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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Try something new...

What’s something new that you’ve tried recently to help improve your life?
Hang on a mini…yes I am asking you…because you’re NEVER too old, or too HELPLESS to try something new…the possibilities are there, you just need to TRY!

And this includes those of us, who may find themselves with not much money!

Some people really are stuck in the mud of their own mind!  You know the type of person I’m speaking about…the one who it seems, would rather complain about how hard done by they are, instead of trying of work for a solution…AND if we’re honest, we can all probably relate to feeling like this…even if it’s just on the rare occasion!

But seriously, who would want to be remembered as; the sour puss or the jaded pessimist?

It’s never too late to try something new, or learn a new skill!

Want to study but have limited resources?  Try studying online…Can’t afford courses or text books?  Why not search an author’s name…you may even find their blog or some of their articles free online!
Want to learn to draw?  Purchase some paper, a grey lead pencil and a simple child’s colouring in book; the simple outlines will indeed teach you how to draw…

Want to contribute to your community with like-minded people?  Volunteer at a local charity!  Yes, I did say VOLUNTEER…if you expect to be paid you’ll miss out on the reward of contributing with no strings attached!

Want to feel healthier?  Try walking…it’s FREE!
Want to write?  What's stopping you?
Want more social contact?  Try visiting someone, instead of waiting for someone to visit you!  P.S...take something nice to share over coffee or tea and you'll be a hit :)

Want a new job?  Instead of quitting the one you have, how about trying harder to improve your personal work ethic first?  It may be REALLY what you need and/or better prepare you for a promotion or new job!
Want better relationships?  How about you making the first move, take initiative, and be the person whom you would like to be friends with…you could become a major positive influence!

Want better finances?  How about organising a weekly direct transfer from your main account into a specific savings account, because you know if it’s not there you won’t spend it, and how easy would it be, to not do anything but set it up?

I DON’T have all your answers…I’m just trying to encourage and motivate you to DO SOMETHING POSITIVE FOR YOURSELF…Stop waiting for someone else to change your life for you…Jesus said that if we SEEK HIM, WE’LL FIND HIM…life requires that WE make choices! 

God gave us our own FREE WILL…what will you do with yours?



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