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Wednesday, 29 April 2015


This year I had one of the most special Easters I have ever had as a Christian…What made it so special for me was the very real experience I encountered with reconciliation.

You see, it is one thing to hear of something but to encounter a tangible experience of it takes it to a whole other level ~ this is why when people encounter Jesus they are never the same afterwards!

Reconciliation is truly what we remember and celebrate at Easter ~ the way for all of humanity to be restored to a right relationship with our creator God, through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Yet do most of us in our day-to-day lives really encounter reconciliation often?

For those of you who may not quite follow what I’m saying, let me break it down.

You see humanity and God were severed due to sin…Yep the disobedience that occurred right back in the Garden of Eden…Yes that garden here on Earth, where God was present with man, as it was created.

Yet when sin occurred God could no longer be in such close proximity with man because He is holy, and man had become sinful…So God in His great mercy sacrificed the first animal and clothed Adam and Eve, before they left the garden to enter the big-wide-world.

The shedding of blood from this animal sacrifice was only a temporary atonement for Adam and Eve’s were all the sacrifices which followed.

Sin and humanity both grew, so much so we know of the huge problem it created and resulted in the flood and later in God selecting a group of people to be His own…The Israelites.

God’s people however found themselves as slaves…in bondage to a cruel Pharaoh. Before their escape (Exodus) from Egypt and the Pharaoh – there was the first ever Passover.

The Angel of Death was to pass over Egypt and God’s people still slaves to not only Pharaoh but also to sin, needed to sacrifice a lamb and paint the blood over their entry arch so that the Angel of Death passed their house by.

This lamb sacrifice was still however only a temporary atonement.

Many years later God’s people were still in bondage to sin, yet God in His great mercy decided to reveal to mankind who He is.  So He made the way for permanent reconciliation that is IMPOSSIBLE for mankind to achieve. He Himself became a human being and became the All-sufficient Sacrificial Lamb.

God’s declared His children were not just the Israelites, but all who loved Him and that He wanted His children reconciled to Him for all eternity.  All of God’s children were enslaved by sin and needed the All-sufficient Sacrificial Lamb, Jesus Christ, through whom they could repent of their sins, receive forgiveness and restoration to God.

Praise our awesome God forever!

A decade ago I experienced forgiveness and reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ and have finally understood the meaning of Easter ever since. 

Yet this Easter, 10 years later I had another tangible taste of God’s great mercy, forgiveness, love and reconciliation.

I had my brother home for Easter with me and my family.

Yet I had not only my brother-in-the-flesh home – I also had my brother-in-Christ home with me.

My brother had been reconciled to God!

It was such an amazing time for me as a Christian to see my own brother evidently a new man.

As we shared time together, the Lord ministered to me through my new brother about my need for reconciliation with a fellow Christian.  I had felt very hurt by a Christian friend and was not at peace with them…but God in His love convicted me of my need to see this person face-to-face to work for peace and so I did.

God enable us to maturely discuss our problem and to have peace with one another, so much so that we prayed together when we finished talking and even had lunch together with my brother on Easter Sunday.

God’s reconciliation and peace is truly awesome…Hallelujah!

Love Melanie.

This post is part of the Christian Bloggers Google+ community April writing challenge, called #MyEaster2015.

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