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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Monday, 18 November 2013


Have you ever been faced with cold hard reality, so cold that it could almost cripple you?  Yet experienced God’s Goodness and Joy at the same time?  This is the place where I am at right now…in fact honestly it is the place I have been at for some time now!

I am Melanie Baker, an ordinary Aussie woman…mother to 3 sons and also a daughter of the King of Kings!  I am not an academic writer, and here on my blog I will not shove theological essays down your throat trying to win you to Christ by my clever arguments…

What I do here is pour out my heart and hope that through God’s grace it will bless someone!

Well, tomorrow I officially become Ms. Melanie Baker…yes officially…although the marriage ended quite some time ago now.  However tomorrow is still significant as the paperwork will go before some judge in Melbourne and I will be officially DIVORCED!  Oh yes that crippling big D word…

The thing that no-one who goes into marriage wants to happen, will officially happen.

The official end has come…and honestly I already can’t wait till tomorrow is over…I just want it to fly by.  I imagine it would be good if I could somehow sleep through it all…however I also understand that I need to acknowledge it, and move forward.

Yet in the midst of all this ugliness there still is God’s beauty shining bright!  I see it daily as so many wonderful good gifts from Him keep surrounding my life!

For example I had the utmost pleasure of being part of a young friend’s baptism on Sunday!  She decided to be fully immersed in the town’s local farming irrigation channel…What a day…What JOY!  God is so GOOD! 

So you see I will not be crippled…yes I have experienced pain over the death of the marriage…however this is not the full-stop or period that marks the end of me!

God is Good and STILL has good plans for me and this is what I hold on to…

I can never convince you that God is real…you need to experience His goodness for yourself…anyway it’s not my job to convince you!

But what I will shout out…as the humble, ordinary Aussie woman that I am, is that God is Good and oh so real and NO-ONE will convince me otherwise!  Jesus Christ really is the Saviour of the World and I have experienced His saving grace!  Jesus came to save all people…ordinary people just like me and just like you…

HE wraps me in His wings of love and HE declares who I am…WOW!
Melanie :)


Robert Baldwin said...


Your willingness to make yourself vulnerable and share pain in writing is touching. I have been there myself. I had to discover that my identity is found in Christ Jesus and not defined by others. We both know that God is an awesome healer but many times we know this only when we look back at what He has done. This will be true of what you are experiencing now. Thank you so much for sharing your heart.

Melanie Baker said...

Thanks for your encouragement Robert! Yes, understanding that my identity is in Christ has been a major part of my single journey - so I know what you mean there :)
God is GOOD!