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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Sunday, 10 November 2013


Well it is November, the month of America’s “Thanksgiving” Holiday!

When I was a small girl (being Australian) I was confused about this “Turkey eating holiday”…

I remembered thinking that it must be similar to Christmas because that’s when we ate Turkey and celebrated Jesus…but why did they have a separate holiday???

Our state school education had a major emphasis on Australian culture and history, and learning about other cultures or customs did not seem to be a priority!

And there was, and still is, somewhat of the culture here that is defiant… “we’re NOT America”…especially in relation to Halloween…

Only in recent years have I really learnt anything about Thanksgiving in America…and have I noticed people catching on to how good an idea Thanksgiving in general is…

We now have our own National Day of Thanksgiving which was officially launched in 2004, but needs more momentum!

You can find out more here:

As I reflect upon thankfulness as an Ordinary Aussie Woman, for the Christian Bloggers November Blog Post Challenge…I honestly think that thankfulness should be something that sets us as Christians apart from others.  Now please DO NOT take this the wrong way…I am NOT trying to assert some sort of elitism, or anything that would create a void between us and non-Christians.

Jesus said His disciples would be known by LOVE!  For indeed God IS Love! And He lives inside us…

We carry God’s LOVE inside us and the message of salvation FOR THE WHOLE WORLD!!!

And we know that this is GOD’S FREE GIFT FOR ALL PEOPLE…SO surely we should be defined by thankfulness…yes?

Some people who knew me before God re-birthed me, spin out when they discover the woman God has transformed…why?  Because it’s NOT something I have done!

We all can be amazed at outward transformations…like contestants on “The Biggest Loser”…but when a lost sinner becomes a genuine Christian, and is overcome with love and thankfulness to God…NOW that can really rattle people…cause sometimes it’s tough to have to get to know someone you once knew, as a different person!

I AM NOT PERFECT!  I could give you a whole list of adjectives to paint you a negative image of myself…and indeed there are times when I feel overwhelmed and think negatively!

But this is NOT the right response to God’s goodness!

For NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS to us in our humble lives here and now…we have a HOPE that surpasses ALL UNDERSTANDING!


We CAN give thanks in all circumstances when we remember the Gospel, and look forward to the glorious resurrection that God has promised!

This THANKFULNESS should be a light shining in us for others to see…

As I sit here missing my children who are spending time with their Dad and feeling some resentment, I am choosing to focus upon God and all the good things in my life…I am choosing to be THANKFUL!  Do I always shine it out…honestly no…but I am truly hopeful because of God’s goodness, that I still would be defined as a thankful Christian!

Melanie :)
p.s...check out this cool song!


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Chanda Griese said...

It's interesting to hear what someone from Australian thinks about our Thanksgiving holiday in America. And, you're right, the mark of a Christian is love and overflowing thankfulness...mostly for our salvation, because we know for sure that we are sinners in desperate need of forgiveness!