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Friday, 1 January 2016


Isn't it amazing what God can do in a single year?

Do you ever stop and ponder this? 

Perhaps not, perhaps you more often than not, stick your head down and just get on with the work at hand...

I can understand this attitude...for who are we to know the plans of God? Yet I also have seen His hand at work in such amazing ways, that I also at times let myself dream, and try to imagine the hidden things in store...Like a child staring at a wrapped present wondering what is inside!

I just looked back at my New Year's '2015' post - I wrote about not knowing what God had in store for the boys and I, and that I only knew I had ahead a year of study.

I am pleased to say thanks to The Lord, I have successfully completed by Bachelor of Ministry degree and that I also eventually kicked that problem I wrote about...Although I will be honest and admit it took me much longer than I would have liked, and I stumbled along the way and needed to repent more than once.

And now here the boys and I are, living in a whole new state! I have been given a 'dream' job, that to to be truthful I didn't even imagine, as it is so fitting for me personally. I could not have written a more perfect job description or even dared to. Not failing to mention, my boys have blossomed incredibly since we moved here! God has factored us all into His plan.

This is not to say we don't have struggles...We are still human and so is everyone else we encounter. But it is to say, I really do feel we are in a new season. It feels as if we've stepped into the promise land after a 4 year wilderness. 

This 'promised land' is certainly different - It's like experiencing Australia in a whole new way...I never realised how much of an East-Coaster I was!!

We've been here now almost 2 months and I am beginning to see new blossoms appearing from the past pruning that took place during the wilderness. Although I can say I did not enjoy the stripping back, I am honestly grateful for it, as there is so much that happened in the wilderness, shaping who I am today, it is almost incomprehensible - Yet here I sit writing and I can tell you that I feel so alive and am still in love with Jesus. I feel He is drawing me even closer to Him than ever before and it is exciting. 

The boys and I have just had the most joyous, fun and relaxing Christmas and New Year's Eve that I can remember.

For the first time in a long time, I actually have some intentional plans made that I am hopeful, God willing I will see come about. I am calling them intentional plans, as they're not just ideas or a New Year's resolution that let's-face-it won't happen...They're plans that I can see God is equipping me for.

One is of these plans is a book. 

In 2013 I published an Amazon e-book 'Beauty From Ashes', a women's devotional/small study group resources for Christian living based on 12 blog posts I'd written, and while that was an amazing experience this new book will be all new fresh work. So now with family, my new ministry position and this writing project I may not blog much for the month of January...

I will keep you in the loop, but if you don't hear from me as much over the next couple of months, please know I am drawing closer to Jesus and continuing by His grace to work for His Kingdom and Glory!

A friend helped me today re-cover my most precious Bible. The one I bought 8 years ago for Bible College! I had no idea it's what we'd get up to this afternoon and when we finished, she commented on how the new cover really suited me and she's right. It's interesting when I look at the before and after shots - It really does represent me...The before being loved, well-worn and tired (just like me in the wilderness) and the after, newly re-covered and now ready for a brand-new season!



Lots of love, Melanie...
May you know His love and peace, if you don't already...He's only a prayer away - give yourself to Him, you'll never look back!


Joanna Sormunen said...

Hope you have a blessed new year 2016! And may God bless your boys and your family also!

Melanie Baker-Nash said...

Thanks Joanna, the same to you and yours! May you feel refreshed during this festive season and His energy equipping you for the New Year to serve Him and His bride!

Faye Bird said...

Melanie, that is a beautiful piece of writing, you are inspiring me to seek God first and more often! Yes, I am in an emotional toil, trying to decide which way God wants me to go, whether to stay in my current position and trust God to get me through the hurdles that courses my anxiety, or to look at changing jobs and moving somewhere else. At the moment, I believe God is saying to stay and take that month long holiday I deserve in April. My brother has expertly written a Resume for me, and I am hoping that God will open doors for me after my holiday. Thank you for your articles

Melanie Baker-Nash said...

That's so great to hear Faye, thank you so much for sharing your journey with me!
Am so glad to hear you're waiting upon The Lord and seeking Him more for direction as self-governance is actually excluding God and idolatrous with having ourselves as number one.
It can be tough growing in patience and doing things in His timing x