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Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Faithfulness of God...

Oh Lord, how Faithful & Trustworthy you are;
Gentle care you take of our hearts,

When we are bruised, and still broken inside;

Your unfailing love, it lasts!

Alpha & Omega, try to describe your immensity;
Yet no words can really do,

For though we know how truly small we are;

Can we truly comprehend, You?

Ingeniousness & Humility, harmoniously coinciding;
The finest example You give,

Yet we rage and war, and do not strive for peace;

Why are we so impassive?

When will people realise, it’s because they do not yearn;
For Truth & Righteousness;

Like the blind, who can continually stumble and fall;

Self’s become the best!

Yet there still is hope, as you are providing the time;
for all to seek your face,

Healer & Deliverer, You are the only true way;

Trinity God, the author of grace!

Friend and Creator, yet all at the same time;
Can this really be,

Yes it is, for by your Word we have become;

Members of royalty!

Unlimited and Personal, we can share all our cares;
With You, who knows all,

Taking our burdens, as if they were your own;

Relief, far from small!

Love with immense patience, is what you constantly give;
That we need never despair;

For through Jesus Christ, the battle has been forever won;

In this we freely share!

Hope you enjoyed this reflective poem on God's faithfulness.
It began by me believing that God wanted me to spend some time with Him...and so, I decided to do this by reflecting upon His faithfulness...the poem grew from what follows. Love Melanie :)


F – Faithful & Trustworthy

A – Alpha & Omega

I – Ingenious & Humble

T – Truthful & Righteous

H – Healer & Deliverer

F – Friend & Creator

U – Unlimited & Personal

L – Loving & Patient

Thursday, 29 August 2013

All you need is love...

Are you humming the tune yet?

Indeed the Beatles penned this famous line, and it seems that EVERYONE in the world agrees!

And IMO even the most hardened person, even if they seek money and power, wants love too…even if it is expressed in a way that’s not healthy…

We all know that other pursuits DON’T fulfil us the same as love does.

Try Google searching love wordart ‘images’ and you’ll find some interesting quotes about love…like ‘everlasting love’ ‘unconditional love’  ‘forever, for always, this love will remain’ ‘love conquers all’  ‘live well, laugh often, love much’ ‘love one another’ ‘love is patient, love is kind, love does not boast’ ‘hate is easy, love takes courage’ ‘so in love with you’  ‘I know I’ve found in you, my endless love’ ‘what you love, you must love with the entirety of your soul’ ‘true love is but a glimpse of heaven’ ‘I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family’ ‘I love you to the moon and back’ ‘I love chocolate’…

So many uses in the English language for the one word LOVE!

Then think about how we describe love in so many different conflicting ways like; love is complex, love is simple, love is pure, love is hard, love is fated, love is free, love has boundaries, love is romantic, love is commitment, love is what feels good, love is family, love is world peace, love is whatever I want it to be…

Is it a surprise that when it comes to love, we are often unprepared and confused?  And what about the latest Gen Z’s…what do they comprehend of love?  If the majority of adults struggle so much with love, how are they able to teach the children?

I know that I am NOT an expert on LOVE…but there is one definition which I think is lacking from our culture…this is the one true definition that all other love grows out from…It is that God is LOVE.

Now you may have heard this before, but have you grasped the magnitude of this fact?


So it’s not you+me = Love

Or me+family+goodhouse+greatjob = Love

Just quickly to clarify, I’m NOT saying that people don’t need loving relationships with others, or that loving relationship DON’T provide love…because that’s crazy, of course they do.

But what I am saying is that God is love!

Perhaps you may think that… ‘Well if God is love, and He loves me, why do I feel so unsatisfied?’

Well I believe it’s because all other forms of love stem from the source, like a creek off the river, in which you cannot dive deep into…and as people are fallible, sometimes that creek is unpredictable…sometimes running clean, yet other times a bit dirty.

But the RIVER, well now that’s flowing, wide and deep, refreshing and pure.

The Beatles penned… ‘All you need is love…’

And I agree!  All we need is love, because God is love…

Don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, and want to get wet in the River of life?

Well all you need is prayer…just reach out to the source of love, Jesus Christ!

You could pray this prayer…

“Jesus I now realise that YOU are the true source of what I’ve been searching for my whole life!  And I want to experience you, and real love.  I admit that I have stuffed up so much in my life, and am not worthy of you love…Jesus forgive me, cleanse me, and change me by you Holy Spirit to live for you from now on!!!  I want you, and need you to be my main source for now and all time!  Help me to live for you, for your glory.  I thank you loving God and I ask that you grant this prayer in Jesus Name. Amen!

If you have prayed this prayer or a similar prayer committing your life to Christ, your three next steps need to be:

·         Pray daily as often as possible

·         Get yourself a Holy Bible, and read it as much as possible after prayer

·         Locate a local Christian church, and go every Sunday

Of course I would also be more than happy to talk with you if you need it, my email is

God bless, Melanie

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

For the love of God...

For the love of God…what does this mean to you?
Hopefully it’s NOT something that comes out of your mouth in a profane way…

I wonder if you have heard it used in a reverent way?  Hmmm, to be totally honest, I don't think I’ve heard it used this way very often, which is a shame…

You may be thinking… “That’s because it’s old, out-dated, and is not relevant!”

However I’d like you to stay with me on this one for a time, and see if by the end of this post whether you agree with me, that this idea is actually a long forgotten gem!

Let me begin by asking you if you’ve heard of Brother Lawrence?

He is a wonderful, respected Christian monk who lived his life serving others… ‘For the love of God!’

If you don’t know about this humble man here are some helpful links:

“Whoa…didn’t you say this was relevant to me today?”  I can imagine you thinking this…

And yes, YES it is, just hang on!

I believe that this simple, yet profound premise should underline ALL THAT WE DO!

Do you ever wonder why some Christians do what they do?  You know what I mean…why they become missionaries, or fund causes, or just serve others day in, and day out continually?  Why they turn the other cheek and seek reconciliation?  Why they go to church like every Sunday???

Well I believe it is… ‘For the love of God’

For this is love in action…this is what ‘for the love of God’ looks like!
And here’s the next important step…if this is my primary, underlying reason for doing what I do…day in, day out…I should be able to finish my statements with this premise confidently!

For example I should be able to say; ‘I serve my family, by keeping my home clean, for the love of God!’  Or ‘I keep myself healthy and well presented, for the love of God as I am His temple!’  Or ‘I donate my time volunteering, and expect nothing in return, for the love of God!’
The premise for our actions should never really  be about ourselves…Ouch!  Yeah I know that’s a tough statement!
But ‘for the love of God’ is a valuable principal, which helps us to make wise choices…
For example, could you honestly say; ‘I upgraded my car to help my appearance, for the love of God?’  Or ‘I joined the dating site to find a girlfriend, for the love of God.’  (NOW STOP LAUGHING)  What about a trickier one… ‘I stay working late for the church every night, neglecting my family, for the love of God.’

None of us is perfect…that’s ok Jesus is!  But it is healthy to examine our motives regularly…and honestly, on a personal note, it even helps motivate me with the mundane chores that come with being a mother; when I remember that I do what I do… ‘for the love of GOD!’


Monday, 26 August 2013

Times that Test 2:

In my last post I explained how I felt compelled to write a post, as a few of my friends, and me were going through hard times…

But the problem with testing times is that they still are unique for us all…and although we can relate when someone we know cries out… ‘WHY?’  We are still NOT in their shoes…

Kicked in the guts…this is a blunt Aussie expression, to express the unfair treatment that someone may have to endure!

Taken for granted…Abused…Used…Trampled upon…Unfair treatment…

What about the people who are mistreated just because of where they were born?

Can we really relate to them?

I truly have been through some difficult times during my 36 years, I have been hurt by people whom I loved, and I know what it feels like to be broken…but if I’m truly honest I don’t know if I really can relate to people whom seem to be totally forgotten about by the world…

Can I really have true empathy and a comprehension of their pain, without having lived it? Or am I limited to compassion alone?  Big tough questions, I know…but pain and trials are tough, and we can’t just sweep them under the rug…

So what common ground is there for those of us who haven’t truly lived a totally unjust, inhumane experience?  Not a lot, some of you may say…and yes, at times we can feel overwhelmed by the pain we hear from others…

But there is hope, and may I suggest common ground…because of a common hope!

It is the GOOD NEWS!

Like the lyrics… ‘My hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus’ blood and righteousness…On Christ, the Solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand!’

The reason the Gospel of Jesus is GOOD NEWS is because it gives HOPE to ALL people!  The Gospel is not confined to a limited group…IT IS THE POWER TO SAVE, FOR ALL WHO BELIEVE!

We all can get ‘kicked in the guts’ and can feel terribly low and unloved…

But that is not the full-stop or period…God offers so much more, eternal life with Him, and the promise of a new body, and a restored Earth for eternity, where pain and sin are NO MORE!

I found this awesome song today by Chris Tomlin, it’s called ‘I will Rise’…

‘There’s a peace I’ve come to know, though my heart & flesh may fail…There’s an anchor for my soul, I can say “It is well”

Jesus has overcome, and the grave is overwhelmed…The victory is won, He is risen from the dead

And I will rise when He calls my name, No more sorrow, No more pain…I will rise on eagle’s wings, Before my God fall on my knees, And rise, I will Rise…

There’s a day that’s drawing near, when this darkness breaks to light…And the shadows disappear, and my faith shall be my eyes…

Jesus has overcome and the grave is overwhelmed, the victory is won, He is risen from the dead…

And I will rise when He calls my name, No more sorrow, No more pain…I will rise on eagle’s wings, Before my God fall on my knees, And I will rise, I will rise…

And I hear the voice of many angels sing, “Worthy is the Lamb”

And I hear the cry of every longing heart, “Worthy is the Lamb”

And I will rise when He calls my name, No more sorrow, No more pain…I will rise on eagle’s wings, Before my God fall on my knees, And rise, I will Rise…

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Times that Test...

I feel compelled to write this post, as it seems some of my friends are going through a testing time in their lives atm…and to be totally honest, I am too…
One friend said… “Why is my faith being tested atm?”

Another… “How can someone you once loved, turn into a horrible, selfish, uncaring human being?”

And another… “So not liking people right now!”

Yet another… “…over it all…”

Then myself… Well, it seems I’m at a stage when I have to acknowledge, and accept some people’s true colours…

And to be totally honest, there is the temptation to just give up and stop trying to lead my life in a way which is pleasing to Him!  I’m sure you can relate to this and know exactly what I mean!

But I know that this temptation IS NOT FROM HIM!!!

In times like this, when life seems SO HARD, we can think… ‘Why God?  Don’t you know I need my friends; or I need acceptance and to feel appreciated and valued…YOU KNOW I NEED THIS…So why are you allowing this to happen…I just DON’T need this right now, so why are you NOT providing me with what I need?’


What sometimes we don’t remember, is that God tells us in James, that trials that test our faith can produce perseverance, AND that we should pray and seek WISDOM from HIM!

God can and will grow you through this experience…BUT…you’ve got to keep seeking him…it’s a 2 way thing…Why you may ask?   Because it’s a relationship and relationships take 2 people…God isn’t about religious practices with no heart!  He is about love…because that’s who He is…and He is about giving you His heart…which does require some heart surgery!

God is not a puppet master, He gives us all a free will AND He will not control everybody or situation to make sure you experience no hardship…sorry…but that’s just the truth!

Yes, He will protect you, and will not allow something you truly cannot handle…but He is about changing you to be more like Jesus!

Let me ask you…did Jesus suffer hardship?  Was Jesus liked by everyone…even though He did not harm anyone?

You and I both know the answer…but being the people we are we still want to escape pain…which is normal!

Do I want people to hurt my feelings…NO!

Do I want people to treat me unfairly…NO!

Do I want people to not care about me…NO!

But it happens…So does that mean God has stopped caring about me?

Um no….No…..NO!


This is a song that if you are going through a testing time atm, I hope will speak to you!


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I love being a mother during winter!

June in Australia is the first month of winter, and as a girl I did NOT appreciate this month being my birthday!  Rainy, cold weather was NOT what a young girl wanted!  I was sad that I couldn’t have my dream spring-time birthday party; outside with flowers, playing games, eating cake and wearing a pretty sun-dress! I no longer live in that region, and where I live now, my favourite time of the year is autumn (fall) ~ it’s absolutely fabulous, without exaggerating…not scorching hot, but sensationally warm and invigorating right down into your bones.  The climate here on the Murray River, is actually so mild and pleasant, that the first month of winter isn’t really too bad…one could mistake it for autumn somewhere else!  However…to be honest I absolutely enjoy being a mother most in winter.

I know it may seem a bit strange, but I do find winter wonderful for parenting.  Warm hot dinners, like mash potato, home-made soups, roast chicken and gravy and warm bread.  I also love my kids having warm baths, flannelette pyjamas, cosy blankets, snuggles with the heater on, soft socks and slippers, hot tea or chocolate…it may sound bizarre but I even enjoy sounding like a broken record asking every morning… ‘Have you put your singlet on?’

I had the pleasure this afternoon of making fresh Cauliflower Soup!  This was because my eldest son, while shopping had requested this when seeing caulies on sale, by saying, ‘Mum, can you please make that beautiful Cauliflower Soup that you’ve made before?’  And for those of you who have read 'Let your words encourage' , you will understand that this was a wonderful boost to my confidence, and a request that I could not help but oblige :)

So there I was cooking soup, and dinner, and feeling just wonderful…Feeling all wonderfully paternal and thinking how much I enjoy winter time…when a thought a came to mind.  The thought was…If I enjoy caring for my family so much during winter, how much must God enjoy caring for us during the winter-times in our lives?

You see, the warmer months are fun and usually carefree…the kids can usually just wear a tee-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, eat on the run and have quick, short showers, and it’s usually way too hot for long snuggles!  And this can be like the carefree times during our lives, when all is well…

But what about the WINTERS?

You know what I mean...the times when it seems like one thing after the other just keeps happening, and life can feel overwhelming!  We don’t like these times do we?  And it’s natural to wonder… ‘Where are you God?’  But just like the famous 'Footprints poem'God hasn’t left you, He’s right there like a loving parent!

And during these winter seasons, we all have a choice…to sulk and complain, or to snuggle close!

God is so cool!  While I was enjoying my cooking and thinking about this post, look what He gave me...

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Let your words encourage!

Sometimes there’s not much that we can do for someone…and that’s ok!
We don’t have to have all the answers
Sometimes what actually is needed is for us just to be present and listen, and if we do speak we should say something positive!

The Bible does talk about our words…in fact it even says that they should be few…hmmm…sometimes that’s tricky isn’t it?  It says that our words shouldn’t be unwholesome, and that they should be with grace!
Now I have written before about the power of words...See here!

But I do appreciate words a lot, and a recent incident has prompted me to write tonight, specifically about encouraging speech…because seriously how many of us can say that our conversations are with grace?  And this should be our goal!

I once lived with a person who never really complimented my cooking…now I know this may seem like a small, trivial thing…but stay with me for a moment, let me explain!
You see I lived with this person for many years, and even when I inquired about my cooking efforts, I was met with either indifference or a smart remark…now some of you may think this is NOT IMPORTANT…and you may wish to stop reading here…however this seemingly insignificant story is important, because I was impacted to the point where I did not have much confidence with cooking, and still to this day can get stressed if having to cook for friends, and will probably apologise before serving!

But God is good!  And there is a flip side!  Tonight, (like SO many others) the evening’s meal was met by 3 young boys with soft, loving hearts and no hidden agenda!  I heard once again, something like… “Mum, you would have to be THE BEST cook in the world!”  And it struck me, just how significant positive words are!  My boys complement my meals ALL THE TIME and although I am no chef…I am finally starting to feel better about my cooking!

How many complements has it taken to undo the damage…???

I saw this recently online…and I’m sorry but I don’t know who composed this…

Before you speak THINK:

T –  Is it TRUE?

H – Is it HELPFUL?



K – Is it KIND?


Good advice!  So let’s resolve to try harder with our speech!  Let our words encourage & heal...and remember beautiful kids, as a great example of honest, uncomplicated speech!


Saturday, 17 August 2013

Try something new...

What’s something new that you’ve tried recently to help improve your life?
Hang on a mini…yes I am asking you…because you’re NEVER too old, or too HELPLESS to try something new…the possibilities are there, you just need to TRY!

And this includes those of us, who may find themselves with not much money!

Some people really are stuck in the mud of their own mind!  You know the type of person I’m speaking about…the one who it seems, would rather complain about how hard done by they are, instead of trying of work for a solution…AND if we’re honest, we can all probably relate to feeling like this…even if it’s just on the rare occasion!

But seriously, who would want to be remembered as; the sour puss or the jaded pessimist?

It’s never too late to try something new, or learn a new skill!

Want to study but have limited resources?  Try studying online…Can’t afford courses or text books?  Why not search an author’s name…you may even find their blog or some of their articles free online!
Want to learn to draw?  Purchase some paper, a grey lead pencil and a simple child’s colouring in book; the simple outlines will indeed teach you how to draw…

Want to contribute to your community with like-minded people?  Volunteer at a local charity!  Yes, I did say VOLUNTEER…if you expect to be paid you’ll miss out on the reward of contributing with no strings attached!

Want to feel healthier?  Try walking…it’s FREE!
Want to write?  What's stopping you?
Want more social contact?  Try visiting someone, instead of waiting for someone to visit you!  P.S...take something nice to share over coffee or tea and you'll be a hit :)

Want a new job?  Instead of quitting the one you have, how about trying harder to improve your personal work ethic first?  It may be REALLY what you need and/or better prepare you for a promotion or new job!
Want better relationships?  How about you making the first move, take initiative, and be the person whom you would like to be friends with…you could become a major positive influence!

Want better finances?  How about organising a weekly direct transfer from your main account into a specific savings account, because you know if it’s not there you won’t spend it, and how easy would it be, to not do anything but set it up?

I DON’T have all your answers…I’m just trying to encourage and motivate you to DO SOMETHING POSITIVE FOR YOURSELF…Stop waiting for someone else to change your life for you…Jesus said that if we SEEK HIM, WE’LL FIND HIM…life requires that WE make choices! 

God gave us our own FREE WILL…what will you do with yours?



Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Is your no really a NO?

You know what I mean…do you answer no, and then later give in to whoever is pressuring you?

Especially when that person is someone closely attached to your heart…

Do you teach your children that no is a genuine response?


If we’re honest we’ll admit that it’s tricky to always be consistent with our nos…and really we also want to impart that often people are open to compromise…So if we never changed our mind, once a no was said, then really that’s a tad bizarre and legalistic…don’t you think?

But I’m wondering and sometimes worrying about this generation of children that we are raising…

Sometimes I’m NOT impressed by the ingratitude displayed by the current Gen Z’s!

One wonders how many real answers of NO they have heard?  Or how often they have had to wait and learn some patience?

Now I’m a Gen X woman, and I know that as a child the introduction of fast and convenient products was beginning…but when I grew up, my parents no was still a NO, and I did learn that it was ok to be hungry ½ an hour before tea and wait!

Choice…that seems to be a bit of a long-running, current fad these days with raising kids…

How many of you parents have been taught from professionals that in order to help your child mature, you offer simple choices?

Yes, I agree that some simple choices are fine…for example a choice between 2  tee-shirts to wear.

But I’m wondering…Do we lose our confidence to parent and remain the adult, when we try to treat children under eight maturely?

Stay with me a min…because I’m sure you’ve witnessed a scene where a child tries to assert themselves over the adult, and it’s really NOT good!  The parent becoming a friend over the adult has real consequences.

Children need PARENTING above all else! And they need to understand boundaries!

Why are so many young people unprepared for the workforce?  Why is it that when they are challenged by their supervisor…with possibly a NO…they crack it and resign, or worse get the sack?  Why do young people think they have THE RIGHT (and yes I literally mean THE RIGHT) to back chat and swear at their parents?  Why do teenagers think they have a choice between attending family commitments and staying at home/hanging with friends?


It’s never too late to begin standing firm and have a backbone!  Let your no be no, and your yes be yes!  Don’t be a stick in the mud, but have boundaries that you are unwilling to compromise on, for the wellbeing of your family – YOU ARE SEWING SEEDS INTO YOUR KIDS FOR THE FURTURE!  No parent wants their kid to grow up a lazy adult…make them wait (no it’s not torture)…make them earn and save money for purchases…STOP buying them junk food, tell them to buy their own!  No, they won’t stop loving you…they’ll probably learn about the cost of living, drop the puppy fat, and respect you more!  Spend quality time with your kids teaching them about the REAL world and doing charitable acts; rather than spoiling them with non-stop gifts, outings, holidays, toys and leisure pursuits!

Don’t love your kids to death; love them into a responsible adulthood!

Peace!  Melanie :)


Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Been blogging a lot lately, well a lot for me anyway J

You see, I don’t blog as a job or as a chore…it’s an expressive, creative outlet!  So what is this saying? Hmmm…

I’ve only been blogging since January this year, but as always SO much has happened in half a year and already my mind has been forced recently, to think once again about Christmas…yes CHRISTMAS, because it is such a joyous time in the Church and there are things to plan ;)

However, my mind is on TIME and just how quick it does go!

Around 2 years ago, I posted a status update on FB telling my friends that my eldest son was 9. Although, I believe that I have another 2 older children in heaven (unsuccessful pregnancies).  In my FB update, I mentioned how Mr. 9, when cutting his birthday cake, had purposely touched the bottom of the plate to kiss his Mum, and how I wasn’t so sure he’d do the same given another 9 years…’CAUSE 9X2 is 18!!  It was difficult to get my head around the idea that double 9 is 18 (even in age)…because the first 9 had gone SO fast…

Well fast forward and NOW my son is turning 11 very soon! 

Yes, fast forward, because time does fly!

My family’s life over the past two years has truly been a difficult, and uphill journey in many ways…so many challenging things have taken place, that had I known they were coming, honestly I don’t know what I would have thought!  SO MANY CHALLENGES & CHANGES!!

But one thing has remained constant and that is the ONE who is unchanging!

The great unchangeable I AM; God!

Sometimes people say kind words, like ‘you’re so strong’ or ‘I don’t know how you manage so well’ or ‘you…….fill in the blank’

But, IT’S NOT IN MY STRENGTH that I stand!  And I do try to express this…

You see, I know that even in the wilderness, the most difficult times of life…He does not change!  He still loves me, just as much as before, and will continue to do so beyond now!

God is NOT uncertain like time; He is so much greater, forever faithful & dependable.

Our relationship hasn’t altered just because circumstances have…

Time, it does go by so fast…


Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Okay so I was watching a program tonight, and there was a new catch phrase being thrown around to describe a not-so-new, but increasing habit of ignoring other people because one is using their phone…PHUBBING they call it…well if you’re confused it’s a mix of the word ‘phone’ and ‘snubbing’!

I suppose it makes sense…anyway, IMO phubbing has been around for quite a long time…but now it’s so much more prevalent, because so many more people are using smart phones!  It seems now that there are many more young people using technological devices (including phones) than previously AND there are so many older people, who have realised that for them to connect that they too must comply…

Well I’ll admit that I’m blogging about phubbing because it’s current, but also because I think it relates to my current essay topic for study…stay with me because I think you’ll get the correlation!

You see, my essay topic is about listening…no…not just hearing someone, but truly listening!

I have read a challenging article by Jean Stairs* about the ministry of listening; I won’t cover it all here or do it justice, but it has some amazing points…that really IMO aren’t so new…

For example, it’s asserted that few of us actually have the patience, will or time to intentionally listen to another person!

Do you agree?  Well I tell you in all honesty, that I know I have to be intentional in my listening to others, because it is so easy to get distracted!

Stairs talks about listening as being truly present with the other person, and also listening as an act of soul inquiry…

Quite hard hitting is the assertion that a part of being a human is having a story to tell…but one cannot tell it if there’s no-one to listen…yes?  And also that by being listened to, a person knows that THEY EXIST, and that they are a valued CHILD OF GOD!

So how do you rate yourself as a listener?

Are you guilty of phubbing while in other people’s presence?

I worry that our societies are become more and more fragmented, and about people becoming more isolated…technology is great, but we all must fight our natural bent towards narcissism…tell me, is it more important to upload your location, or check your newsfeed while dining with a friend, or to actually connect on a meaningful level with the IRL friend that you are with?

We ALL know the answer…cheers, maybe I’ll see you IRL someday and we can have a real conversation!


* Stairs, Jean. "Soul Inquiry: Evocative Listening for the Soul." In Listening for the Soul, edited  USA: Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2000.


Saturday, 3 August 2013


Love…We all want it…yes?  But do we always accept it?

What?  What do you mean? You may ask…Everybody wants and accepts love…don’t they?

Well, I actually believe that yes, everybody does want love, but not all totally accept it.

Have you ever heard of the ‘Gold Paper Box’ story?  You can check it out here…

I heard this story, I think via email years ago…but the impact it made on me didn’t leave!

The beautiful story of a child’s innocent love, so willingly given, brutally rejected…

Being a mother of three sons, the story hit my heart, as children really are agents of amazing, innocent love that we must carefully nurture.

I want to share with you a personal, true story of my own.  It’s a wonderful story of some amazing, innocent, beautiful love, so willingly given to me by two of my sons!

It was an ordinary day, when my 3 boys arrived home from school.  Earlier that week my Dad had visited to help me with some handyman jobs, fixing a screen door, new light bulbs, and swapping a glass light cover from my room to one of the boys’ rooms (because they had broken theirs).  That way the boys’ rooms were matching, and I only need a new light for my master bedroom!  Anyway it turned out that I needed my inexpensive new light fitted by an electrician!  Oh well…what’s money with kids around…

So when the electrician had been to fit my new light, and the boys arrived home from school, I told them to go and see my new light in my room.  I was in the lounge room listening to their cute comments to each other, when I heard them ON MY BED!  However, it was soooo cute, when I heard my middle son say to his little brother, “Come on, let’s give Mum some love, so that she feels it when she comes to bed!”

Then I could hear squirming noises, and sheets scrunching and wrinkling, and although I knew my bed was getting messed up I had a lovely grin on my face.  The Gold Paper Box story came to mind, and I knew that I had to nurture, not reject, this innocent wonderful, invisible gift!  The two boys, unaware that I had overheard, had big smiles on their cute faces and seemed very proud afterwards, but I did not let on that I had heard their ‘secret plan’.

Not long later I went to my room and lay down on my wrinkled, messy bed and called out so the boys could hear (I think they were playing in their rooms)… “Oh, I feel so loved! I’m feeling so much love from my bed!”

Little cute, giggling boys came running into my room, so excited, full of questions and eagerness to tell me of what they had done J


Realistically, I could have easily rejected this love…and I know it was a blessing that I overheard their beautiful plan, which helped me to understand and accept this wonderful gift of love!

Have you heard about God’s love story for you?

Perhaps you’ve heard about Jesus, but have felt somewhat annoyed at all the noise and commotion about some guy who lived over 2,000 years ago; that people seem to be pressuring you to get to get to know?  Perhaps life is just really, REALLY, hard and love from some invisible God just seems a waste of time…because you’re SO busy?

Well I’m not gonna pressure you more! 
But what I will tell you is that love, invisible love, is priceless and wonderful!
I thought that I knew what LOVE was…but I didn’t till I met Jesus – TRUE STORY!

My 3 Beautiful boys on a short family get-a-way :)