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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


There is something wrong when we begin to forget…

Forgetting how blind, wretched and lost we once were before God’s forgiveness, grace and restoration poured over us.

I think forgetfulness seems to creep up upon us…

Because it seems we Christians can perhaps forget what being slow to anger and being slow to speak is about.

While I am all for justice and the Truth to be proclaimed – I am also aware of my past and how my very real, worldview and opinions were that of the un-Christian world’s because I had a very real, veil over my eyes, tainting all that I saw, thought, and experienced. 

When I remember who I was then, a born-again Christian was the last person I would have wanted to have had a chat with…yet when God removed the veil, a born-again Christian with a gracious heart was one that I would have sought out for pastoral care…discussing my life with tender care, as I was very delicate, and remorseful of my past, sinful choices…

Today I hear some very valid remarks from Christians, but when not balanced by the gospel they can seem very un-gracious and superior…

Non-Christians are quick to taint outspoken Christians as judgemental.  This is unfair when what is being asserted is usually common sense fact, and does not condemn people.  Yet when I read comments which slander and name call others, I cannot help but cringe, and remember that we will be held accountable for all our words…I never want to be a stumbling block to others turning to Christ.

I am not saying that I have my life and conduct totally perfect, for that would be foolish.  I acknowledge I am a continual work-in-progress to grow more like Christ, and I know that God is good and faithful to complete His promises.  I don’t want to forget where I have come from, or the greatness of God’s mercy on someone like me, or that I was just like any other human being, who had rebelled, sinned and fallen short of God’s holy requirements…We ALL are in need of the Saviour who is Jesus Christ…We ALL are in need of forgiveness and re-birth!

I know the power of God to re-birth and give people a new desire which is to live His way…I know what it is like to have one’s life transformed as the veil has been removed!  Yes, I still make mistakes but my desire is to live for Him and no longer make sinful choices.

I think of the Pharisees whom Jesus challenged…I think they forgot.

I think they forgot their God of the Holy Scriptures (the Old Testament) who desired mercy above sacrifice, and even forgave the King and people of Nineveh (see Jonah)…their God who does have holy requirements of His people, yet also desires for others to become a part of His family, and experience life with Him.

I want to be faithful to Jesus Christ in my life and that means being a light shining the path towards Him…a light in this dark world is not letting culture dictate my theology, rather being grounded in my relationship with Christ and in Scripture.  

Sin is sin defined by Scripture and not popular opinion.

But a light is also one that offers hope and this is why what we say must be balanced by the truth of the gospel – Saving grace that is available through Jesus Christ, for ALL who humbly REPENT and give their lives to Him! This is the true hope that needs to be proclaimed along with speaking out against injustices and false doctrines.

May we never forget that the world needs the Gospel while we speak out…may we live like this!

In love, Melanie.

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