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Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Do we all like them?  Are they a fuss for nothing?  

Do they create excitement or dread?
How did they begin in the first place?  Do you limit your marked anniversaries?
Sometimes it seems like there is a special date for nearly every day of the calendar year…but then again there probably is…and if you include birthdays well then there definitely is J
Do we categorise and sub-categorise? Prioritise and deprioritise? Of course we do, otherwise how else would we manage our what-can-be time poor lives?
Personally I do like anniversaries and there are so many good ones…
But what about the not-so-good ones? 
The anniversaries that just invade your life and seem to come from no-where?
I mean the anniversaries that you’d rather not think about.  In fact, ones that you’d like to totally ignore, and give no significance to…but there’s just no escaping them!  Anniversaries that mark trauma and despair…the ones that leave a mark and become a milestone in your life…wanted or not.  The type of anniversary that makes you feel at a loss, when you realise that someone you care about is having to honour one such day.  The type of anniversary that you hope you never have to honour…

How do you react to such an anniversary as this?



Sharon Gramling said...

I ask the Lord to give me a manifest encouragement on that same day, sort of making lemonades out of the lemons, and teach me what He'd have me learn redemptively in that place so I can put some modicum of JOY there. He's faithful to do it.

Melanie Baker said...

Love it...lemonade from lemons!
What a gem...
That's a keeper, I hope I won't forget :)
Thanks Sharon!