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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Let your words encourage!

Sometimes there’s not much that we can do for someone…and that’s ok!
We don’t have to have all the answers
Sometimes what actually is needed is for us just to be present and listen, and if we do speak we should say something positive!

The Bible does talk about our words…in fact it even says that they should be few…hmmm…sometimes that’s tricky isn’t it?  It says that our words shouldn’t be unwholesome, and that they should be with grace!
Now I have written before about the power of words...See here!

But I do appreciate words a lot, and a recent incident has prompted me to write tonight, specifically about encouraging speech…because seriously how many of us can say that our conversations are with grace?  And this should be our goal!

I once lived with a person who never really complimented my cooking…now I know this may seem like a small, trivial thing…but stay with me for a moment, let me explain!
You see I lived with this person for many years, and even when I inquired about my cooking efforts, I was met with either indifference or a smart remark…now some of you may think this is NOT IMPORTANT…and you may wish to stop reading here…however this seemingly insignificant story is important, because I was impacted to the point where I did not have much confidence with cooking, and still to this day can get stressed if having to cook for friends, and will probably apologise before serving!

But God is good!  And there is a flip side!  Tonight, (like SO many others) the evening’s meal was met by 3 young boys with soft, loving hearts and no hidden agenda!  I heard once again, something like… “Mum, you would have to be THE BEST cook in the world!”  And it struck me, just how significant positive words are!  My boys complement my meals ALL THE TIME and although I am no chef…I am finally starting to feel better about my cooking!

How many complements has it taken to undo the damage…???

I saw this recently online…and I’m sorry but I don’t know who composed this…

Before you speak THINK:

T –  Is it TRUE?

H – Is it HELPFUL?



K – Is it KIND?


Good advice!  So let’s resolve to try harder with our speech!  Let our words encourage & heal...and remember beautiful kids, as a great example of honest, uncomplicated speech!



Chanda Griese said...

Love the THINK acrostic...I have it posted in my dining room for all to see and be inspired!

Melanie Baker said...

Glad you got something out of this post Chanda! I luv it too, I think it helps to keep us humble :)