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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

For the love of God...

For the love of God…what does this mean to you?
Hopefully it’s NOT something that comes out of your mouth in a profane way…

I wonder if you have heard it used in a reverent way?  Hmmm, to be totally honest, I don't think I’ve heard it used this way very often, which is a shame…

You may be thinking… “That’s because it’s old, out-dated, and is not relevant!”

However I’d like you to stay with me on this one for a time, and see if by the end of this post whether you agree with me, that this idea is actually a long forgotten gem!

Let me begin by asking you if you’ve heard of Brother Lawrence?

He is a wonderful, respected Christian monk who lived his life serving others… ‘For the love of God!’

If you don’t know about this humble man here are some helpful links:

“Whoa…didn’t you say this was relevant to me today?”  I can imagine you thinking this…

And yes, YES it is, just hang on!

I believe that this simple, yet profound premise should underline ALL THAT WE DO!

Do you ever wonder why some Christians do what they do?  You know what I mean…why they become missionaries, or fund causes, or just serve others day in, and day out continually?  Why they turn the other cheek and seek reconciliation?  Why they go to church like every Sunday???

Well I believe it is… ‘For the love of God’

For this is love in action…this is what ‘for the love of God’ looks like!
And here’s the next important step…if this is my primary, underlying reason for doing what I do…day in, day out…I should be able to finish my statements with this premise confidently!

For example I should be able to say; ‘I serve my family, by keeping my home clean, for the love of God!’  Or ‘I keep myself healthy and well presented, for the love of God as I am His temple!’  Or ‘I donate my time volunteering, and expect nothing in return, for the love of God!’
The premise for our actions should never really  be about ourselves…Ouch!  Yeah I know that’s a tough statement!
But ‘for the love of God’ is a valuable principal, which helps us to make wise choices…
For example, could you honestly say; ‘I upgraded my car to help my appearance, for the love of God?’  Or ‘I joined the dating site to find a girlfriend, for the love of God.’  (NOW STOP LAUGHING)  What about a trickier one… ‘I stay working late for the church every night, neglecting my family, for the love of God.’

None of us is perfect…that’s ok Jesus is!  But it is healthy to examine our motives regularly…and honestly, on a personal note, it even helps motivate me with the mundane chores that come with being a mother; when I remember that I do what I do… ‘for the love of GOD!’



Ann McPherson said...

This is SUCH a great reminder to always think of our motivation and heart before we act! Thank you! LOVE THIS!! I will never think of the phrase "for the love of God' the same again! :o)

Melanie Baker said...

Wow thanks Ann! Glad to hear that it touched you; God is Good!