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Monday, 21 July 2014

It's a mad, mad world...

When I awoke earlier, I felt nauseous from a vivid dream and was relieved to see the calm, peaceful surroundings of my bedroom…

Yet the image of the 'giant wheel' wasn’t going away easily, so I laid there for a while thinking about my dream.

I have always been an active dreamer but it’s only occasionally that I experience really vivid ones.  I usually don’t struggle to understand my dreams; when I contemplate them the meaning becomes quite clear, even if vivid and challenging.  Yet today is the first vivid dream I am blogging about.

In this dream, I was who I am today.  There were even people from my life there with me.  I was studying ministry and was trying to live my life walking alongside others.

But in my dream I was lonely.

There seemed to be many people around me, even Christians, who were living for their own desires first and foremost.

Subtle things like work, money, friendship, and then more obvious things like lust or alcohol seemed to be their main priorities rather than reaching others with the gospel. 

I was very sad and ended up walking away.

I walked away from these people and entered into a very large city square.  I saw many people of different genders, races and ages jamming themselves into an open cage.   Young or old they were all part of a huge contest that the world was offering.

Then my view took in all of a giant wheel.  This wheel was GIANT.  It was giant, like the Melbourne Star observation wheel, see here.  But the wheel was also like a giant mouse toy, as the people were to propel the wheel into motion by their movement.

Mesh wire separated the cage’s sections yet there was no outer barrier; the wheel was open, people could easily fall out to their death…but this was the competition you see…the last person to survive won the fame and fortune on offer.  I remember being very alarmed when I saw one contestant, a young mother in the wheel, taking her place with her infant bound to her body...even the children were not safe and their lives were at risk too.

This was not just a once offer though, there were numerous chances to enter the wheel competition.  There were onlookers holding decapitated hands of their loved ones who had tried in an earlier round…yet bizarrely they still looked on in HOPE for their other loved ones who had scored a chance to enter.  You see, the wheel was well organised, it was very professionally ran and not everybody had a chance at the same time.  One could only enter if there name came out on a list.  

The propaganda being spoken over the loud speaker was alarming…

I remember seeing the list full of names and being relieved that my name was not on it, then being asked a question from God; “What would you do if your name was on it?”

I replied that I would make a stand by being different and NOT taking the ‘opportunity’ the world was offering…

What a mad, mad world it was in my dream.

Yet is this very different to reality?

When thinking about the dream the scripture which came so loudly to me was this:

‘For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?’  Mark 8:36 King James Version.

In love, Melanie.

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