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Monday, 30 June 2014

Counter-Cultural Chat ~ Passion Vlog

Hi Everyone, this is a new 5 min Vlog post...a Christian, biblical, counter-cultural chat on Christian living/discipleship.  The non-scriptural assertion of a prosperity doctrine is discussed in comparison.

This post is not meant to be a comprehensive discussion by any means ~ rather a thought provoking starter and prompting people to think about their heart's desire, their passion and what is first in their life.

Here is the link:

Should you prefer to read the it is.

Hi, this is a 5 min Counter-Cultural chat – and the topic is PASSION, let’s begin…

I’m gonna spend 5 mins telling you how you can be happy in life, having great success in your chosen career, to earn enough money to live an easy lifestyle and have some money for retirement  - cause we all want to be healthy, wealthy and wise…right?

It all starts with passion…what are YOU passionate about…cause god wants to you to prosper!

Okay, let’s STOP for a minute…

Have you heard a message like this before, because I certainly have…and I think it’s one that Christians who are not scripturally well read or attending a bible focused church can actually fall into believing – believing that because God is good, He will use His providence to make life easy for you because you are His child…

But what about the Christians in 3rd world countries?

And the scriptures which talk about taking up your cross and the suffering for the sake of the Gospel…yeah those challenging texts which talk about the COST of being a disciple or follower of Jesus…the ones which sometimes people don’t talk about.

What about the recorded conversation between Jesus and the rich young man…If you don’t know it, it’s found in two gospels, Matthew 19: 16-26 and Mark 10: 17-27.

In this account there is wealthy, honourable young man.  A man, whom many of us would like our sons to be like…an honest businessman…for he says to Jesus he’s kept the whole law…and Jesus doesn’t disagree…but Jesus wants more than religious obedience…He wants our heart…He wants all of us…He wants to be in a loving relationship with us…and that COSTS something…Relationships cost!

Jesus LOVED this young guy enough to say to him – no worries, so go and sell your stuff and come follow me…Get rid of the STUFF...come follow me!

The guy walked away…

Imagine if YOU were that guy…but let’s make it a modern day scenario…
Let’s say, Jesus appeared to you in a dream and said sell your house and stuff and go to Bible college – yes, I understand you have your great career going but I want you to partner with me in reaching the lost…they need to hear about me too…What’s that…what’s the wage of a minister you ask?  Mmmm, well no you won’t be wealthy, ministers don’t get paid much, and I should warn you that you’ll probably lose many of your friends and associates, because the world didn’t accept me and so they won’t want to listen to you either…

What would YOU do?

Jesus’ disciples were amazed with what He said to the rich young man and asked Jesus…in my paraphrase… ‘Well if it costs everything to follow you, to go to heaven, who can be saved?’

He replied with “For mortals it is impossible, but NOT for God; for God all things are possible.”

What Jesus is saying here is that by re-birth of the Holy Spirit, God gives us a new desire where we put Him first above everything…

But are we telling our children this?

Is this message getting out to others…I think sometimes.

But I also hear a lot of worldly advice amongst the Christian community…

Rather than Christian discipleship, there can be lines like follow your dreams, follow your passion, be successful… I honestly am not sure if I’ve heard in recent years something like…Have you considered missionary work?  Have you prayed and asked Jesus how you can follow Him in your life?

I know this is very counter-cultural and may be considered out-dated…but you know what – that’s great!  Because it’s scriptural and faithful – scripture says to be friends with the world is to be God’s enemy, for this is idolatry…did you know that?

2nd Timothy chapter 2 talks about being a soldier for Christ – because in case you didn’t know…there is a spiritual battle going on.

Verse 22 says: ‘Shun youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.’

Who or what has your heart?  Who or what has your children’s heart?

Is Jesus your passion?  Is Jesus number one in your children’s lives?

Do you need to pray and ask for re-birth for a new desire or for you desire to be re-kindled?

And that is 5 mins of counter-cultural chatting, God bless.

Friday, 27 June 2014

STRIVE to be found Ready...

My 3rd ever Vlog post, called 'Strive to be found ready...' based upon 2nd Peter chapter 3.

A scripture and topic that has been strong on my heart for a while...for how we wait for Jesus to return matters!

Here is the link to the Vlog:

What follows is the text of my script, should you prefer to read, 

God bless, Mel :)

STRIVE to be found Ready…2 Peter 3:14-18

Here where I live there seems to be more and more self-centredness every day…

A society which basically still values Christian morals to an extent…as long as it doesn’t challenge peoples’ status quo…

A society that picks and chooses what it will accept from the Bible…
People who listen to preachers who tell them what is comfortable to hear – yet don’t read the Bible for themselves– remaining ignorant to the challenging texts which Jesus spoke and to the sections which warn against slick preachers – passages which teach you to weigh what you’re taught, against scripture…

A society where people claim… “I believe in Jesus”

Yet if asked to explain who Jesus is and what their belief actually means…I’m not sure many people could really answer this…

It seems to be that by saying…I believe in Jesus equates to – because I believe that Jesus was a real person, I’m cool with God and I’m going to heaven (full-stop).

Yet from some of these same people we see glimmers of eastern-mystic beliefs or spiritualism and lots of statements about the power of SELF, above the proclamation of Jesus Christ as number one.

Where are the lives today showing transformation from that of an old-dead sinner, to that of a Saint?

Yes Jesus loves sinners…but He loves sinners enough, when they repent and seek forgiveness to respond with – I forgive you, now go and sin NO MORE!  Go and tell others about the truth…about me!

And He empowers them to go and do so…A Christian still makes mistakes, we have a free will…but we also have a new desire NOT to sin, for they are led by the Holy Spirit and no longer by our flesh!

What if people where challenged to change “I believe in Jesus” to a statement that does not assert themselves…re-phrasing the sentence to no longer use the word I?

How would this change their belief and worldview?

When thinking this through I came up with rather than “I believe in Jesus”
With “Jesus Christ, who was fully God became fully human, making the way for us to receive forgiveness of sins which separate us from our Holy Creator, to give us a new beginning – one in which we’re God’s children, reconciled to Him when we repent of having ourselves as God, and giving our whole self to Jesus.”

The Gospel of John talks about people Believing in Jesus – but we must understand who Jesus is, for this is what hearing the message about Jesus and believing in Him actually means…

Romans 10:8b-12 talks about salvation, for Jesus Christ truly is the saviour of the world… this passage specifically teaches what belief in Jesus actually looks like…the opening of this chapter lets the reader know that the topic is SALVATION through FAITH in Jesus Christ…but then it goes on to teach that faith, or belief and trust if you like, in Jesus results in PROCLAMATION of Jesus, not ourselves…

Let me read from verse 9…

because[a] if you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For one believes with the heart and so is justified, and one confesses with the mouth and so is saved. 11 The scripture says, “No one who believes in him will be put to shame.” 12 For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; the same Lord is Lord of all and is generous to all who call on him.

So therefore when we call upon the Lord for forgiveness and rebirth – He faithfully responds, but then we partner with Him to tell others – we CONFESS with our lips what we have experienced and have learnt is true – we believe that Jesus is the saviour of world and confess this to all…

We partake in the great commission where Jesus taught us to go forth proclaiming to the whole world - repentance of sin and rebellion, of having anything else before God in our lives…that forgiveness and reconciliation is available to ALL people through Jesus Christ alone and to baptise and make disciples…
Are we doing this with our lives???
Or are we a society of people who want to wear the label ‘Christian’ like a member’s badge and pay minsters to do all that mission and evangelical stuff, while we sit at home watching television?
I have NOT been saved by anything I have done!
Let me assure you that my works are not great…but God’s work are and it’s awesome being blessed to be a partner in some of it…I love to partner with God in His work of reconciliation because He loves me and now I love Him!

I’ve really been thinking a lot recently about how I live my life with Jesus.

A passage which The Lord has given me is 2nd Peter 3:14-18
This section speaks about how we are to live our lives while we wait for Jesus to return…and begins with STRIVE to be found…
Where is Jesus?  When will He return? 
Why hasn’t He returned yet?
These are real and common questions…

Because of scripture, I know that Jesus is seated at the right hand of The Father.  He is patiently waiting for the full number of His children to respond to His call and then He will return in all His glory!

And I know how I want to be found when this is…even if I have gone to the grave before…

If Jesus was to return tomorrow I can tell you now I don’t want to be found in a back-slidden lifestyle…

Imagine if He returned and I was slightly intoxicated at a bar…
Yelling abuse at my children…
Living with a man and not being married…
Or texting someone I was angry with, an abusive message…
I think some people are afraid of preaching a message to others of leading a holy and reverent life, in fear of someone challenging them of preaching a works doctrine above a grace one…
But this is not the case…for scripture is full of caution to lead a holy life honouring God.

Ephesians 4 begins with ‘I therefore, the prisoner in the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called…
Near the end of the Gospel of Matthew we have Jesus’ teaching upon faithful verses unfaithful followers…
Chapter 25 begins with the parable of the bridesmaids waiting for their bridegroom’s return – the faithful were ready and waiting for His return at the unexpected hour, the unfaithful were not…this is followed by the parable of the talents, which also repents the faithful waiting faithfully for their master’s return by using what He gave them, versus the unfaithful who did not put his gift to good use…
Then we have the final parable – the judgement of the nations where Jesus separates the sheep (the faithful) from the goats (the unfaithful) based upon their faithful loving deeds or laziness…
St. Paul urges us to run the race of life with our eyes being heaven bound…let me read to you from some of Hebrews 12…
…let us also lay aside every weight and the sin that clings so closely,[a] and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of our faith, who for the sake of[b] the joy that was set before him endured the cross, disregarding its shame, and has taken his seat at the right hand of the throne of God.
Consider him who endured such hostility against himself from sinners,[c] so that you may not grow weary or lose heart. In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.

Jesus is seated at the right hand of The Father and He will return – I want to be found faithful in Him and ready…
I want you to be ready also…
Because so many will tell you what you want to hear, rather than what you need to…

In a day and age where we want to have ourselves as the star of our own lives…leading a life of purity dedicated to Jesus is so counter-cultural…
We long to say to the world…I was trampled down yet I overcome and we wonder why even though those celebs who we think who have it all still fall down…
We are university educated – yet still so blind
We think that to be free, we need to have no restraints – yet we wonder why we feel so un-empowered when we can’t say NO…

There is only one way for forgiveness of having yourself as God…and that includes the idolatry of making God into someone who he’s not, by being selective of scriptures and believing that there is more than one way to God than Jesus.

We must repent…which means confess our sin to God to turn our life over to Him as number one…ask God for re-birth by the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name…be baptised and go forth and spread The Word of Truth…living the life of a born-again Saint!

I don’t know what your life is like at the moment…where you are in your relationship with God…but what I do know, is that it’s never too late to be a faithful follower of Jesus…

Don’t wait…repent and seek to know Him better through scripture…don’t twist it to suit…seek purity ask Him to live a life that is transformed for that is His will for you and us all…He loves us enough to change us and that is the Power of God and a true testimony.
STRIVE to be found ready, 2nd Peter 3:

God bless, you!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


There is something wrong when we begin to forget…

Forgetting how blind, wretched and lost we once were before God’s forgiveness, grace and restoration poured over us.

I think forgetfulness seems to creep up upon us…

Because it seems we Christians can perhaps forget what being slow to anger and being slow to speak is about.

While I am all for justice and the Truth to be proclaimed – I am also aware of my past and how my very real, worldview and opinions were that of the un-Christian world’s because I had a very real, veil over my eyes, tainting all that I saw, thought, and experienced. 

When I remember who I was then, a born-again Christian was the last person I would have wanted to have had a chat with…yet when God removed the veil, a born-again Christian with a gracious heart was one that I would have sought out for pastoral care…discussing my life with tender care, as I was very delicate, and remorseful of my past, sinful choices…

Today I hear some very valid remarks from Christians, but when not balanced by the gospel they can seem very un-gracious and superior…

Non-Christians are quick to taint outspoken Christians as judgemental.  This is unfair when what is being asserted is usually common sense fact, and does not condemn people.  Yet when I read comments which slander and name call others, I cannot help but cringe, and remember that we will be held accountable for all our words…I never want to be a stumbling block to others turning to Christ.

I am not saying that I have my life and conduct totally perfect, for that would be foolish.  I acknowledge I am a continual work-in-progress to grow more like Christ, and I know that God is good and faithful to complete His promises.  I don’t want to forget where I have come from, or the greatness of God’s mercy on someone like me, or that I was just like any other human being, who had rebelled, sinned and fallen short of God’s holy requirements…We ALL are in need of the Saviour who is Jesus Christ…We ALL are in need of forgiveness and re-birth!

I know the power of God to re-birth and give people a new desire which is to live His way…I know what it is like to have one’s life transformed as the veil has been removed!  Yes, I still make mistakes but my desire is to live for Him and no longer make sinful choices.

I think of the Pharisees whom Jesus challenged…I think they forgot.

I think they forgot their God of the Holy Scriptures (the Old Testament) who desired mercy above sacrifice, and even forgave the King and people of Nineveh (see Jonah)…their God who does have holy requirements of His people, yet also desires for others to become a part of His family, and experience life with Him.

I want to be faithful to Jesus Christ in my life and that means being a light shining the path towards Him…a light in this dark world is not letting culture dictate my theology, rather being grounded in my relationship with Christ and in Scripture.  

Sin is sin defined by Scripture and not popular opinion.

But a light is also one that offers hope and this is why what we say must be balanced by the truth of the gospel – Saving grace that is available through Jesus Christ, for ALL who humbly REPENT and give their lives to Him! This is the true hope that needs to be proclaimed along with speaking out against injustices and false doctrines.

May we never forget that the world needs the Gospel while we speak out…may we live like this!

In love, Melanie.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Purity ~ 2

Jesus did not promise smooth sailing through life for His disciples.

He warned them of the persecution they would face for bearing His name and being faithful to Him.

He taught them to pray against temptations and to FORGIVE others.

Jesus gave the example for His disciples to follow ~ a life truly dedicated to God, a life of love, purity and holiness…

Jesus did no harm to anyone.  He challenged people, and this ended Him upon the cross.

Jesus truly practiced what He preached and was His Father’s beloved Son.

Purity and holiness can almost be unheard of today, even in some Christian preaching.

It seems that some Christian preaching skips this part of Christian living because it is just too difficult.  You see, when this subject is raised with people it challenges them and their life choices and a real outcome could be that the person suddenly doesn’t like their Christian friend anymore!

But purity and holiness is an important part of discipleship and Christian maturity and is very BIBLICAL!

We live in a world that is led by the destructor whom the majority of people follow without even knowing…

The destructor does not want people to belong to God – he wants to destroy them which is the fate awaiting him.  The destructor does not want people well and thriving and winning others to Christ.  It is true that being a Christian is not an easy lifestyle the destructor will target you often with attacks and temptations to lure you further away from God and tear you down.

I know what it is like to be attacked as a Christian…but I also know the answer – however it is the polar opposite of what the world offers and may not be what you want to hear (and no it’s not a fresh idea of mine…it is firm biblical advice). 


Let’s look at the common responses from people when they are faced with challenging situations: 

  • I can’t deal with this so I’ll seek comfort…some examples are food, alcohol/drugs, partying, distraction with a new lover.
  • I’ll deal with it right this instant…leading to an anger fuelled outburst.
  • This keeps happening over and over again so it must be due to others in my life…leading to unwise, major life-altering decisions.

Now, let’s look at a genuine, counter-cultural, Christian response…

  • Firstly, being STILL and not reacting instantly!  Or expecting the problem to instantly go away.  In our immaturity or when we are vulnerable, we can want God to act like our personal genie, taking away the free will of others who have hurt or upset us.  Or for God to provide us with an answer we want and think is totally reasonable…like a new friend for example.  Problems are truly awful …God knows this!  But God does not hurt or tempt us ever.  He is the solution to our problems, but it takes real effort to continually seek Him and to not seek a temporary Band-Aid solution, gratifying our flesh.  A flip-side to problems is that they provide us with the opportunity to exercise our faith in God and they can also help us to understand what others are going through better.
  • Taking our problems to God and waiting patiently for His response, can be done by seeking time-out with God through prayer and scripture reading.  Or praying and watching an appropriate Christian DVD on that topic.  God may answer that day with an appropriate, peaceful response or He may not, as the answer may be bigger and come in an unexpected way.   God may also just want us to simply wait to grow in maturity as a Christian, to learn more patience and experience waiting upon the Lord in holiness and purity.
  • Seeking Christian advice and following through with it.  But be warned the advice (answer) may not be what you want to hear.  An example of such an answer could be investing one’s time and money into Christian counselling to truly heal…or simply waiting longer!
  • Continued Fellowship with your local church community by attending services, bible studies and so forth during the difficult times as well as the good.  We may not feel like going but I also know people who have (including me) who have commented later that they were so glad they did.  Continued fellowship takes humility and being real.  The reality is that sometimes we don’t want others to see us during our difficult times or think that they will accept us then.  Sometimes we may even need to be humble and attend fellowship with those who have offended us in order for open dialogue, forgiveness and true reconciliation to happen.

Being a Christian is not easy, but it is the way for true peace and joy even during the most difficult of situations…WAITING PATIENTLY UPON THE LORD IN PURITY is the answer!  It is NOT what the world will tell you or what your flesh will want…in our society of INSTANT everything, it truly does require genuine commitment and discipline to lead this counter-cultural life style…but nothing is impossible for God who is more than able to support, protect and sustain you as you continually seek Him daily.

The lyrics of this song speak so loudly of this…
Find rest my soul, in Christ alone
Know His power, in quietness and trust
When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with You, above the storm
Father, You are King over the flood
I will be STILL and know You are GOD!

I did write  post on purity in February, it is a stand alone post but also compliments this one; here is the link if you'd like to check that one out too:

Still by Hillsong, clip...

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


It’s almost my birthday! In an hour I’ll be 37 years young LOL!

Seven has actually always been my favourite number from a young girl, because of the seven days in our creation story, and the seventh day being Sunday…church!

I loved church as a girl and still do today…I loved everything about it even though I didn’t really go for very long due to family reasons…but now as I reflect upon my calling to ministry within the church, I smile as it all makes sense.

So 37…it’s got me thinking about my life at aged seven, seventeen, twenty-seven and thrity-seven…

Here is some of my journey…

I was born in 1977…In Geelong, Victoria, Australia…a true ‘Aussie’ of mixed white heritage.  For the first seven years of my life, my family and I moved around a lot, but by age seven we were settled in a lovely timber home my dad had built in rural Victoria, in a very small town called Merino.

Aged 7 ~ At age seven I was a simple girl…shy and timid, I had an older sister (seven years older actually) to whom I was a pain, meddling with all of her things, an older brother (four years older) who hung out with my sister and a six month old baby brother.  Little did I know…but my life was about to change as I was to meet Jesus.  It wouldn’t be long till my mother’s older brother was to visit our country family, to share with us his personal testimony of being born-again…and WOW what a testimony it was to be.  My uncle seriously had been a major mess for his early adult life…he was married, but an abusive alcoholic.  When he came and shared his story with my mum and dad it seriously impacted our whole family, so much so that we began to go to church and I, along with my older sister and brother were baptised.  My beloved uncle remained a committed Christian for the rest of his life and was overjoyed, years later when I recommitted my life.

Aged 17 ~ Fast forward a decade…it’s incredible how much can change in only 10 years!  My mum and dad had divorced (when I was eleven) which coincided with me beginning dance lessons. But by 17, I danced professionally and had begun teaching. I lived in the city and was finishing high school.  I also met my ex-husband when I was 17, on Good Sunday at a rock concert in Melbourne!  I still believed in Jesus but my lifestyle did not match…I was in rebellion…but had no-one in my life to offer any alternative.  Little did I know…but I was about to enter a decade of turmoil.

Aged 27 ~ At this age I had been blessed to become a mother to two sons and was pregnant with my third.  I had worked as a professional dance teacher for the past decade and this still was my business – on the outside I think I would have seemed fine…as if I had finally settled down into a pleasant life, once again living in the country.  But this truly wasn’t the case, my ex-husband and I had gone through a decade of utter awfulness and we still would have awful fights…I was a nervous wreck at home where people didn’t see, suffering terribly with anxiety.  Little did I know that God in His great mercy was soon about to reach me, the very next year.

Age 37 ~ Now here I am today and the past decade has been the best of my life.  No it has not been easy, but I finally feel I am the woman God created me to be and I have peace knowing that I am again safe with Him – like I was as a girl.  The past decade has seen me born-again, begin bible college, actually have a decent marriage for seven years with respect, until he walked away not being able to accept Christ (not that I pushed him). God willing it won't be long and I'll be finished my Bachelor of Ministry and I am eager for what the next decade will bring...which I believe will be much more ministry in the church, God willing.

It’s funny how God works because after I had given my life to Christ, I wrote a message in a Christmas card to two (by this time elderly) gentlemen (brothers), whom my family had loved dearly when we went to church in Merino.  I wanted to share with them my good news, as I knew they were genuine committed Christians.  I received a letter back from one brother Ralph, before he passed on, and he told me of how just before my card arrived in the mail, of how him and his brother Larry had been talking recently and in conversation remembered me as a girl, and of how I had helped at church!  How interesting…and here I am today still serving in church...God is awesome!

Hope this simple reflection blesses you in some way…

Cheers, God bless you, and praise God for my 37th birthday, Melanie :)

Monday, 16 June 2014

IRL Friends Verses Online…

A female friend once told me (in person by the way) that someone once challenged her, saying something like all of her ‘friends’ were probably her online acquaintances on Facebook!  Seriously…true story!

They were challenging her ability to relate to others in a pastoral sense and I can tell you that this woman relates well to others…

This statement seemed to me, to be more of a personal attack against this woman, from another woman who was probably jealous or personally challenged by my friend in some way.

Regardless of how much people may resist communication changing from the traditional face-to-face catch ups to more digital forms…the REALITY is that communication and interaction is changing at a dramatically fast pace and most people have already accepted and made the transition to internet communication…And while digital communication cannot replace the presence of an IRL person sitting across from you, or offering you a warm hug, in my humble opinion it still is a very valuable means of contact and is not just sterile communication.

Time…Oh how lacking our current Western society seems to be of this valuable asset!

Yet, with digital communication available via the internet I know that I can reach out to someone and almost always get an instant reply and HONESTLY this is VERY valuable to me personally.  Let’s take it one step further and think of our personal faith as Christians (for those of you reading who do have this faith).  

Where I live, I actually do not have many Christian friends of a similar age who are close by, or whom I consider to be close, and trusted friends…my trusted Christian circle is actually quite small…and I think this may be the situation for others too, as the world is definitely on a path of destruction and the Christian faith in the West is not growing like it is in other countries, for example China and some African countries.

An online Christian I know, whom I consider to be a trusted friend, yet have never sat IRL across from, recently commented on their blog about the validity of online Christian friendships and confirmed the blessing of their online friendships.  I too also have experienced this…I must say however that I would ALWAYS advise caution in all your online activity, (like NEVER giving someone money or meeting someone in person who is pressuring you to do so cause you don't really need to meet up to be friends, honestly) and a balance of online activity and IRL contact.  It also needs to be said that people, online or not need to be observed for a decent period of time before you can trust them...and I also have observed that some people online just honestly want to be heard, rather than interacting on a meaningful level.  Discernment takes time - don't rush it!

This week I made an online group for my online and IRL female Christian friends, so that we can have quicker access to each other for support and I was actually really shocked when I began adding women because before I knew it there was around 50 women!

All beautiful, unique, godly women who can safely minister to one another in different ways due to their unique giftings.  To be honest some of these women I’ll probably never be able to see IRL and others very occasionally…there is only a small portion of them whom I’m able to see face-to-face.

So what an AWESOME encouragement this is for me, as a Christian woman who sometimes feels somewhat isolated in her faith.  I feel so blessed by this new online group, as I know I can trust these women and if I need prayer, or someone I know does, I can instantly throw out a request and have awesome intercessory prayer happening, even if I am not up to speaking to someone in person or calling people on the phone!

So to finish, if you are a trusted online, Christian friend of mine…maybe I won’t get to see you IRL now, but I love you and we’ll party in heaven!

Love Mel J

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mel's Gospel Vlog Message...

Hi guys, this is my 2nd ever Vlog post.
In this post I am sharing my heart - presenting the Gospel which the world so desperately needs to hear.

Here is the link to the Vlog on YouTube, it's around 10mins long:

What follows is the script, if you'd prefer to read:

Have you ever thought about writing something down to be a message to others after you were gone?

I know that might sound morbid…but personally, I do think quite deeply about my life and I’m an expressive person…sometimes thoughts and ideas just bubble up inside me, so much so, that I need to express them – sometimes in writing, art or singing.

And this is where the beginning of this post is coming from today…

Being able to talk to people via my blog page has been an awesome blessing for me – but today I’m choosing to present what I have to say today in two mediums  - video and text - and the reason for that is because not everyone enjoys reading and this message is quite personal, and  I think ‘seeing’ me also helps – so I hope it makes you feel as if you’re here with me in my home maybe sharing a coffee with me…

Okay so just imagine we’re here having a cuppa together and I wanna ask you another question?

If you won the Lottery would you buy your loved one something special?
Now you may be thinking, that’s a stupid question – of course I would!
I might buy my wife a diamond ring or my poor relative a house…and so on and so forth…

Well I’m sorry to say no I haven’t won Tattslotto, and I don’t have extra money to give you…but I actually have a treasure that’s worth more anything to share with you and it’s totally FREE!

You see this is how I feel about Jesus – this is why I do what I do, say what I say, and I live the way I live my life…

I was having a shower earlier and this idea for the video was bubbling up inside me – it was all coming together in my mind and then I had thought of Jesus and of when I’ll see Him one day and I pictured Him smiling and saying excitedly to me… ‘Did you tell ‘em?  Did you tell ‘em about me and about how I changed your life?” And I could see myself there, smiling back, before our embrace, and saying, “Yeah, yeah I did!”

Jesus loves you and He wants you to know the Truth about this life and if I truly love you as He does, how can I not share with you and share with you about the greatest treasure ever!

Our western world today is so awfully self-absorbed – to the point where most people worship themselves…

While Christians here where I live aren’t being physically harmed, we’re usually easy targets for people to name call and accuse of being judgemental when people have their consciences stirred.

And I admit sadly there has been stuff done by wolves amongst the sheep working for the enemy, that have damaged the church and then there are some Christians who’ve perhaps have gone astray being enticed by what the world has offered them and that’s also has impacted the church.

But I’m gonna tell you now what I have to say is free and comes from my heart…I am NOT gonna ask you to give me money for some ministry or to join my own private church group or anything like that…I’m just gonna share my heart with you about Jesus and then spend some time with my kids…all I wanna do is this (pointing up) point you to Jesus…I am not some guru or your answer for life fulfilment – I am just an ordinary Aussie woman who has had her life changed by Jesus.

“I just want my kids to be happy.”
“Don’t judge them, they’re happy.”
“Do whatever makes YOU happy.”
“Don’t say that – what gives you the right – how are you loving them by saying that?”
“Don’t listen to those prudes what would they know…they just don’t want you to be happy!”

What’s happening here in the West atm?

What is happening to Freedom of speech?  Personal Privacy?
Morals and the choice and strength to say NO?

It seems rights and values are changing, to that of government control and the total acceptance.

There is a mantra of ‘Whatever makes YOU happy’.

Let me just say there is nothing wrong with happiness and enjoying God’s gifts in moderation.  But the world twists what is good and sucks you in to keep you from the Truth.

Pharrell Williams has the mega-famous catchy tune ‘Happy’…
My boys and I have enjoyed dancing to this catchy song…but I must admit that I struggled with the line ‘Happiness is the Truth’ which Williams presents in a Gospel-like setting, where he sings and dances with a church choir in the music video.

The truth is actually that happiness is temporary and fluctuating…it is not deep, like joy and peace…happiness isn’t long lasting, it gets drained, life is not easy and people need to keep topping up on the things that fuel their flesh and give them a shot of adrenaline or stimulate serotonin like chocolate, shopping sprees, gambling, drinking, partying, drugs, sex, new relationships, holidays – just SOME examples…

The truth is that there is an enemy trying to keep you from God and having true Joy and Peace…and the enemy is smart…he is like the slickest salesman ever…he’s clever, he’s not gonna hold up a big neon sign saying ‘destruction and ruin this way!’  For who would seriously follow that?

The enemy tempted Eve and Adam with the line that they’d be knowledgeable like God and all they had to do was eat the fruit that God didn’t want them to eat…because after all God wouldn’t want them being as smart as Him now would He?

They fell hook, line and sinker and used their free will to disobey God by trying to do what? Make themselves God!  And this is still what we humans are still doing today…we are rebellious and try to have ourselves as God…we don’t want to be humble and seek God’s forgiveness and have God as number one in our lives.

The enemy is subtle and tries to keep you busy and distracted, always seeking your own welfare over that of your relationship with God…he doesn’t want you healthy and thriving, cause then you’re a bigger threat, as you’ll lead others to the Truth – who is Jesus.

Life has a spiritual side which most of us know…But there is also a spiritual battle going on which many are blind to.

I don’t know how long I’ll be here for, but I do know how I want to spend my days and that is proclaiming the truth – who is Jesus Christ – to our desperate world.

The truth is that sin leads to death – eternal separation from God.
And we all have sinned and fall short of God’s holy requirements for us to be near Him…for He is Holy and pure…which is why Adam and Eve had to leave the garden.
But God wasn’t satisfied with this and this is why Jesus who is God the Son, through the Holy Spirit was put inside Mary and became a human being, so that He could become our way for forgiveness and reconciliation with God.

I don’t know if you’ve heard this before or understood this before…but when perfect Jesus suffered and died on the cross he took upon Himself the consequence of your rebellion and sin…remember sin = death!

Jesus truly died, but also rose to new life 3 days later, and when he rose to life this is our promise, that when we seek forgiveness and reconciliation with God through Jesus, we too can be raised to eternal life when the world is restored to its original state before sin occurred.  This will happen when Jesus returns to save His people and deal with the enemy.

The Christian message is NOT just say a prayer and she’ll be right mate!
This is NOT to say that people can’t repent and turn to God on their death bed – think of the man on the cross next to Jesus who believed.

But for those of us who hear the message and believe now we have a new life to lead – one in which we partner with God to reconcile others to Him – our lives are no longer our own, for we were bought with a price, and we are so blessed to have received the free gift of forgiveness and reconciliation with God that leads to eternal life so how can we not share this message with others…for when you experience the joy of being forgiven and set free from your sin and the peace of knowing that you are God’s beloved one how can you not tell others?

So again I picture Jesus in my mind, standing before me saying, “Did ya tell ‘em?  Did you tell ‘em about me?  Did you tell them the Truth about life…about how they can be my friend and know true joy and peace?”  And I can say… ‘Yeah, yeah I did tell ‘em!”

If you want to know more grab a bible – pray and read it – then pray for God to lead you to a great church and go…you don’t need me!

Be blessed!