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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Friday, 1 March 2013

How much is enough?

How much spare cash?

How many holidays?

How many toys for your kids?

How many shoes do you need?

How many handbags?

How many spare coats?

How many houses?

How many investments?

How many cars?

How many hobbies?

How many luxuries?

How many relationships?

How much IS enough???

Now, let me warn you before you read any further, that I am deliberately trying to push you in this blog to THINK!!!  So if you are offended in any way…ok I accept that…but I’m not trying to mollycoddle you here…so be warned…

We really are a rich country here in Australia. Yes, we have groups of people in our country who are not in a good way or living to a good standard, but I’m speaking of our country as a whole.  Don’t forget we were rated the 2nd best country in the WORLD recently…and some still argue that we actually are really THE BEST country in the world.  This blog is not about individual groups of people…it’s about the majority.  The majority of the population IS fine…

This includes me…now I try not to get too personal in my blogs, so I’m not going to provide specific details here about my income and living arrangements.  But I will say that some people may think that I’m NOT rich (by their Aussie standard), yet others which includes myself, know how wonderfully blessed and financially free I am. Oh yes, by the way, this is not a blog giving financial advice…so…

How much is ENOUGH?  There are those of us who work really hard and diligently, yet seem like we need a lot of holidays…  Some of us are overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we’ve accumulated… What about our fridges which are so overcrowded we have food which goes off?  How much clothing do we own or buy for our kids?  How many jobs do you need to pay for your child’s education? How many of us feel like our kids are being neglected if they don’t have the latest technological device?  How many of us feel like life is passing us by unless we’re constantly busy?  How much money do you need in your bank account to get a good night’s sleep? How many cars, houses, investments, and friends do you need in order to feel that you’ve ‘made it’?  What do you consider is enough? 

Do you even think this way…or do you just believe what the world tells you? Are we impersonal consumers, raging a war with the world, by which we think we can win successful lives?  Or are we just so indoctrinated by our western consumerist culture and affluent upbringings, that we don’t realise just how much we crave stuff?  I’m not trying to provide you with answers here…just trying to prompt thought…how much IS enough? 

If you knew that tomorrow was your last day, how do you think you would have spent today?

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