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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Psalm of an Ordinary Aussie Woman...

Some days, are so hard

I feel alone, my heart’s a shard;

A broken piece, that is so hurt

Nowhere to go, I’ve hit the dirt.

I am stripped bare, down to bone

So brittle and worn, can barely moan;

My happy smile, has gone away

Don’t want to talk, nothing to say.

But then I think, again of You

Taking my place, paying my due;

For it was my sin, that held You there

My death You died, I took Your air.

You did no wrong, You died alone

No friends were there, behind the stone;

So that I, forgiven and free

Could have life, eternally.

I call to You, my Holy King

Raised to life, my heart can sing;

You hear my call, and answer sweet

My every need, forever You meet.

You take my hand, saying just be still

Abide in me and in my will;

Holding me close, You keep me safe

Although alone, I’m in Your embrace.

No-one will drag me, from Your side

Under Your wings, I forever hide;

Fixing my eyes, upon Your face

On what’s to come, a perfect place.

Then once again, my heart finds peace

My purpose known, strivings cease;

Strength returns, You light the way.

The narrow path, for me to stay.

Let me leave you with 'You never fail' By Hillsong.

For the One true God is forever faithful and unfailing...He is our anchor through any trial! Jesus will NEVER fail...and is returning!


M.Christine Duncan said...

So beautiful! A modern Psalm! As always your writing is so truthful and grace-filled. Blessings bigger than big, Melanie, for the week!

Melanie Baker-Nash said...

Thank you my sister, Christine! Same for you and yours :)

Anonymous said...

very good words