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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Children are a blessing and a gift from The Lord!

Children are a blessing and a gift from The Lord ~ Psalm 127:3, CEV

And like all of God’s good gifts we are never deserving of them…

I was not following The Lord with my life when I was blessed to have all three of my sons and what  a wonderful blessing they truly are…even if I have to stop typing this post to warn the youngest two that their sword fighting is getting too full-on!

It is on my heart today to praise The Lord for my three beautiful sons…and to encourage all of you out there, to remember that your children (even the ones still in your womb) are a gift from God that we don’t even fully comprehend.

I remember when I was married, early on I lost my first baby due to my pregnancy being an ectopic pregnancy, then some years on I suffered an early miscarriage at home…After these two heartbreaks I wasn't even sure if I was strong enough to try again, I was so saddened by the losses.

When I fell pregnant around 4-5 months later after the miscarriage, I was totally shocked, and as expected very anxious about another possible loss…but although back then I didn’t acknowledge the Lord’s gift, I was indeed blessed to have my first son by caesarean section.  When my first son was one year old, I hoped for a second son and WHAM it happened. 

Most people were happy for me, having two sons close in age…but then when I was surprised with another gift from The Lord, experiencing morning sickness at the mother’s playgroup with my second son only three months old…well…I’m sure you can guess some of the responses!

Comments like, ‘Don’t you know we have TV…blah, blah, blah’ and ‘You’ll have a football team soon!’

I thought…‘What is wrong with you people?  It’s only three kids…what’s one more plate at the dinner table?’

Sometimes when you rock the social boat by doing something others may not choose to do, you face peer pressure…yep, even still as adults!  And it’s really sad just how negative our adult world can be sometimes…

My children truly are the best gift I have received from The Lord, after my relationship with Jesus.

There are people today who believe the world’s lies that children are a hassle…that they hold one back…that they put pressure on marriages…that they cost too much money to raise…that they will only increase your stress and be burdens…and yes, some of these lies are used to counsel young girls into having abortions!

The truth is that ‘Children are a blessing and a gift from The Lord’ Psalm 127:3 CEV.

I can honestly say that I never planned to have children and become a single mother ~ yet even though I had no choice in regards to my marriage ending, I am so thankful to The Lord (who knew my husband would one day leave our marriage) blessing me with my three boys.

I can tell you that NO they have never held me back ~ rather they have given me so much joy, strength and purpose even during my most dark days!

Are they hard work? Yes…but it is also the most satisfying work I have ever done.  I cannot express to you the satisfaction and joy I felt inside, when I have seen my young boys maturing, expressing godly love…parenting is a lifetime job, but is beyond compare.

I cannot help but think when I watch my boys and think…‘Wow, I think they’ve finally got it!’, that our Father in heaven thinks the same and smiles at us, as we do lovingly at our own children.

I have spent today working outside with my eldest son and have been blessed to marvel at how capable he is, at twelve years of age with his hands in the garden and at his wonderful, willing attitude to help his mum…

The last couple of days, my second son who is now ten, expressed his interest to learn the guitar (I had borrowed one hopingly from their school)…I learnt as a girl, so I showed him some chords to a Christian song we love.  He struggles academically at school, but has always had a beautiful singing voice (we sing a lot).  Well the joy in my heart I've had while hearing my son singing and playing the guitar for The Lord, is amazing (he’s truly gifted to pick it up so quickly).

And my youngest son…well he’s already playing some chords really well too…but for now his focus is still on Superheroes.

I believe that sometimes as people we can think we know what’s best for our lives and then sometimes God just chooses to bless us with a surprise gift like a child anyway – even one totally different to us and challenging.  However the journey although long and sometimes challenging, is awesome.  To see a unique human being whom God has fashioned, grow and mature is amazing.  To be able to pray for and live your life with family is indeed a blessing!

Never forget… Children are a blessing and a gift from The Lord ~ Psalm 127:3, CEV.

In love, Melanie.


Dok Simon said...

Wow ! from the beginning of this encouraging information, I have love it to the end.. Yes, it is true that children are gift of a blessing from God. There is no two ways about it..

I am single and young, all I can do now is to ask GOD to give me a deserving wife and bless me with wonderful children when the time comes....

As a young guy, I know what the bible speaks about sex before marriage so I have decided not to go contrary with that.. I love my Jesus and I know that His time is the best for not only me but as many as we are out there.... Thanks for sharing this ...

Melanie Baker-Nash said...

Thanks Dok, glad you liked the post...just sharing my heart :) I am also glad to hear of your resolve to do things The Lord's way in your life. God bless, Melanie.