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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Will You Leave It All Behind?

Will we leave it all behind?
Do we even know what this means anymore?
Where are the Christian soldiers waging war with the enemy; 
striving to be pure lights?
We are now a remnant…
God’s true people!

Will you leave it all behind?
Do you know what this means?
Do you know what it means to count the cost;
to be Yeshua’s disciple?
Are you willing to be a part of the remnant…
God’s true people?

I have chosen to leave it all behind…
I live my life with the purpose of telling the world about Him…
All this world offers cannot compare to Him; 
so I will not give in to compromise…
I am a part of the remnant…
God’s true people!

Do you hear Him calling you to leave it all behind?
Do you want true healing for the broken?
Do you want to help your fallen brother; 
to receive eternal life?
Do you believe He alone is enough for the remnant...
God's true people to impact this world?

Will you too leave it all behind?
Will you join me in looking beyond the temporary?
Will you too choose Him over your flesh; 
over your next breath?
Will you become a part of the remnant…
God’s true people and leave your life behind?

In the Name of the only One who can save, Yeshua (Jesus Christ)!

"To Know You" By Casting Crowns from Album, 'Until the whole world hears'.

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