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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Times that Test...

I feel compelled to write this post, as it seems some of my friends are going through a testing time in their lives atm…and to be totally honest, I am too…
One friend said… “Why is my faith being tested atm?”

Another… “How can someone you once loved, turn into a horrible, selfish, uncaring human being?”

And another… “So not liking people right now!”

Yet another… “…over it all…”

Then myself… Well, it seems I’m at a stage when I have to acknowledge, and accept some people’s true colours…

And to be totally honest, there is the temptation to just give up and stop trying to lead my life in a way which is pleasing to Him!  I’m sure you can relate to this and know exactly what I mean!

But I know that this temptation IS NOT FROM HIM!!!

In times like this, when life seems SO HARD, we can think… ‘Why God?  Don’t you know I need my friends; or I need acceptance and to feel appreciated and valued…YOU KNOW I NEED THIS…So why are you allowing this to happen…I just DON’T need this right now, so why are you NOT providing me with what I need?’


What sometimes we don’t remember, is that God tells us in James, that trials that test our faith can produce perseverance, AND that we should pray and seek WISDOM from HIM!

God can and will grow you through this experience…BUT…you’ve got to keep seeking him…it’s a 2 way thing…Why you may ask?   Because it’s a relationship and relationships take 2 people…God isn’t about religious practices with no heart!  He is about love…because that’s who He is…and He is about giving you His heart…which does require some heart surgery!

God is not a puppet master, He gives us all a free will AND He will not control everybody or situation to make sure you experience no hardship…sorry…but that’s just the truth!

Yes, He will protect you, and will not allow something you truly cannot handle…but He is about changing you to be more like Jesus!

Let me ask you…did Jesus suffer hardship?  Was Jesus liked by everyone…even though He did not harm anyone?

You and I both know the answer…but being the people we are we still want to escape pain…which is normal!

Do I want people to hurt my feelings…NO!

Do I want people to treat me unfairly…NO!

Do I want people to not care about me…NO!

But it happens…So does that mean God has stopped caring about me?

Um no….No…..NO!


This is a song that if you are going through a testing time atm, I hope will speak to you!



jesuswithoutbaggage said...

Good job of turning the question around! You give good counsel and I particularly like:

"God is not a puppet master, He gives us all a free will AND He will not control everybody or situation to make sure you experience no hardship…sorry…but that’s just the truth!"

Melanie Baker said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your comment here and for your encouragement! I didn't even realise that I turned the questions around to be honest, as I just typed and it flowed out :) But God is Good and I know that He speaks to people through ordinary people so I'm glad you got something out of this it is difficult to speak the truth in love, Melanie.

Chris Wilson said...

Life is tough, Sorry to hear you are going through a tough time. I am praying for you.

Melanie Baker said...

Thanks Chris, no-one is immune, but God is faithful & true and He sustains! Thanks for your prayer :)