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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Words of praise...


I was thinking today about how wonderful, uplifting and beneficial praise is; yet how uncommon or even unused it can be...

As for the reason why we can lack it in our speech? I can only instead, I'd rather challenge and encourage us to take another look at praise.

As I really enjoy acrostic poetry, I had a play around with the word praise and this is what I've come up with; see what you think :)

P  (powerful)
R  (right)
A  (affirming)
I   (inspiring)
S   (selfless)

E  (expectant)

Ok, to get a clear idea of what I'm trying to express above; I'd like you to try something.  First, try picturing yourself with your loved one ~ partner, child, mother etc...and imagine that from out of your mouth comes forth a beautiful rainbow.  The rainbow covers them in love and showering down from within are words of praise.  What does their face look like?
Don't let the old saying...'words and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me' fool you.   Words are powerful!  Therefore, PRAISE IS POWERFUL!!

Do you remember someone from your life whose words have made a mark? Of course you do, we all do.  Words are powerful, so I believe that each day we should try to use our words positively. Why not try every day to encourage and lift-up the people you are in contact with?  I'm not advising false flattery, rather when something happens during the day, or comes to mind, instead of letting the moment pass, seize it and use it for good.

Next point, PRAISE IS RIGHT!!  We all want justice, yes?  Well it makes sense that we should work for it within our own lives, and praise is the right thing to give someone when they deserve it.  Imagine how many lives could be affected, if we all started to acknowledge and praise people when we should, rather than harbouring jealously.

PRAISE IS AFFIRMING!!  This point may be to some just a given, however did you know that affirmation (affirming words) is actually a love language in its own right?  To some people, words of affirmation are their main love language and without this type of language they may not feel as loved.  If you'd like to know more about love languages go to this's fantastic!

PRAISE IS INSPIRING!!  Because words give life to people, they have a real consequential affect.  Our words of praise will inspire those who hear them, both the person whom they're directed at, and other listeners.  Have you nagged your partner to praise the kids more?  Well why not just speak them yourself, regardless of your partners efforts and see the affect it creates in your home? 

PRAISE IS SELFLESS!! We all can be narcissistic ~ but what I love about genuine praise is it is so beautifully selfless :D

PRAISE CREATES EXPECTANCY!! How wonderful is it when a young child looks at you, eagerly awaiting your approval?  When we are praise givers, people will turn to us for encouragement and turn to us for praise ~ what a wonderful gift to others this can be.  It is a wonderful part of a solid foundation for real loving relationships.

The following blog/website has a great list of praise words for adults to speak to kids!

Now before I end, I'd like to take words of praise one step further...what about praise to/for God?  Today, (where I live) praise for God, even among Christians, can be viewed as out-dated or something we just do privately...but I'd like to challenge this!  Firstly, praising God is something that God through the Holy Bible advises us to do.  Imagine how different our towns would be, if rather than hearing blasphemy, we heard a word of praise to God!  I challenge you to give it a go!  Next time something great happens and inside you think, 'Oh wow, that was cool' voice it out loud in praise to God.

Will people nearby freak out?  LOL...maybe?? Let's hope it impacts them in such a way, that they're encouraged to do the same...what an awesome positive influence you could be!!  BECAUSE praise is...Powerful, the Right thing to do, Affirming, Inspiring, Selfless and creates Expectancy!!!


In love, Melanie.