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Saturday, 21 May 2016

A Letter From Your Big Sister: 24 Truths About Men.

To my beautiful little sister,

I love you so much. When I think of you, I picture your pretty smile and glimmering eyes. I love to hear your laughter, and although I know you understand loss, I cannot bear to think of you experiencing anything but the joy of God in your life. So this is why I am writing to you now. You see, your big sister has learned a lot through life experience about the opposite sex. I've dated them, worked with them, fellow-shipped with them, I married one, and now am raising 3!

What I am about to share with you, I pray you will cherish, for I know what it's like to feel so hurt and confused, to scour the internet for helpful advice. And it is all based on this one profound premise:

Treat EVERY member of the opposite sex simply as male, not as a man, until they prove otherwise over an extensive period of time!

MALES V's MEN: 24 Truths

  1. A male wants to control your spirituality, whereas a man will encourage you in your own relationship with Jesus.
  2. A male desires a female, whereas a man desires a wife.
  3. A male will push your sexual boundaries, however a man upholds them.
  4. A male has ideas, but a man makes plans and follows through.
  5. A male degrades, whereas a man compliments.
  6. A male will not want you to change, whereas a man will want you to grow.
  7. A male feels inferior, however a man is proud of his intelligent wife.
  8. A male fails in communication, whereas a man thrives upon this with you.
  9. A male needs continuous help, but a man can take advice and help himself.
  10. A male is stuck in addiction, but a man breaks the chains.
  11. A male thinks the world owes him, yet a man feels privileged.
  12. A male thinks you've done good to get his time, but a man is awed to have you in his life.
  13. A male dictates, whereas a man leads alongside.
  14. A male cannot control his words or actions, yet a man prides himself in doing so.
  15. A male is lazy and expects service from you, whereas a man goes the extra mile for you.
  16. A male doesn't provide or save, but a man does both.
  17. A male is too busy for his children, whereas a man understands quality time.
  18. A male has sex, but a man makes love.
  19. A male is possessive, yet a man is secure.
  20. A male slanders others, including his ex, however a man admits his past mistakes.
  21. A male is quick to judge, whereas a man is careful in his judgements.
  22. A male makes rash, emotional responses, but a man makes careful and wise choices.
  23. A male settles in life, however a man works to improve all aspects of his own and his community's.
  24. A male pretends to listen, whereas a man listens carefully.
Let me finish, my beautiful sister in saying that true beauty resides in dignity. No male is worth binding yourself to; it will only result in heartache and brokenness. Keep firm in your resolve to honour The Lord first and foremost in purity and wait...yes, wait my dear sister, a man is rare these days but worth the wait. Melanie.

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Tim Young said...

Hey Melanie,

This is great advice and on!

I've bailed on the G+ communities, which is why I'm commenting here. I love to post articles like this on my site ( so let me know if this is something you're interested in. Here is my guest post page (, but I know who you are so would just need a bio. You can submit an image or I can provide one...they just need to 700x500.

Email me at if interested.

Be blessed,