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Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

So here we are once again…another 14th of February…Valentine’s Day!

A day which serves to help businesses generate more income and spread some romantic love around the world!

Romantic love is exciting, wonderful and pleasant ~ let’s be honest.  However we all know that it is fleeting and alters with emotions and seasons in people’s lives.  We also know what we really desire and require from our loved ones is a deep, committed, long-lasting, permanent love.

I believe it’s because of this desire for true committed, deep love that many people struggle on Valentine’s Day…You see, it’s the expression of true love that people desire, and Valentine’s Day can therefore unfortunately serve as a reminder of this lacking in one’s life when there is no significant other to express this.

So how can someone who desires a significant other get through a day like Valentine’s Day, when the whole world seems to be so caught up in the whirl-wind of expressive love?  How can someone who is grieving the loss of a close, intimate relationship make it through another Valentine’s Day without growing some resentment or worse still becoming bitter and hard?  How can a friend truly support someone who is in a difficult season of their life when this day rolls around once again?

I think we all know that we need to be extra sensitive to others on a day like Valentine’s Day and that we also should not assume anything when it comes to other people’s inner emotions…be sensitive to their reactions and of course don’t go flashing your presents in their face…wait to see how they are responding…they may just want to ignore the whole day or join you in your joy…

Remember Valentine’s Day is a symbolic day to express love…and this includes your single friends…love isn’t just about ourselves!  Although we don’t really need a special day to show our love to others, the reality is we live in a world which celebrates Valentine’s Day and this has consequences, regardless of your personal thoughts on the day…Yeah, so perhaps even if you don’t like the forcefulness of the day, you should suck-it-up and show your nearest and dearest some romantic love, because life is NOT all about you…

These are just my simple thoughts sitting here reflecting.  I would like to share a song with those of you who may be struggling today – it’s a wonderful song which God has used to help carry me through the awful, gut-wretchedness of separation…it is “Praise You in this storm” by Casting Crowns.

Much love, Melanie J

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Chanda Griese said...

Good reminder to remember to wish our friends a Happy Valentine's Day, too! It doesn't have to be all about couples. It's about love!