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Saturday, 1 November 2014

I will wait for You...

Sometimes in our Christian lives we can feel soooo wonderful  - On top of the world!

We feel so close to Jesus being daily energised by Him – we’re on fire for Him.

His joy is so very present that it is tangible - we can virtually taste joy.

We know with all our being that nothing can separate us from His love - that all things are possible with Him.

Sometimes people remark about how they feel like this early after their conversion…Then sometimes things change…

Now let me be clear, yes sometimes our circumstances do really change – but God does not change.

The truth is there may be times in our lives when we may feel our circumstances couldn’t get any worse…our reality may be overwhelming.

Do you know what I mean?

There really are some very awful things people, including long-time Christians, encounter during their lives…
Mental illness
Death of a spouse or child

Just to list a few examples…

These major stresses can impact our whole being…our lives can enter seasons which we NEVER saw coming – these difficult days can leave us pondering our faith and relationship with God – even His character…especially with the unhelpful teaching that can float around that nothing bad happens to Christians.

The truth is that Christians are in the world, just not of it and endure just like others…

Christians are persecuted for their faith in the One True God…and persecution is even a blessing for bearing Christ’s Name! Accidents can just happen.  People sometimes just choose to hurt us.  There are also times when we stuff up and are convicted of our sin...

Sometimes our road is NOT smooth and we can carry so much weight and condemnation upon our shoulders, wondering where God is in our lives? Yes, even as Christians!

Yet we must remember that God is good always – even if our circumstances change He doesn’t, and He loves us just as much as when we were first saved!  We MUST stand on scripture and understand that He is still with us, we just need to draw closer to Him for strength and when we confess our sins He forgives.

There is no condemnation for those in Christ and NOTHING can separate us from His love – No life event can change our eternal heritage for this is the power of Christ living in us!

During the days of extreme hardship we MUST continue to PRAY…getting down on our knees, pouring our hearts out, learning patience and endurance…

Being a Christian is NOT easy, it is the narrow way, yet superhuman strength to endure is available!  We have a HOPE that is unfading…

Please know if you feel at the end of your tether you are NOT alone…we ALL get to this place and we can GROW from it by choosing to NOT GIVE UP, rather stay close to Christ…we must WAIT for Him and His timing for healing and change.

I know what it’s like to feel my heart break and to endure…

Our world is broken…but He will return to fully establish His Kingdom of PEACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS…Sin will be NO MORE! 

So keep praying…even if you feel you can’t hear or see Him!
There will be a new season…He will restore you to health and you will feel close to Him once again!

All my love, Melanie.

Let me leave you with the song and lyrics, I will wait by Darlene Zschech.

I will not be in a hurry, I will pour out my heart on my knees
I would rather have You in this moment than anything
Though the storms may rage around me
In thee I will rest my soul, Lord I love You more, than life itself, this I know

I will wait for You, I will wait
Lord I'll wait for You, I will wait….

In Your presence I surrender, Laying down all my foolish pride
And this deep calls out to deep, I will love You with all my life

And I'll wait for You, I will wait
Yes I'll wait for You, I will wait
Lord I'll wait for You, I will wait
Yes I'll wait for You, I will wait

Oh teach me God, to know You more
Lord I hunger and, I, thirst for You
Oh teach me God, to hear your voice
Never missing any Word You speak to me
Oh teach me God, to follow You
When You say to go, I will go
Oh teach me God, to trust in You
Never holding back, giving everything…….I 'll give You everything I am…..everything…..

I will wait for You, I will wait
Yes I'll wait for You, I will wait
I'll wait for You, Follow You, Trust You


Chanda Marie Griese said...

Like you said, "Our world is broken…but He will return to fully establish His Kingdom of PEACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS…Sin will be NO MORE!" I wait and long for this day, too, the meantime, we can draw on His strength and love one another for love covers over a multitude of sins...

Melanie Baker-Nash said...

Amen! Thanks gr8 reminder of scripture Chanda x