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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Open Door...

So it's finally be totally confirmed for me what God's open door is...

Every other door has been shut, and even to say, shut very tightly, wouldn't be exaggerating :)

As you may know from a previous post of mine, I've been praying for God's will in my life to come about ~ and specifically as my life has recently come to a significant new point, I'd been praying for every door that He didn't want me to go through to be shut, and the only one He wanted me to go through to be open...
Well God is good and faithfully brings about His will when we ask Him! Not so long ago the thought of returning to full-time study, to finish attaining my degree came into my mind.  More so, the Biblical premise of finishing what you is a Bachelor of Theology (although I want to change it to a Bachelor of Ministry). 

I suppose some of you may be thinking "well duh!" of course that'd be God's will for you...but I wasn't so sure, and to tell you the truth, finishing the degree is the hardest option, and I didn't know if I was up to it, or if He even wanted me to finish it :)
I thought about whether it was vanity pursuing me to finish.  I though about the tough slog involved in studying alone via distance. I thought about the strain it could place upon my family, and even thought, if I finish what's at the other end?  I kept praying while going for job interviews, and then even pondered working and studying part-time (even though I knew this wouldn't be practical for me).
But as I said every door except study, has been shut extremely tightly!  Do you remember when I wrote 'favour' and talked about a fantastic interview that I'd just had?  I rang today to follow up on it...and before I rang I knew it was going to be another shut door...but, I was still a little shocked, when the door was almost slammed shut! I wondered at first whether the woman knew exactly who I I even purposefully said things just to make sure she knew who I was...but oh yes, she did know, and yes the door was SHUT!
However my call to return to study has been confirmed by my blessed church family, and the door to study has been swung wide open!  And this is a door that Jesus has opened and no-one can shut.

Melanie :)

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