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Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Been blogging a lot lately, well a lot for me anyway J

You see, I don’t blog as a job or as a chore…it’s an expressive, creative outlet!  So what is this saying? Hmmm…

I’ve only been blogging since January this year, but as always SO much has happened in half a year and already my mind has been forced recently, to think once again about Christmas…yes CHRISTMAS, because it is such a joyous time in the Church and there are things to plan ;)

However, my mind is on TIME and just how quick it does go!

Around 2 years ago, I posted a status update on FB telling my friends that my eldest son was 9. Although, I believe that I have another 2 older children in heaven (unsuccessful pregnancies).  In my FB update, I mentioned how Mr. 9, when cutting his birthday cake, had purposely touched the bottom of the plate to kiss his Mum, and how I wasn’t so sure he’d do the same given another 9 years…’CAUSE 9X2 is 18!!  It was difficult to get my head around the idea that double 9 is 18 (even in age)…because the first 9 had gone SO fast…

Well fast forward and NOW my son is turning 11 very soon! 

Yes, fast forward, because time does fly!

My family’s life over the past two years has truly been a difficult, and uphill journey in many ways…so many challenging things have taken place, that had I known they were coming, honestly I don’t know what I would have thought!  SO MANY CHALLENGES & CHANGES!!

But one thing has remained constant and that is the ONE who is unchanging!

The great unchangeable I AM; God!

Sometimes people say kind words, like ‘you’re so strong’ or ‘I don’t know how you manage so well’ or ‘you…….fill in the blank’

But, IT’S NOT IN MY STRENGTH that I stand!  And I do try to express this…

You see, I know that even in the wilderness, the most difficult times of life…He does not change!  He still loves me, just as much as before, and will continue to do so beyond now!

God is NOT uncertain like time; He is so much greater, forever faithful & dependable.

Our relationship hasn’t altered just because circumstances have…

Time, it does go by so fast…


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