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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Luke-Warm Christians:

I will be honest, sometimes I just want to scream in frustration – the mounting frustration I can feel when I am met with half-dead responses from some Christians.

People who meet inspired ideas with responses like; I’m not sure that will help my budget; Oh you really need help – I thought that was running fine?; Wow it must be tough for those kids; I can’t speak with you right now, I’m not working at the moment; Well have fun trying to do that; Hey that’s a great idea, I hope you get someone to help; Isn’t that your job?

Do you know what I mean – Luke Warm Christianity?

Yet when I want to stamp my foot and shake these people into consciousness, it is then that The Lord reminds me that they actually need MORE LOVE – specifically more of HIS LOVE!

Some of these people have been hurt in their past, and sadly hurt by people whom they’ve attended church with. They may have even become burnt out in the past from continual, legalistic serving.

Our world is dying from drought – a drought from the lack of spiritual watering of the Word of God being poured out.

The world is blinded by the enemy and is trying its hardest to stop bible adhering, evangelical Christians from proclaiming the Gospel. It’s making headlines more and more often that sometimes I just want to cry…Yet I know the power of the Gospel and the faithfulness of The Lord, so I keep on, with Him, working at planting and watering the seeds of truth until He returns.

Luke-Warm Christians are often just trying to survive in this hard world and we evangelicals MUST forgive every offense that hurts us – as we too need forgiving for our shortcomings which we can be blinded to.

LOVE conquers all and it is by continuing to love others, while walking our own journey as honestly and faithfully as we can that we speak, (without words) of another way to live – yes LIVING rather than just existing. 

In Revelation Jesus warns luke-warm Christians, because He loves them - He just doesn't spit them out instantly and we need to follow His example.

Sometimes I get frustrated, but then I need reminding that my frustration is really due to my own self-focus and needs rather than continuing to LOVE and TRUST The Lord!

May we continue to LOVE even when it makes us uncomfortable!

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