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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Christian Persecution...

Inspired by Casting Crowns, lyrics from 'I know You're there'.
Persecution, none of us like it…

For who would seriously enjoyed being outcast, degraded, ridiculed, hurt, threatened and so on?

Persecution can vary from country to country and even within cultures.

More recently I have faced some persecution for proclaiming the Gospel.  I even found my You Tube Videos on a tasteless website for jest…

It made me reflect and write a post called 5 Vitals for facing Christian Persecution based upon Jesus’ words and scripture.  You can read it here on Life Letter Café: 

Because the reality is that speaking the Truth to this lost world WILL cost us something…the scripture which says for us ‘to take up our cross’ is not speaking of the gold one, we find dangling on the end of a pretty chain.

Jesus told the parable of ‘The Sewer’ or seed and soil.  Remember the seed ‘God’s Word’ which fell on the rocky ground?  This represents the people who hear the word and wither when facing trouble or persecution due to ‘The Word’ ~ you can read it here: Matthew 13:1-23

Oh how I pray we are NOT these people!

It's REALITY that we all like people to like us, but this must NEVER come before faithfully following Jesus!  A friend of the world’s is God’s enemy (James 4:4)! 

The enemy WILL try to snuff your light shining out for Jesus…

So may you be warned and pro-active by not being naïve, rather expecting it, and preparing yourself with prayer and scripture (the full armour of God)!

In His service, Melanie.

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