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Wednesday, 4 June 2014


“What is the truth?”

This truly is a very human and age old question…even Pontius Pilate asked Jesus this question.

I believe it is natural for us as human beings, made in the image of God to search for truth, the meaning of life, because life is not the way it was designed to be.  Our sin has separated us from our Holy creator and we all have a very real, created part of us that is supposed to be filled by God!  Due to sin we have a void that needs filling…

But we don’t just fill this void on our worldly quest for the truth do we?  We jam-pack it full of stuff like new relationships, drugs, quick sex, money, holidays, back-stabbing, gossiping, lying, cheating, I could go on and on, oh and maybe the occasional good deed to make us feel better…Sorry if that sounds too harsh but I’m actually writing from life experience…

In my past, my conscience knew what was right and true but my desire was to obey my flesh and no it was definitely NOT to seek the Truth…

How many people do you know who would say… “But what is the truth…”or something like… “Well that’s your truth…”

How many people truly seek TRUTH these days?

How many of us would rather just accept whatever we’re presented via mainstream media? And what about schools?  Seriously are our young people being presented with different views in schools?  Are they being encouraged to critically think for themselves?

Christian religion in schools is seen as unnecessary nonsense, usually by people who consider themselves politically correct Atheists…they don’t see their hypocrisy in believing in freedom of speech, yet trying to silence Christians whose values have established so much good! 

Sadly once again it seems today, that truth is whatever people want it to be…or whatever makes them comfortable with their self-centred choices…and yes, again I am speaking from experience…

You see, I was even a person who when I had my back turned on God, was uncomfortable with Christmas carols…I just would have preferred Christmas not to exist…and since I couldn’t have that, I focused upon having a kid-fun, focused Christmas, with lots to do with Santa!

But in 2005 I opened up a Holy Bible and what I read I knew was the truth about the person I was on the inside…the real me only God Himself could have described so perfectly in the passage I read…and that was it for me I surrendered to The Truth and gave up worshipping myself.

But wait there’s more…God has been revealing Himself to me as The Truth ever since and this gives me peace while living in our corrupt world.

The first way is the personal way in which the truth of the Gospel has affected my life…now I’m not writing this post to harp on about me…rather point you to Jesus…so I’ll just leave it simply as now my whole life is dedicated to spreading the liberating Truth, who is Jesus Christ the saviour of the whole world.

The second way, is in how the true intentions of others in my life always come to the surface…some people try to hide their true intentions and motives from me and/or keep secrets which shouldn’t be kept.  Yet I have found that because God is Truth, every time He reveals the truth to me as I am His beloved daughter. Yes, sometimes I still feel hurt but I am happier knowing the truth.  Ephesians 5:13 speaks of secrets being exposed by the light.

Thirdly is my now love for the truth.  I have become passionate about the truth.  Some people have been hurt terribly by WOLVES in the church pretending to be Sheep or Shepherds of the flock…Yes I am unafraid to call these people wolves because of the evil deeds they have committed!  But you see God is love and now as I love God and the truth, I am not leaving the church to be a lone Christian…I desire to be a faithful Shepherd and protect, guide and nurture the sheep, exposing any wolves by God’s light in the process.

I read an article earlier about an ALF player whose personal, sexual misconduct has just had him sacked...his secret was exposed…let’s hope it helps him to repent.  Exposed secrets can hurt but keeping secrets does not foster a culture of honestly, healing, transparency and accountability.

I was truly blessed to have a mother who did not believe in secrets…she was always very open and loving in her guidance about life dangers that could happen even within families.  I think here in Aus, in general, we are becoming better at parenting this way and we are in fact raising less timid children – I love this and want this transparency and openness for the church…which I also believe is trying to cultivate this culture.

The truth about life, is that Jesus Christ is the Truth and true living is only possible with Him who forgives, cleanses and transforms us to reconcile us to God…this is The Truth people so desperately need…this is The Truth the enemy doesn’t want you to hear…The Truth people don’t hear when they are so distracted by the world’s enticing delicacies.  

So what’s your definition of the truth?



MikeConnie Brown said...

Truth - the absolute original without error or blemish. We are made in the image of God, but we are but creation like the original, not God. Our lives as Plato thought are but a shadow of what is truth. This is what drives us to pursue truth. Without God in us we will never comprehend what it means to image of God. Jesus confessed he was "the truth" which made him the gatekeeper to the Father in heaven. Thanks for making me think this morning!

Melanie Baker-Nash said...

Excellent - glad to hear the post made you think, praise God for brain stretching...He is so good! He does it to me a lot...and yes Jesus is the only way!