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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

50 Shades of grey, one colour of Redemption:

50 Shades of grey has swept our world bringing erotic dominance and submission into everyday homes, ensnaring women everywhere... perverting mutual respectful lovemaking, which should be between a married man and woman alone.  What began as literature is now set to hit cinemas, pervading even more people.

Am I surprised?  Sadly no…Oh how I long for His Kingdom to come and for sin to be done away with once and for all…My heart breaks as the enemy has his way with so many people, subtly destroying their lives and relationships with one compromise after another that entices their flesh…

And NONE of us are immune from temptation…even us Christians.

I do not want to focus on the book or movie, as it indeed is just another source of perverted pornography on our shelves (even though the sad fact is, what previously has been for a small niche market, is now mainstream for everyday consumers) I want to focus on the TRUTH.

The truth is that our rebelliousness will cause us to GREY things which our own conscience tells us are black and white, in order for us to ALLOW ourselves to compromise and feed our flesh…One small bite at a time until we are consumed and drowning…for the enemy wants to KILL and DESTROY us, making us experience a painful existence and eternal separation from our loving creator…and yes, I am writing from experience…Sadly I do know all about compromise and greying things in my mind.

The enemy in the garden GREYED what was a clear direction for Adam and Eve from God, leading them to sin, therefore having to leave God’s holy presence and face an eventual death and eternal separation from God…but sadly you won’t hear this truth much today, only the marketing hype the enemy wants you to…

God’s directions on sexual purity are so clear in scripture, time and time again we hear to walk in purity and to be holy as He is. Then there are those thoughts that come into our mind and we have a choice to entertain them or not…Yet too often because the temptation is so great we give in. 

Thoughts like…

The bible was written so long ago, for people of a completely different culture and understanding of God…We are so much more progressive now and understand God so much better.

God loves me and therefore must want me to feel good all the time.

Just this once won’t hurt and it could be educational for me, then I could please my partner better.

Everybody else is reading it or watching it and they’re fine!

There could be 50 shades of grey or even 1,000 and to me it doesn’t really matter, what matters is there is ONE shade of redemption and that is Blood Red.

God is HOLY and PURE and cannot have sin near Him at all…this is WHY Adam and Eve HAD to leave His presence…God was not just a meanie who kicked them out for no good reason…Remember the Arc of the Covenant?  No-one could touch it without instantly dying because God’s Holy presence was there and we people sin!

EVERYONE of us has sinned in one way or another, God Himself was the only one who could FIX our separation problem (sin) once and for all, so that we could be RESTORED to relationship with Him and again be in His presence for ALL ETERNITY (the original plan) when He returns to deal with the enemy and restore the Earth for His children (Jesus’ return).

Jesus became a HUMAN BEING, lived a sinless, perfect life and then died a death that we should, so that we could be RESTORED to relationship with God through Jesus, by the forgiveness of our sin and RE-BIRTH by the Holy Spirit.

There is ONE colour of redemption and that is Blood Red.

There is NOTHING we ourselves can do to get right with God…it is ONLY through Jesus.

It is the blessed Holy Spirit that transforms us, giving us a NEW HEART and MIND to live for God and proclaim the TRUTH which is freedom through Jesus Christ to the whole world…this is WHY people who are born-again Christians DRAMATICALLY change.

Sometimes we hear about Jesus, yet don’t get told that He not only LOVES us so much He died for us, He LOVES us enough to transform us daily to BECOME more like Him as we live our lives with Him…for when we become MORE like Jesus and LESS like the corrupt world, people will SEE the TRUTH of our testimony and find FREEDOM too.

But yes, we have an enemy who doesn’t want us to be successful testifiers, winning others to Christ and therefore will TARGET us time and time again…

There is ONE colour of redemption and that is Blood Red.

Jesus has made the way.

If you have been sucked into impurity by GREYING things in your mind, please DON’T despair; pray and ask for forgiveness and the resolve to move forward with Christ to walk in better purity.

He loves you so much He will answer!
His true healing is readily available…so don’t settle for anything less.

Don’t let the enemy destroy and steal your life and relationships by greying what is black and white…or convincing you that there’s no hope for change…Confess and repent your failings, so that you may be healed and made white as snow by the blood of the lamb!

There may be 50 shades of grey, but there is only one powerfully, life-changing colour of Redemption!


Justin Davito said...

Love this post! Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

very good words making up such a great message that is so urgent for us all to take heed of! thanks and God bless

Ecuador InMyEyes said...

Great post! And so true! I love your way of saying the things the way they are. We need to tell the Truth, and nothing but the Truth!

Melanie Baker-Nash said...

Thanks guys for your encouragement as it is sometimes challenging to speak the truth in love!

David Coe said...

Thank you for this post, Melanie. It is very encouraging!