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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Royals Down-Under!

Yesterday morning after I had gotten my kids off to school, I was thinking about what I should try and achieve for the day…I knew my Mum was visiting later, so I decided to rope her into helping me with a task.

I braced myself as I dialled her number…you see, many times when I’ve rang, if I didn’t speak quickly enough, my Dad hung up the phone, as he thought I was some telemarketer!  So there I was, braced and listening, getting ready to say, “Hello” as fast as I could…when he answers quite casually, remarking… “Hello Mel, it’s a boy!”

To which I replied… “Pardon?”   Wondering… “Now who in the family was pregnant?”

But…Oh no, once again I was caught off guard, with not knowing the world wide news!  However I think that perhaps I was able to get away with it, being a busy mother myself :)

I confessed to my Dad that I had no idea what he was talking about…and after he told me of Prince William and Kate’s new son, he added something like… “You know your mother”...

You see my Mum has a soft spot for the British Royal family…

I actually find it quite amusing though, how often complete strangers, just because they are known in some way to others, can be treated like family members!

I mean seriously, who gets told, “It’s a boy!” when they phone their parents, when no-one in their family has had a baby!  LOL

I actually have a famous Australian relative…and she has told me some of the awful things, complete strangers have said to her…because they think they know her!  Bizarre, but true…

Later the same day I received a text message from a friend stating, “god via twitter… I had a #1 Royal Baby once.  Much more low key.  No reporters.  No hospitals.  No sex :)"

Hmmm…interesting :)

I must admit that here in Australia the British Royal family are treated more like celebrities than royalty, and this seems to have increased more since the marriage of William & Kate.  Interestingly there seems to be more respect shown here for Prince Frederik and Mary of Denmark…which is probably because Mary is ‘our girl’ and previously we’ve not heard much about this Royal family…unlike all the gossip and slander thrown about in past years, with the Prince Charles and Diana scandal.  Here in Australia, Diana was portrayed as the mistreated underdog, which endeared her to the Aussies, and Mary’s story has been the ‘fairy-tale come true’!  But overall, yes, there probably is a marked lack of respect, and more of a celebrity/fascination attraction with royals, these days here in Australia (IMO)…

So did you escape hearing “It’s a boy”???  What’s your reaction, are you excited or not fussed?  Do you think it’s wonderful for the British Royal family or is this birth, to you, just another baby’s birth? Or are you somewhere in the middle??? 

Tell me what YOU think?


jesuswithoutbaggage said...

In answer to your question, I am mildly interested in royal news because so many people seem to think it is important.

But it really doesn't matter to me at all. I think it is the same as with actors, musicians, and other celebrities. They don't impact me and the fact that they are famous means little. (American)

Melanie Baker said...

Well thank you for taking the time to share your view from the USA! What you're saying, in that the Royals in your view, are like other celebrities, I suppose isn't surprising given that you are predominant is this do you think?