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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I Choose Christ...

I don't know how you feel about people who don't know Christ...As for me, I long inside for them to turn to Him.

Why? Because I've experienced His goodness and do so daily...

A friend once told me that I am evangelical, and I know she's right, but I also know that 'evangelical' or sharing the Gospel is just the beginning of what I desire for people...

To hear of a conversion is awesome...I love to hear people's testimonies...but what I then want to see is a daily choosing of Christ in that person's life...

What does that mean?  And what does this look like?
 Well for me, it's a daily choice and will continue to be so...I know that I must discipline myself to daily choose Christ, rather than giving into my preferred unhealthier choices.
Here are some ways that I personally Choose Christ daily...
  •             I choose to pray
  •             I choose to read my Bible
  •             I choose to care for my family
  •             I choose to reach out to others in His love
  •             I choose to attend church regularly
  •             I choose to serve my church and wider community voluntary
  •             I choose to be unashamedly Christian

Now this simple list may not seem significant to you, but it is significant for me and my relationship with Jesus.  When someone chooses Christ as their Lord and saviour (which means making Him number one priority in their life) the choice does not stop there.  It must be from then on, an active daily choice.  This daily choosing of Christ is not a is how your relationship grows with Him. 

All relationships need work and attention in order for them to thrive...but the best thing about Jesus is that He's perfect (don't forget that) and He never disappoints.  A relationship with Him is the best relationship you'll ever experience!!

If you're in a relationship with Christ and feel that the relationship isn't deepening pray and ask Him to show you what the next step for you needs to be...too many people slip away or perhaps think that the very first choice is the only thing they needed to do. There is so much more God wants to show you, so choose Christ daily.

In love, Melanie.

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