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Monday, 1 December 2014

#BloggingGodAndMe: How blogging has drawn me closer to The Lord

A Community writing challenge.
I remember beginning bible college in 2007, I had only been born-again for around 18 months and yet there I was beginning a theological education…It’s amazing now when I think back and reflect about the transformation God brought about…

I heard a sermon yesterday and Jesus’ transfiguration was mentioned (you know where Jesus shines so brightly like the sun in front of Peter, James and John).  We understand that this recorded experience  shows us who Jesus is – God the Son, who became fully human – for The Father explains, ‘This is my Son, the beloved; with him I am well pleased; listen to him!’ (Matthew 17: 5b, NRSV).  Yesterday’s sermon however made mention of how when we encounter The Father through Jesus and are born-again we too change – We too begin to shine and although we are NOT Jesus, we begin to be transformed more and more into His likeness…It is just so amazing to stop and contemplate this amazing grace from God!

I know although I have continued by God’s grace to grow as a Christian for the last decade and continue to do so, that my encounter with God through Jesus (my forgiveness and reconciliation) did dramatically change me and I could NOT hide it…I’m sure my face radiated the joy I felt inside alongside my smile…I do know that people close to me were challenged by the change in me and my new desire to live life faithfully following Jesus, yet most, although challenged, accepted the new me saying they were ‘happy as I was happy’…

These people could not deny I had peace and joy – it was a dramatic, obvious change because I did not do it! God is just so amazing…

So there I was around 18 months later beginning bible college to help me better follow Jesus and serve Him and also thinking I was so out of my depth amongst so many academic people whom I was sure would go on to be theological writers and ministers…I could not have imagined that one day I would write with The Lord…let alone blog…I had never even heard of blogging back then!

At the beginning of 2013 after having had an extended break from studying to care for my young family, I enrolled again in more units to continue the degree…I had also almost made it through my first year of singleness with The Lord’s help, in which I had kept close to Him, and I felt ready for the new year – to step out a bit further in faith to continue growing in Him. 

I was online and I read a young man’s first ever Christian blog post which had been shared on Facebook by his mother.  I was inspired and began to look up online about blogging…Not long later I began this blog, honestly not really knowing much more than it felt right.  I did not have a lightning bolt from God or a sense of this is what I MUST do or even an idea of whether I would blog for long or not…I just began.

Blogging for me became a wonderful new way for me to connect closely with The Lord.  When I would write I would feel Him close and speaking to me about what to share…I also began to feel inspired with what to write about and share which was such an awesome blessing for me in my relationship with God.  Then there was the added blessing of being able to connect with people who read my posts and this has been truly positive.

As I continued to keep close to The Lord and write with Him, I knew that my posts needed to be inspired ones…I knew my relationship with Him must be the source of my posts…I DID NOT want the source of my blog to be me which could be so easy to do, as I usually have an opinion on most matters and don’t mind sharing it, LOL.
Blogging truly has been an amazing way for me to connect closely with The Lord.  So much so that I am not very concerned with the audience size or with how God uses it.  I am so very grateful to The Lord, the giver of every good gift, for giving me this blog; allowing me to experience through it His blessings of drawing closer to Him, connecting with others, and sharing His love.

I will conclude that I don’t think The Lord has said to me as yet to stop blogging and that I am looking forward to continuing to write with Him.  Yet right now, I feel this post will be my last for a short time as I need to take a break from being online so much, and continue to draw closer to Him for refreshment during this Christmas season.

God bless you all for a wonderful Christmas season of drawing closer to Him…The Way, The Truth and The Life, our blessed God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One God now and forever, who alone is worthy of ALL PRAISE AND GLORY! 

Looking forward to connecting again in the New Year, Melanie J

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