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Saturday, 3 August 2013


Love…We all want it…yes?  But do we always accept it?

What?  What do you mean? You may ask…Everybody wants and accepts love…don’t they?

Well, I actually believe that yes, everybody does want love, but not all totally accept it.

Have you ever heard of the ‘Gold Paper Box’ story?  You can check it out here…

I heard this story, I think via email years ago…but the impact it made on me didn’t leave!

The beautiful story of a child’s innocent love, so willingly given, brutally rejected…

Being a mother of three sons, the story hit my heart, as children really are agents of amazing, innocent love that we must carefully nurture.

I want to share with you a personal, true story of my own.  It’s a wonderful story of some amazing, innocent, beautiful love, so willingly given to me by two of my sons!

It was an ordinary day, when my 3 boys arrived home from school.  Earlier that week my Dad had visited to help me with some handyman jobs, fixing a screen door, new light bulbs, and swapping a glass light cover from my room to one of the boys’ rooms (because they had broken theirs).  That way the boys’ rooms were matching, and I only need a new light for my master bedroom!  Anyway it turned out that I needed my inexpensive new light fitted by an electrician!  Oh well…what’s money with kids around…

So when the electrician had been to fit my new light, and the boys arrived home from school, I told them to go and see my new light in my room.  I was in the lounge room listening to their cute comments to each other, when I heard them ON MY BED!  However, it was soooo cute, when I heard my middle son say to his little brother, “Come on, let’s give Mum some love, so that she feels it when she comes to bed!”

Then I could hear squirming noises, and sheets scrunching and wrinkling, and although I knew my bed was getting messed up I had a lovely grin on my face.  The Gold Paper Box story came to mind, and I knew that I had to nurture, not reject, this innocent wonderful, invisible gift!  The two boys, unaware that I had overheard, had big smiles on their cute faces and seemed very proud afterwards, but I did not let on that I had heard their ‘secret plan’.

Not long later I went to my room and lay down on my wrinkled, messy bed and called out so the boys could hear (I think they were playing in their rooms)… “Oh, I feel so loved! I’m feeling so much love from my bed!”

Little cute, giggling boys came running into my room, so excited, full of questions and eagerness to tell me of what they had done J


Realistically, I could have easily rejected this love…and I know it was a blessing that I overheard their beautiful plan, which helped me to understand and accept this wonderful gift of love!

Have you heard about God’s love story for you?

Perhaps you’ve heard about Jesus, but have felt somewhat annoyed at all the noise and commotion about some guy who lived over 2,000 years ago; that people seem to be pressuring you to get to get to know?  Perhaps life is just really, REALLY, hard and love from some invisible God just seems a waste of time…because you’re SO busy?

Well I’m not gonna pressure you more! 
But what I will tell you is that love, invisible love, is priceless and wonderful!
I thought that I knew what LOVE was…but I didn’t till I met Jesus – TRUE STORY!

My 3 Beautiful boys on a short family get-a-way :)


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