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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mel's Gospel Vlog Message...

Hi guys, this is my 2nd ever Vlog post.
In this post I am sharing my heart - presenting the Gospel which the world so desperately needs to hear.

Here is the link to the Vlog on YouTube, it's around 10mins long:

What follows is the script, if you'd prefer to read:

Have you ever thought about writing something down to be a message to others after you were gone?

I know that might sound morbid…but personally, I do think quite deeply about my life and I’m an expressive person…sometimes thoughts and ideas just bubble up inside me, so much so, that I need to express them – sometimes in writing, art or singing.

And this is where the beginning of this post is coming from today…

Being able to talk to people via my blog page has been an awesome blessing for me – but today I’m choosing to present what I have to say today in two mediums  - video and text - and the reason for that is because not everyone enjoys reading and this message is quite personal, and  I think ‘seeing’ me also helps – so I hope it makes you feel as if you’re here with me in my home maybe sharing a coffee with me…

Okay so just imagine we’re here having a cuppa together and I wanna ask you another question?

If you won the Lottery would you buy your loved one something special?
Now you may be thinking, that’s a stupid question – of course I would!
I might buy my wife a diamond ring or my poor relative a house…and so on and so forth…

Well I’m sorry to say no I haven’t won Tattslotto, and I don’t have extra money to give you…but I actually have a treasure that’s worth more anything to share with you and it’s totally FREE!

You see this is how I feel about Jesus – this is why I do what I do, say what I say, and I live the way I live my life…

I was having a shower earlier and this idea for the video was bubbling up inside me – it was all coming together in my mind and then I had thought of Jesus and of when I’ll see Him one day and I pictured Him smiling and saying excitedly to me… ‘Did you tell ‘em?  Did you tell ‘em about me and about how I changed your life?” And I could see myself there, smiling back, before our embrace, and saying, “Yeah, yeah I did!”

Jesus loves you and He wants you to know the Truth about this life and if I truly love you as He does, how can I not share with you and share with you about the greatest treasure ever!

Our western world today is so awfully self-absorbed – to the point where most people worship themselves…

While Christians here where I live aren’t being physically harmed, we’re usually easy targets for people to name call and accuse of being judgemental when people have their consciences stirred.

And I admit sadly there has been stuff done by wolves amongst the sheep working for the enemy, that have damaged the church and then there are some Christians who’ve perhaps have gone astray being enticed by what the world has offered them and that’s also has impacted the church.

But I’m gonna tell you now what I have to say is free and comes from my heart…I am NOT gonna ask you to give me money for some ministry or to join my own private church group or anything like that…I’m just gonna share my heart with you about Jesus and then spend some time with my kids…all I wanna do is this (pointing up) point you to Jesus…I am not some guru or your answer for life fulfilment – I am just an ordinary Aussie woman who has had her life changed by Jesus.

“I just want my kids to be happy.”
“Don’t judge them, they’re happy.”
“Do whatever makes YOU happy.”
“Don’t say that – what gives you the right – how are you loving them by saying that?”
“Don’t listen to those prudes what would they know…they just don’t want you to be happy!”

What’s happening here in the West atm?

What is happening to Freedom of speech?  Personal Privacy?
Morals and the choice and strength to say NO?

It seems rights and values are changing, to that of government control and the total acceptance.

There is a mantra of ‘Whatever makes YOU happy’.

Let me just say there is nothing wrong with happiness and enjoying God’s gifts in moderation.  But the world twists what is good and sucks you in to keep you from the Truth.

Pharrell Williams has the mega-famous catchy tune ‘Happy’…
My boys and I have enjoyed dancing to this catchy song…but I must admit that I struggled with the line ‘Happiness is the Truth’ which Williams presents in a Gospel-like setting, where he sings and dances with a church choir in the music video.

The truth is actually that happiness is temporary and fluctuating…it is not deep, like joy and peace…happiness isn’t long lasting, it gets drained, life is not easy and people need to keep topping up on the things that fuel their flesh and give them a shot of adrenaline or stimulate serotonin like chocolate, shopping sprees, gambling, drinking, partying, drugs, sex, new relationships, holidays – just SOME examples…

The truth is that there is an enemy trying to keep you from God and having true Joy and Peace…and the enemy is smart…he is like the slickest salesman ever…he’s clever, he’s not gonna hold up a big neon sign saying ‘destruction and ruin this way!’  For who would seriously follow that?

The enemy tempted Eve and Adam with the line that they’d be knowledgeable like God and all they had to do was eat the fruit that God didn’t want them to eat…because after all God wouldn’t want them being as smart as Him now would He?

They fell hook, line and sinker and used their free will to disobey God by trying to do what? Make themselves God!  And this is still what we humans are still doing today…we are rebellious and try to have ourselves as God…we don’t want to be humble and seek God’s forgiveness and have God as number one in our lives.

The enemy is subtle and tries to keep you busy and distracted, always seeking your own welfare over that of your relationship with God…he doesn’t want you healthy and thriving, cause then you’re a bigger threat, as you’ll lead others to the Truth – who is Jesus.

Life has a spiritual side which most of us know…But there is also a spiritual battle going on which many are blind to.

I don’t know how long I’ll be here for, but I do know how I want to spend my days and that is proclaiming the truth – who is Jesus Christ – to our desperate world.

The truth is that sin leads to death – eternal separation from God.
And we all have sinned and fall short of God’s holy requirements for us to be near Him…for He is Holy and pure…which is why Adam and Eve had to leave the garden.
But God wasn’t satisfied with this and this is why Jesus who is God the Son, through the Holy Spirit was put inside Mary and became a human being, so that He could become our way for forgiveness and reconciliation with God.

I don’t know if you’ve heard this before or understood this before…but when perfect Jesus suffered and died on the cross he took upon Himself the consequence of your rebellion and sin…remember sin = death!

Jesus truly died, but also rose to new life 3 days later, and when he rose to life this is our promise, that when we seek forgiveness and reconciliation with God through Jesus, we too can be raised to eternal life when the world is restored to its original state before sin occurred.  This will happen when Jesus returns to save His people and deal with the enemy.

The Christian message is NOT just say a prayer and she’ll be right mate!
This is NOT to say that people can’t repent and turn to God on their death bed – think of the man on the cross next to Jesus who believed.

But for those of us who hear the message and believe now we have a new life to lead – one in which we partner with God to reconcile others to Him – our lives are no longer our own, for we were bought with a price, and we are so blessed to have received the free gift of forgiveness and reconciliation with God that leads to eternal life so how can we not share this message with others…for when you experience the joy of being forgiven and set free from your sin and the peace of knowing that you are God’s beloved one how can you not tell others?

So again I picture Jesus in my mind, standing before me saying, “Did ya tell ‘em?  Did you tell ‘em about me?  Did you tell them the Truth about life…about how they can be my friend and know true joy and peace?”  And I can say… ‘Yeah, yeah I did tell ‘em!”

If you want to know more grab a bible – pray and read it – then pray for God to lead you to a great church and go…you don’t need me!

Be blessed!

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