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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My 40 Proverbs...

I wonder how long it took the book of Proverbs to become a completed work...all 31 chapters!

The other day it was nearing midnight and I had some things upon my heart so I decided to set them down…and that began what I’m calling my own collection of 40 proverbs.

This list of 40 thoughts from me comes from a therapeutic exercise rather than thinking I am most wise!  I will let you the reader decided the value of this list.

1. Proverbs begins with stating the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom…now this fear means ‘awe’ and ‘reverence’ of our most Holy creator and while I agree with this premise, my premise shall be repentance and love for God is the beginning of a wise life.  For repentance invites God to re-birth us by His blessed Holy Spirit which then enables us to actually love God and have His love for others.  It is only from a place of love can we live a wise life; loving God and others as we should as Jesus’ summarised the Law.  Without the Holy Spirit, in our human fallen state we are unable to begin to comprehend scripture – for it is God who gives the revelation and the change of heart…the desire to obey and continue to repent as we still fall short.  Would one not say that a wise life logically leads to prosperity?  Well what better prosperity than a personal relationship and eternal life with God in a renewed world free from sin?  The Holy Spirit is our ‘seal’ of this promise being fulfilled.

2. People who say the meaning of life is unknown have not read scripture through God’s revelation.

3. The Bible is my benchmark for all matters.  Removing its authority and infallibility or denying its inerrant nature is the beginning of descent into idolatry; such is transferring authority and infallibility to another person.  It makes the way for people to make God into a god of their liking and/or to elevate another person to a status reserved for Jesus Christ alone.

4. There is no other way to God and re-birth but through Jesus Christ.

5. Jesus didn’t die for you to just stay the same.

6. Jesus said we will know His followers by their ‘fruit’.  A transformed life dedicated to serving Jesus by pointing others to Him is such fruit.  Some people (even ones in the church) are like ‘wax’ fruit…they look all glossy and great on the outside but on the inside they are no good for consumption…rather they’ll make you sick.  It sometimes takes a while to spot fruit rotten on the inside.  Wax fruit people look the part but have no seed to reproduce…they will not bear fruit, which is helping others live transformed lives they will say it’s okay to stay in your rotten core ways just like them.  Read scripture to learn more about ‘wax fruit’ people…

7. Getting to know Jesus enables you to fully understand yourself and purpose.  It will make you brave to live out your calling which for born again believers is partaking in the great commission. It will make you unashamed of the Gospel and embrace being different.  You will become free to live a life in which you desire to please God above the desire to ‘fit in’ and please people.

8.  It’s better to walk alone and follow Jesus than to chase the crowd.   For Jesus said “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road is easy that leads to destruction, and there are many who take it. For the gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life, and there are few who find it.”  (Matthew 7: 13-14, NRSV).

9. God does not change – His character is perfect.

10.  What’s written in Revelation will come to pass – even if you don’t understand it.

11.  How can someone experience forgiveness, grace, re-birth, and then not tell others so that they too can experience the free, life-transforming gift?

12. When you’re in love with someone aren’t they the best topic of conversation…So yes, this is why I post about Jesus.

13. I am not Jesus and He doesn’t expect me to be people’s saviour; just to show them love and point them to Him so they can make their own choice.

14. My body is my own – but it is also a temple for God so I must honour Him with it in all areas of my life.

15. If you’re my friend and there comes a time when we move apart, don’t stress it’s okay, know you're free to walk your own journey…I won’t hold onto you.  But if I love you, well then that’s another story all together…I will hound you if I have to…If you hurt me, I will care enough to tell you, I will forgive you and yes I will expect the same in return.

16. If I love you and you continually hurt me or put me down, I will walk away as this is not how Jesus treats me – He sees the person He knows I can be and encourages me to keep growing and changing.

17. Be the first to make for peace, to say sorry even if it’s not your fault, for this is truly rare these ‘self-centred’ days.  Jesus said blessed are the peace-makers.

18. Company makes a merry heart, but some religious people are lousy friends and alone time draws us closer to God.

19. Your silence can be deafening – we should encourage.

20. Don’t give expecting something in return, for you will lose the joy of giving and may well be left disappointed.

21. Wealth can be so easily lost and takes so long to gather, why bother holding onto it so tightly; for you won’t choke it into submission it’ll actually master you.

22. Your money is not impressive.  Neither is your semi-naked body.

23. No amount of make-up, fine clothes, or cologne can hide jealously; it’s just stinking and ugly.

24. If you actually do something noteworthy someone else will mention it – you won’t have to.

25. There can be more dignity in remaining silent.

26. If you’ve got a problem with me, go to my Father first and ask Him about His daughter before coming to me.

27. Don’t forget your past; you may repeat it or worse still think you’re better than someone else.

28. True love still sees beauty even when the exterior is decaying.

29. Less is definitely more…unless it comes to children.

30. Children are made by God in the womb…they are not less than human before birth.  They are always a blessing no matter how they are conceived. A mother’s womb should be a safe place always.

31. God gives and takes away – let us not play God with life.

32. Man and woman complement each other – they are God’s design for procreation and family.

33. Homosexuality is a sexual sin and is also an abomination; like paedophilia and bestiality.

34. I am not less intelligent because I am a woman and have a different perspective so I will not tolerate your bullying.  God does not call me His daughter to live in fear or walk on eggshells…rather to live knowing my worth and inheritance and to face evil front on with God’s love.

35. Don’t twist someone's words or insult their intelligence it only makes you look bad.

36. The range of one’s vocabulary does not make them wise.

37. If you walk past a person struggling, you’re actually the one who is struggling the most.

38. Blessings are not defined by ours’ or the world’s definition and persecution can build character.

39. It is sometimes only looking back that we can comprehend God’s answer…and He loves us enough to answer at times with no.

40. Don’t ask me for something if you want to demand the terms when you're not my employer.

      'Word of God Speak' By Mercy Me.

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Anonymous said...

very good - I like #4 and #7 the most! :) God bless!