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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Generation i-easter…

Wouldn’t it be amazing and wonderful, if when you asked a young person how they were going to spend this Easter they replied,  “I’m gonna spend some time with Jesus, seeking His will for my life…”? 

Is that a scoff or a sigh I hear?

Well I don’t blame you if it was, because many of our young people today can be quite narcissistic and shallow.  It may be sad, but the likely response you’d receive would probably be more along the lines of… “Well I’ve downloaded this cool Easter app, so I’m gonna play that on my i-pod…”
I’m sure you’ve heard people comment on how appropriate it is that Apple have called their products i-phone, i-pod, i-pads and so forth, because who is it all about? God is the great I AM, not us!  So then, what are we going to do about it?  Yes, I did just write we, it wasn’t a typo!
We cannot be idle and let the truth about this life go untold.  Personally I don’t think taking your child or grandchild to church is enough for our kids today.  Now that’s not an attack in any way, if you’re able to take them, please do as it will introduce them to God and His people.  However more importantly build a relationship yourself with your child or grandchild that allows you to introduce them personally to Jesus. 

Do you remember Generation to Generation I wrote how academics assert that younger people relate to authentic personal stories?  Well then who better than you (someone they know, love and respect) to introduce them to the best authentic personal story of all? 
This Easter, avoid just showing your young people religion and giving them chocolate eggs, take some time and tell them about the REAL Easter and how it changed your life.
In His love, Melanie :)

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