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Saturday, 1 March 2014

I Have An Idea...

Ever have an idea that perhaps seemed foolish to others?

Have you ever had the thought… “Maybe that’s the answer?”

Many times during my adult life I have heard the phrase… “Follow your dreams!”  And while this may be inspiring for a moment, I’m sorry but my advice is rather, follow Jesus and see what path He leads you down…

Now please don’t misunderstand this post…You see, I believe ideas are great, so just hang on for a moment longer and let me take you back to some examples Jesus gave!

We all know that Jesus’ calling was NOT an easy path and that He relied upon His relationship with the Father to remain faithful to God’s will for Him.  Jesus had become fully human and faced the same issues and trials we do…problems with family and friends, enemies within His field of work, He was poor and sometimes hungry, people mocked and made fun of Him…they even abused Him!

Although I do not like times of hardship...and I don’t think Jesus did either…I am comforted to know that He knows what it is like to endure.

Jesus had some inspired ideas…that if we’re honest may have seemed a bit strange to others!

Example No.1…Jesus needed to pay a temple tax which He did not have the money for.  Do you know what His inspired idea was that produced a miracle?  He told Peter to go fishing and the first fish he’d catch would have a coin inside its mouth.  Read it here Matt 17: 24-27.

Let’s be honest this IDEA or solution to the problem is NOT your average answer and it required Peter to step out in faith and obey…even if it seemed like an idea which may not work!

Example No.2…When the crowds were hungry and Jesus wanted to feed them but of course He and His disciples could not afford to do so, what was Jesus’ inspired idea that produced a miracle?  He blessed the bread and fish and it multiplied to feed 5000+ people on one occasion and 4,000+ on another.  Read it here Matt 14: 13-21 and here Mark 8:1-10.

Jesus was NOT out for all that He could get, He was living in obedience to His Father in heaven and was always provided for…He was not overwhelmingly rich, but had enough.  Jesus prayed A LOT, yet remember He still had to take action and follow through on the inspired ideas…He didn’t just sit on His rear!

I have recently experienced a time of hardship, yet I have held to the resolve to remain faithful to Jesus first and foremost…and I also have had an inspired idea that God keeps providing for (hence my photo).  Yes I need to follow through and work…and no I am NOT overwhelmingly rich…but His provision has been miraculous and I am very excited…not for riches…But excited to see how He will use this new idea for His Kingdom and glory!

If you are reading this post, whoever you are, I truly hope that you do not think I am writing about God being a big genie, who will bestow upon you health and riches…some people preach a prosperity gospel like this, as they understand God provides, yet fail to acknowledge that we live in a broken world, yet to be restored and bad stuff happens as we human beings have a free will. 

Yes, bad stuff happens to people God loves and who are even undeserving…don’t believe me?  Well, did Jesus deserve to suffer and die upon a cross?  No, but He was raised to life, so that we can know with full assurance that when we commit our lives to Him, we too will rise to eternal life.   Will your life be a walk in the park…sorry but NO and Jesus warned us of the persecution and trials we will face being His disciples.  However God will provide…and sometimes it may involve you needing to act upon an inspired idea which may seem CRAZY to others…

What’s your idea?

Love Mel J

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