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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Right now I need to breath...

Sometimes life can be tough...Sometimes there comes that sly ball you're not expecting, and you get whacked in the head! You know what I mean...

Well life has been challenging for me recently...some circumstances beyond my control have changed and while I can see the blessings from this change, there still has been a new, unexpected challenge arise which I have needed to face, and deal with God's grace.

Breath...yes I need to relax and keep trusting Jesus!

I thought I had this year all worked out nicely in my study and fun!  Seriously, this is what I was picturing...o.k have your laugh, and when you're finished keep reading :)

I committed to a full-time study load...yet now I need to generate some extra income and I believe that The Lord has instructed to do some sewing again...

So rather than pine away at my loss of spare time, I committed my sewing in prayer to The Lord and began sewing again today...God did not let me down!  I already have 2 new awesome handbags which I am entrusting to The Lord.

I do not know what lays ahead with me beginning to sew again, but I am choosing just to breath and trust Him!  It actually felt really good to be using my hands again - working with fabric is very therapeutic for's been around 18 months since I've made any bags.

Sometimes when we hear The Lord we need to act in faith not knowing what lies ahead!

And this is what I did today...and it wasn't all that bad.

Yes it's a juggle - work, study and sole parenting...but God also tells us it's good for us to work and there is wonderful satisfaction in working with The Lord to provide for your family.  I know I am only making ladies handbags, but I do enjoy having this time to create and produce with Jesus...Because He is with us in all that we do, and we can do everything for the glory of The Lord!

Let me leave you with this wonderful song by Mercy Me - "The Hurt & The Healer" which reminds us to just BREATH & TRUST HIM!

In Love always, Melanie.

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