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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Monday, 24 March 2014

My Thing...

A beautiful Aussie Christian woman, named Vicky, has kindly let me publish this poem of hers here on my blog. 

I am not a blogger who publishes others works usually.  This is partly because I want my blog to remain very personal and Australian.  However this poem is so beautiful, powerful, and AUSTRALIAN that I am so eager to have it here, for God to use to bless others for His Kingdom and Glory!

This poem is Vicky’s third inspired piece.  The poetry comes from Vicky’s walk with The Lord through a very difficult experience, and long season.  “My Thing” was born recently after the opportunity arose at a conference where Vicky was able to received assisted healing to break this bondage.

I aim to pass on ALL your comments to her, In His service, Melanie J

My Thing…

I carry this ‘thing’, all on my own;
It’s weight so heavy, it makes me groan.
No matter how far, which way I do go;
It’s always there with me, that much I do know.
No-one can take it, I consider it mine;
And when people ask me, I say that “it’s fine”.

But my ‘thing’ gets heavier, with each step I take;
I’m slipping down further, I’m starting to break.
I look all around, see all that I’ve lost;
But I’ll hold onto my ‘thing’, no matter the cost.
I didn’t ask for it, it was forced onto me;
And I fear from this ‘thing’, I can never be free.

It’s punctured my heart, it’s ruptured my soul;
And the way that it happened, was beyond my control.
I’m wading through darkness, no hope can be found;
I’m tied to my ‘thing’, to its chains I’m bound.
In pain and in agony, in total despair;
I scream and I cry- “does anyone care?”

And then I’m reminded, the price has been paid;
The victory has been won, the plans are all made.
The pain and the suffering, will all fade away;
For JOY in abundance, awaits me one day.
TRUST is the only ‘thing’, of me He demands;
To hang onto HIS words, HIS promise, HIS plans.

So tonight I did choose, to let MY ‘thing’ go;
Sticks broken from bondage, to the ground I did throw.
To the Lord I did pray, “Please break the chains;
I want only Your joy and peace to remain”.
Each day from now on, I’ll TRUST You anew;
Cause I know that Your victory, will carry me through.

I can’t thank you enough, for paying the price;
You’ve given me freedom, loosened the vice.
My mind cannot grasp, the gifts that You share;
It’s hard to believe, about MY ‘things’ You care.
But I know that You want me, made whole again;
So Jesus I’m stopping, to hand You my ‘thing’.

Vicky Limbrick 22/3/14

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Anonymous said...

It takes courage, humility, and supernatural trust to give God the favor He asks for in our lives. I pray His continued strength to you and your friend to keep drawing from His overabundant Wellsprings which never run dry. God bless you, Mel!
Your Friend, Sharon ox ox