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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Saturday, 2 May 2015

30 Ways to show Kindness!

1. Smile and make eye contact with people!

2. Offer to make a friend’s child their birthday cake.

3. Instead of going for your regular workout at the gym go and help out someone by doing their lawns/gardening.

4. When your anger is triggered be silent for 10 seconds before saying anything.

5. Share your food with others.

6. When having coffee at a close friend’s place who likes touch, give them a free head or shoulder rub for 5 minutes.

7. If you want to help out a struggling friend financially, when they visit and are parked in your driveway, ask to take their car to the shop to buy some milk – quickly go to the service station grab some milk and fill their car up with fuel!

8. Let some people with only a few items in front of you in the supermarket queue when you have a loaded trolley.

9. Give someone a handmade gift or card – it’s rare these days.

10. Visit someone when possible or phone them over email or text.

11. Make some relish and give it to your neighbours or friends who need a boost.

12. Offer to babysit a friend’s kids so they can have a night out or date-night.

13. Make a new habit of reporting good things about others to their superiors, instead of just complaints.

14. Block someone who has been harassing you or deliberating provoking you to anger over an extended period – yes this is a kind act, there needs to be consequences in life and someone needs to stop the rot!

15. When you reconnect with an old friend on social media – don’t just add them, catch-up and have a chat.

16. Have a stash of craft stuff and pull it out when nieces/nephews come visit.

17. If you want to see your friend and they say, sorry but I’ve got a ton of housework – offer to visit and help…you’d be surprised how much of a help simply hanging out some washing or running the vacuum around can be.

18. Try praying for someone – perhaps even try asking God to give you an encouragement for them and see what Bible verse He gives you to pass on.

19. Ask a friend to give you a list of errands to run for them when you have the opportunity.

20. Put a love note or encouraging word in your loved ones packed lunch.

21. Talk to your neighbour and/or put their bin away if it's left out.

22. Mow more than your share of the public nature strip.

23. Offer your neighbour’s pet a treat.

24. Acknowledge great service when it’s experienced or witnessed.

25. Volunteer some free time to a community service – you’d be surprised how many charities could do with assistance, even short term, like writing a needed report.

26. Promote someone else’s work when it is noteworthy.

27. Offer to walk the neighbour’s dog.

28. Give some money to overseas mission.

29. Make a shoebox for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child.

30. Actually tell someone how much they mean to you, other than just thinking it.

Galatians 5: 22-23:
By contrast, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against such things.

In His service, Melanie :) 

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Jon Stallings said...

Great post Melanie, thanks for sharing the list. (I have some work to do)