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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Saturday, 5 January 2013




I suppose to even call my blog 'Life of an ordinary Aussie woman' is an oxymoron because really, who ever is ordinary?  Who do you know, whose life is uncomplicated or simple?  I don't think I know anyone who has a simple unadulterated life...but then again I am just an Aussie chick who hasn't travelled much.  Maybe there are some people out there who live an ideal lifestyle...I just don't know any of them :)


The real reference I'm making about being ordinary, is that in many ways I'm just like any other Aussie chick.  The woman next door, the Mum at school, the woman who served you, the woman you honked at in traffic, and so on.  I have a past, a present and future, a family, friends and baggage.  And like all the other wonderful Aussie chicks out there - I too am a complex, multi-faceted wonderful woman!


So my blogs will be personal, passionate and meaningful...even if only to me.  They will be mostly totally since I am the sole author and writing personally how could I avoid this?


So ordinary, average, small town....I could go on and on, giving you a whole list of adjectives to describe myself....but this I won't do, as it will only give you an inaccurate picture, tainted by your own perceptions.