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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Winds of cool change

Oh how I love a cool change...

The refreshing cool winds have finally come through Moama tonight, after a scorcher of a day topping 42 Degrees Celsius!  We spent the afternoon down at our local swimming pool, lathered in sunscreen floating on pool noodles :)  It was all we could do to keep sane and get some temporary relief...but I must say it was great quality family time.  But oh wow, when I stepped outside after my brother had announce the arrival of the change, I was blown away by the instant cooling, refreshing, uplifting wonderful wind.  There was nothing temporary about this and it changed my whole mood.

It got me thinking...

A cool change can be likened to when we finally have peace with someone or an issue.  Like the fantastic, reviving cool winds that we long for, real peace when received is refreshing, uplifting and freeing.

How hot and bothered we can get over issues. Some minor, yet others deeply wounding.  But if we take the time to work through them (which I do know can be a long, hot, and stinking journey) and seek real peace, the reward when it arrives is amazing!

A part of this peace journey is forgiveness!

I read this, this morning from The Word for Today, written by Bob & Debbie Gass.

'Hurting your enemy puts you below them; taking revenge makes you even with them; forgiving them sets you above them.'

Perhaps you will never be reconciled with the person or fully get over the event ~ that's ok! Forgiveness is different to reconciliation. This is an important distinction because it makes way for peace, even if the person is deceased, or dangerous to reconcile with!  We can still choose to forgive and choose to no longer be a victim. 

Forgiveness brings peace because it's Godly.  But forgiveness STARTS with a decision...don't wait till you feel like forgiving, for God advises us that we must forgive!  Even though IT IS HARD...believe me I know...forgiveness does begin with a decision!  If you think that you are unable to forgive someone, take it to God!  Get real about your pain and upon the Lord for His refreshing cool wind to blow upon you and heal your wounds!  Tell Him that you understand He wants you to forgive, and that you need His empowerment to so it!  Tell Him that you desire to obey Him above your emotions and wait.  When you feel ready tell God that you forgive the person...repent of any thing that may be stopping you having peace with the issue and then move forward with Christ.  If over time you feel resentment or un-forgiveness resurfacing,  confess it to Jesus and forgive again...I have had to do this many, many times with deep wounds!  But oh forgiveness really does heal you, free you and empower you to move forward with Christ! 

Oh how I love a cool change...

Melanie :)