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Monday, 30 June 2014

Counter-Cultural Chat ~ Passion Vlog

Hi Everyone, this is a new 5 min Vlog post...a Christian, biblical, counter-cultural chat on Christian living/discipleship.  The non-scriptural assertion of a prosperity doctrine is discussed in comparison.

This post is not meant to be a comprehensive discussion by any means ~ rather a thought provoking starter and prompting people to think about their heart's desire, their passion and what is first in their life.

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Hi, this is a 5 min Counter-Cultural chat – and the topic is PASSION, let’s begin…

I’m gonna spend 5 mins telling you how you can be happy in life, having great success in your chosen career, to earn enough money to live an easy lifestyle and have some money for retirement  - cause we all want to be healthy, wealthy and wise…right?

It all starts with passion…what are YOU passionate about…cause god wants to you to prosper!

Okay, let’s STOP for a minute…

Have you heard a message like this before, because I certainly have…and I think it’s one that Christians who are not scripturally well read or attending a bible focused church can actually fall into believing – believing that because God is good, He will use His providence to make life easy for you because you are His child…

But what about the Christians in 3rd world countries?

And the scriptures which talk about taking up your cross and the suffering for the sake of the Gospel…yeah those challenging texts which talk about the COST of being a disciple or follower of Jesus…the ones which sometimes people don’t talk about.

What about the recorded conversation between Jesus and the rich young man…If you don’t know it, it’s found in two gospels, Matthew 19: 16-26 and Mark 10: 17-27.

In this account there is wealthy, honourable young man.  A man, whom many of us would like our sons to be like…an honest businessman…for he says to Jesus he’s kept the whole law…and Jesus doesn’t disagree…but Jesus wants more than religious obedience…He wants our heart…He wants all of us…He wants to be in a loving relationship with us…and that COSTS something…Relationships cost!

Jesus LOVED this young guy enough to say to him – no worries, so go and sell your stuff and come follow me…Get rid of the STUFF...come follow me!

The guy walked away…

Imagine if YOU were that guy…but let’s make it a modern day scenario…
Let’s say, Jesus appeared to you in a dream and said sell your house and stuff and go to Bible college – yes, I understand you have your great career going but I want you to partner with me in reaching the lost…they need to hear about me too…What’s that…what’s the wage of a minister you ask?  Mmmm, well no you won’t be wealthy, ministers don’t get paid much, and I should warn you that you’ll probably lose many of your friends and associates, because the world didn’t accept me and so they won’t want to listen to you either…

What would YOU do?

Jesus’ disciples were amazed with what He said to the rich young man and asked Jesus…in my paraphrase… ‘Well if it costs everything to follow you, to go to heaven, who can be saved?’

He replied with “For mortals it is impossible, but NOT for God; for God all things are possible.”

What Jesus is saying here is that by re-birth of the Holy Spirit, God gives us a new desire where we put Him first above everything…

But are we telling our children this?

Is this message getting out to others…I think sometimes.

But I also hear a lot of worldly advice amongst the Christian community…

Rather than Christian discipleship, there can be lines like follow your dreams, follow your passion, be successful… I honestly am not sure if I’ve heard in recent years something like…Have you considered missionary work?  Have you prayed and asked Jesus how you can follow Him in your life?

I know this is very counter-cultural and may be considered out-dated…but you know what – that’s great!  Because it’s scriptural and faithful – scripture says to be friends with the world is to be God’s enemy, for this is idolatry…did you know that?

2nd Timothy chapter 2 talks about being a soldier for Christ – because in case you didn’t know…there is a spiritual battle going on.

Verse 22 says: ‘Shun youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.’

Who or what has your heart?  Who or what has your children’s heart?

Is Jesus your passion?  Is Jesus number one in your children’s lives?

Do you need to pray and ask for re-birth for a new desire or for you desire to be re-kindled?

And that is 5 mins of counter-cultural chatting, God bless.

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