a little too tipsy at our town festivities…the women no decent blokes would consider marrying…the women others don’t invite to their party-plan parties, because they've never any cash…

Yet one day, this woman was in their face telling them… ‘I’ve met someone who told me EVERYTHING I’ve ever done…I think He’s the One I’ve been searching for all my life...’

Suddenly, the woman who was a loser starts to speak the most sense in her whole life and people begin to think, ‘Could this woman have actually met the Messiah…Could she have actually encountered God's chosen one?’

The woman whose PROBLEMS were too much for everyone else to handle was now sane and well and all the others with their problems, just better hidden began to think, ‘Maybe we can find healing and wellness too…’. Read it here; John 4: 1-42.

I know exactly how this woman felt because this is how I felt and still feel today from encountering Jesus!

As human beings we like to portray to others we have it all together; keeping our junk all well hidden…I’m sure you know what I mean…

WE ALL HAVE PROBLEMS and I am here to testify that Bruce Jenner or Michael Jackson or Brittney Spears or Justin Bieber are no different to anyone else.

I grew up with heartache.
I grew up a child of divorce from adultery.
A teenager who had damaging words spoken to them.
A teenager who had less than appropriate role modelling portrayed to them in relation to the role and value of women in society.
A teen lacking someone to mentor them down a better path.
I made poor choices all on my own.
I was a beautiful young woman like any other, yet inside was hurt and broken and desperate to fill the empty hole…

So in my own instability and mental unwellness I began to imagine solutions  because surely I could fix myself, right?
I would think, ‘If only…’
I would look in the mirror and think I was seeing my reflection. I became obsessed with my body and thought, ‘If only I was perfect all would be well…’

I did not realise my vision was perverted by my brokenness.

Sadly I was not helped by others with my problem and it was very easy for me to obtain plastic surgery. I had unnecessary liposuction – and if I was able to speak to the medical practitioners today, who were irresponsible to not see this outward action masking the true brokenness inside, I would have to say; ‘Shame on you…yet it must be because you’ve never encountered Christ that you were so blind…’

Let me set the record straight, I was not overweight; if that is anyone's valid reason for liposuction. I did not need plastic surgery at all…Yet I was able to convince everyone I spoke to I did and because they just wanted me and my brokenness to go away and be well they gave me what I wanted.

My brokenness was no different to Bruce Jenner’s…and the reaction to this brokenness from our western society is no different…"Just give broken people what they want and they’ll be happy!"

Plastic surgery had no effect on my wellbeing.

Man in all his conceited self-beliefs could not heal me or my empty vacuum inside that was made to be filled by God Himself.

Today when I see so many people applauding Bruce Jenner’s exterior, I am so sad because I see us as a people, unwilling to walk the hard miles with others and lead them to the true source of healing and wellness; who is Jesus Christ.

I see people broken addicted to drugs and alcohol.
I see people broken with eating disorders.
I see people broken with perverted sexual problems.
I see people broken with gambling addictions.
I could go on and on, as I simply see brokenness for what it is; brokenness.  Is one any better than the other?

I also see people who just want it all to go away and because THEY are not the solution begin to both question and redefine what is sane and what is not.

In our rebellion to God WE WANT TO BE PEOPLE’S SOLUTION, furthermore due to us not wanting to seek deliverance from our own sins, we begin to say others are okay in their brokenness…

What a depraved people we are becoming here in the West as we continue to strive against Jesus Christ.

Yet there is still HOPE for those who respond to Christ – who come to the realisation that HE IS THE ANSWER.

Like the demon possessed man living in the cave…too big a problem for everyone else, yet one encounter with Jesus was healed forever. He then told his whole community about the healing and wellness Christ provided him. You can read it here.

I say to you today, yes Bruce Jenner has had plastic surgery but so did I.

Once I was lost and broken but now I am sane and well because of Jesus Christ. Once I was obsessed with my exterior, now I see myself as my loving Father sees me, beautiful and loved just as I am. And like the woman at the well, and the man in the cave, I will tell EVERYONE of the healing and wellness to fill the empty hole inside, that is available to all from Jesus Christ!



Ariëlla said...

Thanks you so much! I have no words for your post. I am thankful for it.

Jon Stallings said...

Great post Melanie, I pray that your willingness to be so vulnerable will be a help to many and open the door for them to meet Jesus. Bruce's story is a sad and tragic one. For despite his physical transformation his mind and soul are only pushed into a greater bondage. Despite his smile and great sounding words and despite all the applause, his only hope to overcome his brokenness is the love of a Savior. I pray it comes for him.