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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Monday, 28 July 2014

Counting the cost...

Counting the cost for bearing His name
            Sometimes it’s laughter or ridicule, no worldly acclaim,

Yet it can be subtle, no obvious offence
            Being different, outspoken, one who is blessed.

Family and friends, a stranger or foe
            Their words know no bounds, they all have a go,

They pull and they pressure, trying to distract
            Yet sadly we know, it’s an enemy attack.

The life of a Saint, can be a lonely road
Yet He does provide others, to help carry the load,

If they can only be counted, on one hand alone
            Don’t despair they are valuable, like precious stone.

And we mustn’t forget, that no matter how bleak
            His strength can shine through, even when we are weak,

For we are children of the One God, Most High
            And soon He will return, majestic in the sky.

His angels sent out, will gather His sheep
            And we need to be ready, not fallen asleep,

His reward He will give, faithful and true
            A gift of the Earth, been made anew.

So make up your mind, to stay close to Him
            For there’s no other way, even when the world’s dim,

Remaining faithful’s a powerful testimony
            It bears witness to one, who was never a phoney.

On the days that you find, the going is rough
            Count it a blessing, it proves you are tough,

For Jesus was sadly, rejected by the world
            His love and life, away He was hurled.

While He was here, He did assure us this
            Being His true follower, would not be all bliss,

Take up your cross, He gave His advice
            Before giving His all, even His life.

Counting the cost for bearing His name
            Is something I’ve found, is not a game,

People may walk, so far away from you
            But to reject Jesus, is something we must NEVER do!

In love Melanie.

Let me leave with this awesome song, 'How He loves Us' for encouragement.

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