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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Friday, 25 July 2014

There is a time...

There is a time to be bold, to speak the truth in love,
          Being real, authentic, and unchanging,

Yet when we’re feeling weary, despondent, and worn,
          Not sure if we’ve breath for singing.

It is good, and right, and sure, to find refuge in our Lord,
          Forever loving, reassuring, and forgiving,

While the battle rages on, we can take some time away,
          Under His wings, protection finding.

For His love it is unchanging, not based upon our efforts,
          Steadfast, immoveable, amazing,

As children of The King, we need time with our Father,
          To grow more like Him, it is founding.

So I say to you this day, do not feel guilt or shame,
          Resting with Him is renewing,

Do not be broken down, for the battle's already won,
          It is good news we are proclaiming.

Yet it is so very true, our days can be just rough,
          Exhausting, degrading, attacking,

Our world it is not right, indeed brokenness abounds,
          Yet Jesus’ returning, it is approaching.

Remember peace is not for heaven alone, eternity begins now,
          For us, His children, unchanging,

So find rest for your weary soul, with the source of true love,
          Today, tomorrow, unending.

In Love, Melanie.

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