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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Vegemite toast, Coffee and Jesus…

I am a pretty uncomplicated Australian woman…and while I will acknowledge that this could be open to debate from some…LOL…I don’t think life should be so complex ~ yet many times it is, due to our brokenness…

All I really want is simple, peaceful living with my family and friends…Vegemite toast and coffee in the mornings and Jesus, and I am content...Do you know what I mean?

There are times in my life when I feel Jesus’ perfect peace… Times in the morning when it’s just Him and me and I’m able to let go of hurts, anxieties and offences; sitting eating my Vegemite toast and drinking my coffee; times when I bask in the sun or lie on my bed without a worry in the world because I feel Him so close.   I am wrapped in His arms as His daughter, and all is right…I am content during these times and don’t need anything else.

Then there are other times when life is very tough.

The loss of a loved one.

Being hurt by a close friend.

Unfounded hostility from people.

Loneliness, Isolation.

Unforeseen financial burdens.

Discovered lies.

Pressure from demanding people who only take.

World crises.

Illness, Disability.

Depression, Anxiety.


Life changing consequences.

Utter stupidity from our family or friends.

I know you understand…
It is during times like these that I can grieve and long to once again sit with Jesus eating my Vegemite toast and drinking coffee with no worries or hurts.
I grieve thinking, ‘life just shouldn’t be so hard!’

Yet it is during these difficult times when He pulls me even closer and reminds me that He is returning to restore our world to how it was BEFORE sin occurred!  But for now, those who truly LOVE Him first and foremost will be hurt and persecuted as He was…so I need to hold tight onto Him because He is returning soon and has opened a DOOR for me that NO-ONE can shut!

He reminds me that I belong to Him.

I read stories of the faithful who proclaimed God’s truth and were persecuted…yet no hardship could stop them doing God’s work!

I am reminded that when I drink the wine in Holy Communion His blood was shed for the forgiveness of my sins and that I now walk not according to this world.

I am reminded that when I eat ‘his body’ in Holy Communion, because I belong to Him – that His body was BROKEN!  So I am encouraged to take up my own cross and follow Him…not the world.

He reminds me, even though ALL may desert me, He will stand by me, giving me strength to go on proclaiming the TRUTH…That He will RESCUE me from EVERY evil attack and SAVE me for His HEAVENLY KINGDOM! Oh how awesome and faithful He is! 
(2 Timothy 4:16-18)

So again I will sit with Him, eating my Vegemite toast and drinking my coffee…exhale and be thankful.

Be encouraged, Melanie.

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