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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Blogging...why I like to blog...

Blogging for me is a wonderful mix of therapeutic writing and enjoyable social interaction.  Journaling just doesn't seem to work for me.  I think it's because journaling is solely introspective and for me, tends to be an analysis of the past or here and now, rather than looking forward.  Sometimes I enjoy writing about something other, than what is happening in my life right here and now, and blogging gives me a platform for expressing what is lying deep within.  I feel less limited with blogging and definitely appreciate the social contact and conversations it can spark.
I have found that my newish page 'Life of an ordinary Aussie woman' has enabled me to not only interact with new people, but also people I already know on a different level.  Blogging can allow the writer to speak to people in a somewhat different voice, to when they're in person and discuss topics that may not usually come up.  This for me is exciting, as I'm the type of person who can get bored with the sometimes usual conversations..."hasn't the weather been hot?"... (sigh out loud)...  I like a bit more depth and 'meat', so to speak.
Thinking of blogging too?  If you enjoy writing, why not give it a go?  My advice is, just be prepared to put yourself 'out there' in internet land; wear a 'thick skin'; and be social but, also be careful of whom you 'friend' (you can be social without befriending everyone)!! Write from your heart, from your perspective, without getting too personal (use common sense and stay is a public forum).



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Mandy Ferry said...

I can relate to this post quite a lot. I know a lot of my IRL friends wonder what all the fuss is about. but I love it.