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Thursday, 16 October 2014

From little things BIG things GROW...

A beautiful plant at my mum's that has
grown so well under her care!

In a western world where more is MORE…bigger is BETTER and Huge is BEST…even as Christians, we can get sucked into thinking, ‘What BIG thing can I do to make a difference for God’s Kingdom?’ 

We can get into a rut with our thinking, believing that our own small lives and little efforts are insignificant in such a HUGE world.  Sometimes our thoughts may be along the lines of, ‘Does God even see my small efforts…Am I a real Christian…How many people have I reached for His Kingdom…Do I even make a difference?’

Yet I believe these thoughts run contrary to God’s…

I believe that there is no condemnation in Christ and we are saved not by our works but faith alone…and that God cares about the little things!

1 Corinthians 13 speaks of LOVE…the small, humble gift of Christian love to others…it teaches us that humble love is of greater importance to God than any other gift we may think is greater…Read it here.

Jesus said that there is no greater LOVE than to lay one’s life down for their friends…He commands us to love one another as He Himself has LOVED us, read it here.  

Jesus also taught us, whatever we do, no matter how small a gesture for the least in His family we have done so for Him! Read it here.

I know it doesn’t matter how many people read these blog posts…What matters is my own HEART and relationship with God and others.  My own heart MUST be foremost for The Lord and therefore also for the people He puts me alongside.  If it isn’t, I just become a noisy, clanging cymbal like in Corinthians 13!

A true humble heart, I believe doesn’t think, ‘What can I do for God?’  Rather, ‘I will do whatever task He asks from me, in response to His awesome LOVE.’  It’s not an attitude of, ‘I’m going to become famous for God.’  Rather, ‘Let there be less of me and more of Him glorified.’

It reminds me of the famous Australian song by Paul Kelly, From little things big things grow!

I believe that God often only gives us small glimpses at a time of what to do next, rather than the whole picture.  We then need to be obedient and step forward in faith, not always knowing what will follow later on…

Sometimes it may only be a small idea of how we can bless someone, or our own church group…but in each obedient step of LOVE we take to care for those in our lives, we plant His seeds of love and encouragement…We may not always get to see them sprout but I don’t think that matters.

Each individual is precious to The Lord…He died for every INDIVIDUAL…so I believe we shouldn’t view people as numbers. 

There were only 12 apostles who led the early church, later Paul became one too…but think how widespread Christianity is today.

From little things BIG things grow…

Never underestimate how your humble efforts of LOVE can be used by God for His glory…because as we know, it’s NOT about us…rather Him!  

What small act of LOVE can you do for someone in your life today for His glory?

You may not know the awesome Aussie story behind Paul Kelly’s song about  Vincent Lingiari, I didn’t, so if not check out this clip and be encouraged in The Lord…from Little things BIG things GROW!

In Christ’s service, Melanie :)

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